Level by Osvaldo


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett D. McDog's video walk



A room indeed. Think Lara in a Box. Run counterclockwise around the outer tiles until a trap door is lowered. Drop down and slide to a lower room. Note the closed door to your left and turn right. Light a flare, turn the corner and jump over the spike trap. Push the face button to trigger the spikes and open the door you noted. Go back the way you came and through the opened doorway. You're magically transported to the beginning room.


Find the pushblock in the E wall (one block from the NE corner, yes another backward compass) and pull it back twice to reveal a passage. Go on in but don't walk on the red carpet or you'll be transported to the beginning room with nowhere to go. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing over the red carpet. Before you get all the way across you drop down and guess what, you're transported to the beginning room. There's a phantom floor tile near the NE corner (two squares E from where you materialize).  Allow Lara to drop down into some water. Swim S along the passage and note the closed door on your right. Continue into the S opening and up the shaft to find an underwater lever in the N wall.


Continue up the shaft and pull out into a room with steps. At the top of the steps is a door requiring two gems. One has already been provided, but you need to find the other one. Jump back into the water and swim back. Turn left to find the door you opened with the underwater lever. Mind the spikes as you enter. Take the GEM from the plinth and swim back, right and up the shaft. Go up the steps and insert the Gem in the empty receptacle to open the door. Or so you thought. A trap door opens at your feet, depositing you back down in the beginning room.


There's a walkthrough tile in the E wall, one block from the NE corner. Follow the passage to a new room with many face tiles. There's another walkthrough tile in the N wall at the NE corner. Follow to yet another face tile room. There's a phantom floor tile midway at the W wall. Drop down into a similar room and run around until you come across another phantom floor tile.  Slide down the ramp and jump over the spike trap near the bottom. Turn left and follow the N passage around the corner into a larger room where a flyby kicks in.


You're tempted to start finding out what needs to be done in this intriguing room. Repress the urge. Instead, run forward toward the W wall and find yourself transported to the beginning room (I think). On the SW corner tile is the KEY ("another thing" in Spanish), but you have to run around the periphery of the room before it appears. Picking it up transports you to a new and darker place. There's a keyhole to your left in the NE corner. Insert your key to open the N door. Enter a room with a closed door ahead and two empty jars. Turn right into the W room with pillars.


As you enter you can hear the corkscrews slowly descending from the ceiling. Quickly push the four pushbuttons in the N and S walls and stand at the W door, waiting impatiently for it to open. Instead, you're transported after a maddening wait to a face tile room (maybe the beginning room, maybe not). Just stand there until a floor trap door opens near the SW corner. Drop down and slide to a face tile area lighted by a single torch. 


Turn left and follow the W passage around to a room where you encounter your first enemies: three flying crystals. There's a wall switch floating in the SE corner that's hidden behind the yellow veil of light. It takes you to a similar room riddled with face tiles. Exit the room N as a spike ball crashes down from the ceiling. In the passage you're transported again to another empty room.  When you move away from the wall you drop down into water.  Dive down, pick up something that does not exist, but looks suspiciously like an ORNATE HANDLE. Surface, pick up the HATHOR EFFIGY at your feet and see the pole ahead.  This appears to easy to be real, but it's not. Run forward, combine the two pieces and place what now exists on the pole. 


A mummy appears ahead and to your left, but it doesn't move. As you approach it you are transported to a room with no exit where flying crystals attack in seemingly endless succession.  This will not do, so you need to find a means of escape. Just keep shooting the crystals, and eventually blocks will materialize in the room, one of which (NW) is under a ceiling hole with a ladder. An annoying earthquake also starts. Climb the ladder and pull up into the S passage. Run up the ramp and duck into the alcove to your right as the inevitable spike ball rolls down. Continue up the ramp to a dark area with side ramps. Of course, spike balls are poised at the top of each one, so sprint past them and stop at the E opening.


Time your way past the flame blowers and continue along the passage to an outdoor area where a flyby kicks in and the level ends.