Level by PedroTheGamer


Walkthough by PedroTheGamer, revised by Phil Lambeth with the help of Doggett D. McDog's video walk



After a flyby through an outdoor courtyard during a light snowfall, the camera rises to rest on a bare-legged Lara as she stands shivering on a balcony.  Note that the Dagger of Xian is already in your inventory. An insistently ringing alarm clock suggests that she's having a bad dream, as indicated by the title of this level.


Turn around to trigger a static cut scene of vehicles somewhere, then enter the bedroom through the window that someone has thoughtlessly shot out. Climb up SW for the SHOTGUN and go across to the NE dresser for shotgun ammo. That damn alarm clock is nowhere to be found.


Continue past the dresser and push the NE button to open the bathroom door to your right. Enter and climb onto the dresser for more shotgun ammo. Exit the bathroom and the bedroom to hear the sound of breaking glass.  Draw that shotgun and deal with the thug who charges at you from your left. He leaves behind a large medipack. Go across N into the guest bedroom and engage a baddy. There's nothing of interest in this room other than a burning fireplace in the middle of the floor, so exit to the main hall and turn right.


Climb onto the block against the S wall, ignoring the sign that tells you not to do so, for shotgun ammo. Hop down, go through the E opening and engage a dog, a thug and a baddy, in that order.  None has the decency to drop anything.  You find yourself in an extension of the main hallway, with more side rooms to explore. The S bedroom contains nothing interesting other than another shot-out window. You'll find a thug in the dark N room across the hall. Climb onto the NW crate for a small medipack.


Back in the main hall, continue E and flush out a dog.  You may be out of shotgun ammo by now.  If so, run for your life. The SE room contains nothing of interest, so go down the NE ramp.  The dog did not follow in my game.  Proceed W into an upper gallery featuring the tall central sculpture that may bring back old memories. Jump to it from the S side and find shotgun ammo at the very top. Jump back and enter the S opening to alert a baddy who drops more shotgun ammo.  Note the caged chicken monster in this large room. You can climb the NE crates to access a ladder that brings you up to the overhead beams, but there's nothing to do there at the moment.


Exit this room and jump back onto the golden structure. Many of its walls are climbable, so make your way down several levels, shimmying around corners and safety dropping where necessary, until you can jump to the N section of a lower fenced balcony. There's an opening at the NW corner, so loop around there and run into the far NE alcove.  A trigger tile opens a timed door back at the NW corner where you'll find 3 x shotgun ammo and flares.


Jump back to the structure and make your way down to the floor. There's a swimming pool W and a dance hall E. Go around the Cell Block Rock into the dance hall. Take an immediate right or left and go to the wall to find a button to push underneath the Cell Block Rock logo.  Reverse roll and run to the opposite wall to push a second button. Go E down the steps and find a small medipack near one of the chairs NE (stoop to pick it up).


Climb up onto the stage to attract no less than four thugs. They drop shotgun ammo, a large medipack and flares. When peace has been restored, go around the crates on the stage to find a trigger tile that lowers a nearby trap door.  (Note the adjacent pushblock that loses its pushblock qualities once you've stepped on the trigger tile.) Drop down through the hole and pick up the shotgun ammo and the SILVER DRAGON for SECRET #1.  Pull back out and climb up the E crates. From the highest one jump SW onto a platform and W onto another platform for shotgun ammo. Climb over the block onto a third platform for more shotgun ammo. Take a running jump N to grab the balcony.  Pull up and go around to pull the NE wall switch that lowers a trap door at the golden structure. Finally, return and jump onto the highest central crate for yet more shotgun ammo.


Get back down to the stage floor and exit the dance hall W, where you're met by a baddy. Locate the opened trap door at the SW corner of the golden structure and drop down to find another wall switch.  This one opens another trap door in the stage floor of the dance hall, so return there and drop down into the new hole. Watch out for the broken glass as you pick up the DINO KEY.  Return to the room with the golden structure.


The keyhole for the Dino Key is in a column against the S wall. Use the key to open the S doors and enter a maze-like area leading to the caged T-Rex and guarded by two baddies.  At the SE corner of the cage is a closed door. Go back a bit from the closed door and climb up E to see a veiled opening ahead. Jump into the new area and stay away from the flame that appears as you enter. Step onto the nearby slab against the E wall, turn to face N and jump up to grab the platform. Jump the ledges to the SW corner and pull up onto the block. Grab the shotgun ammo and pull down the wall switch to open that door down below.


Hop down to the previous ledge, light a flare and find the triangular opening in the SE corner. Hop inside and follow down to an area with quicksand that you can easily avoid or climb out of.  Find the NW crawl space and follow it to the cage containing the T-Rex.  Drop down and deliver a few shotgun blasts to its belly to subdue it.  Search the enclosure for a PIECE OF IRON and the GOLDEN DRAGON for SECRET #2.  


Exit the caged area via the crawl space, go across the quicksand room and climb the NE blocks to exit to the ledged area. Drop down and exit NW to the outside of the T-Rex cage. Loop around left into the opened doorway to find a wall switch that opens doors near the golden structure.  Go there, jump into the swimming pool and find the PIECE OF WOOD at the NW corner. Surface, pull out and find the doors you opened near the NE corner of the golden structure.  Enter and go down the stairs to an underground mine shaft.


Turn right, climb up onto a block against the S wall and pull up into the opening. Step forward but stay away from the deadly train tracks. Pull up left and crawl toward the NE corner. Drop down through the hole onto a block. Here the tracks in the corners are safe but the surrounding flooring isn't.  Hop down right or left and jump S to another safe section of the tracks. Pick up the CONTACT SPHERE, jump back to a corner and pull up onto the block. The S face of the shaft is climbable, so get back up and drop out W. Get down to the lower section and exit W up the stairs.


Go toward the golden structure and hop onto the nearby block. Face W, standing at the NW corner, and jump up to grab the climbable surface. Climb up, shimmy right around the corner and pull up onto a flat surface. Go around to the W side (going to the right of the column) and use the climbing surfaces to make your way all the way to the top of the golden structure. The most direct way I found was to face E, climb up to the next level, step forward and jump up to grab the sloped rim, shimmy right and pull up, step forward and jump up to grab the next section, the climb the remaining distance to the top. Jump to the upper checkered balcony and place the Contact Sphere in the receptacle in the SW corner to open the nearby elevator door.


Enter to find two wall switches, one on your right and one on your left. Pull the left one and exit S to see those vehicles that were shown in the opening cut scene. Turn right and follow the snow-covered street to the NW corner where you'll find a frozen pool. Combine the two pieces you're carrying and use the SHOVEL to dig a hole in the ice where the other shovel is lying. When you fall through a brief flyby is triggered, and when camera control is restored you find yourself in freezing water. Quickly pick up the WET CIRCUIT in the corner, surface and pull out.


Return to the elevator and use the N wall switch to return to the area with the golden structure. Jump onto the structure and make your way down to the floor once more. Go through the NE doorway down to the underground mine shaft and locate the receptacle to the left of the S block you climbed onto earlier. Place the Wet Circuit to start up the machine behind you.  Go around it to the other side and pick up the CIRCUIT that has been deposited onto the ground. Go back upstairs and run past the golden structure to the W pool.


On the far side of the pool is a receptacle (on the left) for the Circuit. Use it to open the W doors and enter the gymnasium.  Turn left and climb onto the block against the S wall with the digit "2" emblazoned on the top.  Hop W onto the higher block marked with a "3" and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing clockwise around the room until you can drop down onto a corner block with a wall switch. Pull it to open the W doors, drop left and slide to the floor, and enter the next part of the gymnasium.


Once again turn left and climb the short block in the S wall near the central blue platform. Climb higher W and take a running jump W to grab the ledge bordered by fence posts. Pull up, run forward, turn right and run E all the way to the corner. Continue E through the phantom wall, light a flare and pick up the flares, 2 x shotgun ammo and finally the JADE DRAGON for SECRET #3.  Return through the phantom wall, which you can't see from this side.


Turn left and run E to a gap near the corner. Jump onto the corner block marked with a "7," turn right and take a running jump S to grab the ledge. Pull up and continue to the next ledge S, and finally to the S ledge against the wall marked with an "8." Push the button to open a door and climb the block to your right. Safety drop from the other side and slide to the floor.  Go to the SW corner and find shotgun ammo just past the arch.


Exit the gymnasium E.  When you reach the large swimming pool you can hear the sound of an opening and closing door trigger, but it apparently has no significance.  Go to the golden structure and use the nearby NE block to climb the structure as you've done before. When you reach the top, jump S onto the checkered walkway, turn left and run E. Turn right at the corner and run up the ramp. Shoot the dog approaching from your right (or you may have shot it when you were here earlier).


Turn left into the opened E doorway, go down the steps and light a flare to find yourself in a darkened theatre. Go up past the chairs to the NE corner and push the button (cut scene of the elevator area). Exit the theatre NW and return to the walkway surrounding the golden structure. Continue past it W into the elevator and this time pull down the wall switch on your right. Exit E to the area you saw in the cut scene and run up the ramp. Continue to an outdoor area to which the chicken monster has escaped.  Take out your shotgun and deal with it, then locate the alcove with a wall switch.  When you pull it down the level ends.