Level by Nlabricole

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

I used the revised Karnak WADS.

Lara starts in an outdoor area. There are scorpions wondering around. Scattered around are arrows, medipack and the crossbow.
At the North wall near the crossbow is a button that opens a gate in the West.

Ninjas attack and further down is a pool with crocks swimming in it. Dive in and the door in the North needs to be opened. Near that door is the Laser Sight and flares are also be found somewhere in that pool.

Swim in and to the right ammo for the uzi, back and up. Flyby of a building surrounded by water. Shoot scorpion and crocs and in the NE corner is a button. Donít wait too long as a ninja creeps up behind you. You just opened the door on the East of the building in the middle. Shoot croc. Ammo is lying in the pool and swims to the NW corner and get out. Stick Laraís hand in the opening (opens the gate underwater). But before you swim out first swim to SW corner and jump from there to the iron ledge. There is a monkey climb and at the end a medipack. Climb up and under a vase youíll find arrows.

Get up in the next room and after the ramp, running jumps and in the East is an opening with a button. This shows a door opening in that building surrounded by water, so make you way back there. The door is North, you need a Canopic Jar and you donít have it yet. So go back to the pool and climb out at the SE corner as there is another button. That opens a door at the square NE corner. Enter and immediately climb up and up again. Another button to push and go back to the pool SW corner, swim in and after passing the door, make a U turn and get out at the end. Shooting the vases gives you some ammo; on the pedestal is the Canopic Jar. Go back out again, but before you swim pass that door, swim up, this is SECRET # 1, medipack, Uzi plus ammo and arrows, that a scorpion kindly left behind. Back into the pool through the door, get into structure and enter that door in the North and place the Jar.

Ninjas and scorpions attack and in the dark, west wall is a crawlspace, with SECRET # 2, medipack and revolver.

Room with glass floor

Watch those clanking knifes and enter this room with a glass floor. Beneath it is a small maze. There are vases you can shoot, and under one of them is a small medipack. You can see the Vraeus behind a glass window (South wall) and a door with a button on the North wall, leave it for now. A crawlspace is at the East wall with another Laser Sight and flares.

At the end pull up, crawl through and jump to get the grenade ammo. Jump down and follow that corridor through. The Iron Gate opens and enters. Scorpions will come.

First right, right again, shoot vase (arrows). I kept going to the right, picking up a medipack. There is a place you can pull up (North wall) and in this room there is revolver ammo, arrows and shotgun ammo. All the way at the other end is some uzi ammo. Get on the block near the entrance and start running jumps/grab to the East. A shotgun and medipack will be your reward. Go back to the maze and find uzi ammo and a bit further another block you climb on and on the other side, the Uzi itself.

Enter and find the Guardian Key and a camera shot where you have to place it. Still always go right and you even can get the Grenade Launcher under a vase, Leave this maze. Through the crawlspace and go to the North wall and push the button.
Enter the door. Straight and around the corner, some scorpions show their faces and pick up the flares, a small medipack is under the vase and return, no take the other corridor (the one with the big vases) follow through, shoot a ninja and place the Guardian Key. Under a vase are some arrows. Go left and there is the Vraeus and a medipack in an alcove.

Go back, through the corridors, through the room with the glass floor, up the stairs, through the building, dive down. Swim through to the pool and climb out and in the outdoor area the South wall had the receptacle for the Vraeus.

Room with glass tanks

Watch the clanking knifes and when you enter you see crocs swimming in two glass tanks, one had a Guardian Key and the other a Canopic Jar. There are scorpions on the loose as well and lets not forget a ninja.
Under some vases are a medipack and grenades.

South wall, 2 gates that are closed and two staircases. Right staircase, a small medipack (and the opening for the Canopic Jar) and in the opening left also a small medipack. Before you reach the face tile on the wall jump in on the left, there is a crawlspace there.

In the room with the burning floor, jump from block to block, behind the last one is some shotgun ammo. Climb on block and pull up. Some scorpions and arrows. East is a closed door and before that, go left and first right, pick up all the goodies there (another crossbow among some ammo) and the door opens when you approach. Out the door and jump now to the left. Keep jumping and climbing blocks as in the middle is a waterhole and with the Sight and revolver you can shoot the crocs. Pick up the Canopic Jar and revolver ammo. Climb out and jump to your starting point. Back over the burning floor and through the crawlspace. A bit further are some flares if you want them but go down the stairs and place the Canopic Jar.

The gate closest to the Jar is open, shoot ninja and scorpion and shoot he vase in the NE corner, there is a monkey climb there, use it and shoot a ninja. In the NE corner is a crack, so shimmy up to the crawlspace. Pick up arrows under a vase and use the button. See a gate opening. Go back and the other gate on the right is open now. Pick up some flares and shoot scorpions. Around the corner a small medipack, and pull up in crawlspace and at the end pick up the Amulet of Horus and that shows you the door opening behind the first gate. So get to there.

Climb into new opening, and at the hole, shoot the crocs. Get the Guardian Key and the medipack and climb out. Get to the room further down. Revolver ammob under a vase and a ninja in the corridor. In the corridor are also some goodies hidden and at the end, climb up. Follow through and kill some scorpions and there is around the corner a place to use the Guardian Key.

You are on top of a walkway over the square, the moment you reach the pedestal at the end, the level ends.