Level by Osvaldo


Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett D. McDog's video walkthrough



Lara drops down in front of a long ramp. Slide down to a passage. Run from one end of the passage to the other to flush out three bats.  At the W end is a ladder, but you first need to lift a gate. Go to the E end and loop around into the W side passage. Turn around and jump up to activate a jump switch to open that gate.  Go to the W end, climb the ladder and pull up into a crawl space. The opened gate is ahead, so crawl forward into a control room guarded by two SAS. One of them opens a door to bring another SAS and a dog into the action.  Pick up the small medipack and shotgun ammo left behind when all is calm once more.


Push the NE button to open the door and enter the passage. Pull up over the block and come to a room with many such blocks. The small crates are empty, but the larger one in the NE corner hides a large medipack. Find the lone pushblock near the NW corner and push it N as far as it will go. Enter the revealed passage to your left for SECRET #1 and pick up the flares and the UZIS with 2 x uzi ammo


Return to the previous room, hop up SE and push the button to open the E door behind you. Enter a room where rockets are stored and note the E ladder for later. You may attract the attention of the SAS on the ledge above if you linger too long in this area. Turn right into the N opening and go up the stairs to an outdoor area. Run diagonally across to the NW passage (the NE passage leads to a mine field and the SW door requires a key) and follow to a hallway with many doors. Push the button on the left in the E wall and be prepared to engage the SAS who emerges. Go inside to find a row of four floor levers.


Counting from left to right, push #2 to open one of the W doors across the hall and release an SAS. However, a friendly mercenary comes to your aid, but once the SAS has been killed he runs off (possibly to deal with the SAS in the rocket storage room if you'd alerted him earlier).  Now push #4 to open another door and release another SAS, who drops shotgun ammo. Another mercenary was here, but of no help to me this time. Again, he ran off when the crisis was over. Finally, push #1 and #3 to open the remaining doors and attract a final SAS. Neither mercenary returned this time. Explore the W rooms to discover that they're prison cells. #1 is empty, #2 has a small medipack, #3 has the MINE POSITION DATA and #4 is empty.


Leave the second button in the E wall for later and return to the rocket storage room, where you're likely to find the mercenaries. Hopefully they have already dealt with the SAS lurking on the upper ledge, or will do so when you arrive. Climb the E ladder you noted earlier and locate the small medipack dropped by the SAS. Enter the E opening and follow the passage past a control room to find an SAS lurking around the corner.


There are two closed doors with buttons. Push the first one to open the door and release a dog and an SAS (uzi ammo). The room is empty except for a closed door in the corner. Push the second button to open the door to the armory, which strangely enough is unguarded. Shoot the crates to reveal the CROWBAR, a large medipack, the SHOTGUN and 2 x shotgun ammo.


Return to the ladder, climb down and go all the way back to the cell block. Push that second button in the E wall to open the door and enter the small room. One of the crates hides shotgun ammo. Get up onto the block and pull down the ceiling trap door. Pull up E into the duct and follow the winding passage. Shoot a bat and open the floor trap door at the end. Drop down into a machine room where an SAS is waiting. Pick up the ANTENNA ACCESS KEY and use the crowbar switch next to the E wall to open the NE gate. Hop forward for the uzi ammo and continue to the opened gate. Crawl into the duct and follow around the corner to a flame pit.


Take a running jump over the gap and grab the far edge. Pull up and proceed to another floor trap door. Open it and hop down into the room below for SECRET #2. Shoot the dog, then roam about at your leisure and pick up 2 x uzi ammo, 3 x shotgun ammo, a small medipack and flares. Push the W button to make some lights flicker (unclear if anything else happens) and retrace your steps to the machine room. Pull out through the SW ceiling hole and follow the duct back to the cell block where an SAS is waiting.


Continue around to the outdoor area and use the Antenna Access Key to open the SW door. Out charge a dog and an SAS, but the mercenaries came quickly to the rescue this time. Enter to find a ladder around the corner. Climb to an upper passage and follow to an outdoor courtyard. Jump over or crawl under the pipe toward the NE corner, shoot a scorpion and enter the NE passage. Turn left at the intersection (going the other way leads to a dead end with an angry SAS on the other side) and follow around to a room with a trap door in one corner. Open it by activating the jump switch over the entrance.


Hop down into a lower passage and open the N crowbar door. SECRET #3 - Shoot the crates inside for a large medipack and 2 x small medipack.  Exit and turn left into a larger room. Pull down the NW wall switch to raise a platform outside. Continue to the SW alcove and push the floor lever to hear a door opening around the corner. Go there and shoot the approaching scorpion as you emerge in the outdoor area. Run straight forward and locate the ladder on the side of the central structure. Climb up to the huge radar dish and go around it to find the raised platform in the E wall.


Jump to the platform and push the button to raise a gate and release that angry SAS you saw earlier. Safety drop to the ground and engage him. Go back into the NE passage and loop around right into a control room. Push the SW button to shift the radar dish and reveal an opening. Climb back up the central structure and use the ladder in the N face of the opening to climb down to a lower passage. Follow around to another corner trap door where you meet a scorpion. Crawl under the pipe to find a jump switch in the NW corner. Activate it to open the trap door.


Climb down the ladder to a still lower passage. Follow around to a crossing and continue straight W past a steam blower. Crawl into a control room guarded by an SAS. Grab the small medipack in the NW corner and get up onto the block for the PUMP ACCESS DISK. When you pick it up, three SAS and a dog come running. One of them drops a small medipack. Crawl back into the passage and turn right at the crossing. Hop down and place the Pump Access Disk in the NW contraption. Shoot a bat and crawl under the pipe to the opened NE doorway. Open the floor trap door at the end and drop down into a small room with blocks and uzi ammo.


Climb over the row of blocks to find the WAREHOUSE KEY. Retrace your steps to the long ladder and climb back up to the upper passage. Continue to the ladder leading up to the radar dish. Either climb down the W ladder or use the raised E platform to safety drop to the ground. Use the Warehouse Key to open the SW door and enter another room filled with blocks. Shoot the larger wooden crate for uzi ammo. Pick up the MINE DETONATOR in the NW corner and attract the attention of an SAS.  Go outside and exit this area SE. Follow the passage to the ladder and climb down to the lower level.


In the open area, go across to the NE mine field and combine the Mine Position Data with the Mine Detonator. Stand against the row of red skulls/crossbones and drop the activated Mine Detonator onto the ground to detonate all the mines. Now you can safely cross over into a garage. Shoot the scorpion and go toward the the SE corner to alert a second scorpion. Shoot the small crate on the block for shotgun ammo and find the CONTROL ROOM KEY near the SW corner. The nearby crate hides another scorpion.


Go back over the mine field to the outdoor area and continue through the SE passage to the rocket storage room where the mercenaries are still pacing about. Climb the E ladder to the upper ledge and go through the S opening. Use the Control Room Key and enter to deal with an SAS. Pull down the NE wall switch to open the large exit gates and also lift the gate behind you.  Grab the JEEP KEY and bid farewell to the mercenaries as you make your way back to the garage.


Get into the Jeep. Before you can start your engine the vehicle next to you takes off and the driver tosses a grenade your way. Drive past the exit gates and wait at the corner as another grenade explodes. Follow a safe distance behind the vehicle ahead and breach a gap over a spike pit to end the level.