Level by Osvaldo


Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett D. McDog's video walkthrough



Slide down into a jungle grove. Run forward into a more open area and shoot two scorpions crawling through the shrubbery to your left. Go to the N wall near the waterfall, turn around and locate the ladder in the tree. Climb up, shift right around the corner and drop down onto the limb. Reverse roll, go to the end and hop up E onto a ledge. Jump the ledges to a crawl space in the S wall. Enter and continue around to a small clearing with a button (opens a door somewhere) and flares.


Go back and drop down into the river below. Swim S past an underwater lever on your left, turn the corner and pull out onto the nearest ledge to deal with a pursuing crocodile. Go back to pull the underwater lever, pull out onto the same ledge and hop NE onto a ledge in front of an opening. Follow past the opened door, jump over the spike pit and continue to an open area where you'll attract the attention of a bat. Pull up or hop onto the slope in the E opening, slide and jump three times to avoid the flame traps and land on a stable surface. Shoot another bat and jump up to the W ledge.


Jump SE into the alcove and SW into the next.  Look to your right for the SHOTGUN and shotgun ammo. Take two jumps to the NW plinth and grab the TEMPLE KEY. Pick up the nearby shotgun ammo and turn to face the NE corner. Locate the hard-to-see jump switch higher up in the wall, save your game at the corner and take a curved standing jump to activate it. A trap door lowers in the floor nearby. Drop down for SECRET #1, shoot the jug around the corner and pick up a large medipack, grenade gun ammo and 2 x shotgun ammo.


Exit to the river and jump the ledges in a counterclockwise direction until you reach a ladder in the W wall. Climb up to the jungle floor, turn around and locate the swivel door you opened earlier. Take a running jump E over the gap, grab and pull up. Enter the passage and come to a room with three crowbar switches and a closed gate. The S opening leads to a dead end. Facing S, activate the switch on the far right. Wait a few seconds for a hostile monkey to emerge from the dead-end passage.  Now activate the switch on the far left and the monkey's ghost will emerge from the dead-end passage. Finally, activate the switch in the middle and a friendly monkey appears in front of the SE alcove. Wait for it to climb up to a place you can't reach and pull a switch to open the N door.


Enter for SECRET #2 and pick up a large medipack, a small medipack, 3 x grenade gun ammo and the GRENADE GUN. Go back outside and jump W over the gap. Climb the tree ladder again and drop down onto the limb. Hop around the trunk to the W limb and jump W to the limb of the neighboring tree. Continue to the SW corner and use the Temple Key to open a door down below. Safety drop to the ground, shoot a scorpion and locate the opened doorway in the S wall. Enter and slide down a slope into a room with a Shiva statue. Go around it into a larger area with closed gates and a central bay with wall switches. Enter the opening near the NE corner and follow to an apparently empty room.  However, in the E alcove you'll find the REVOLVER next to a skeleton. Refrain from using it indiscriminately, because ammo for it is limited and you'll need it much later in the game. Back in the main area, a SE passage leads to another open area. Watch out for the spike trap against the W wall here as you turn the corner. It looks much like the rest of the floor and you'll need to keep its location in the back of your mind.


For a devilishly clever secret, return to the room with the Shiva statue. Climb up onto the NW ledge and look up to see what looks like a cobweb-textured ceiling tile. It has a monkey swing surface and acts as a trigger tile, so jump up to grab it briefly (1 of 5). In the larger room with the central wall switch bay you'll find a similar trigger tile near the long W ledge. It takes a standing jump to grab this one.  A third one is over the central wall switch bay itself.


Climb the S ledge in this room for the LASER SIGHT before resuming your search for the textured ceiling tiles. Go around past the spike tile I warned you about into the next area. Climb up onto the S ledge and jump up to grab the ceiling trigger tile (4 of 5). Hop down, grab the flares next to the skeleton and go to the SW ledge. Pick up the revolver ammo before climbing the ledge and taking a standing jump to activate the fifth and final ceiling trigger tile.  


A swivel door has opened in the SW corner of the room with the wall switch bay, so go there and time the horizontal spikes to enter a small room for SECRET #3. Pick up 2 x small medipack, a large medipack, 2 x grenade gun ammo and shotgun ammo. Return to the previous room and start pulling down the wall switches. First, pull down #2 and #3 (looking left to right) to open the NW door. Enter and follow to a room guarded by two bats. Locate the pushblock against the E wall near the entrance and move it 3 x W and 3 x N to complete a bridge. Get up on the ledge and move the NE globe all the way S onto the trigger tile, pausing along the way to move the lower pushblock to extend the bridge.


Two blocks rise in the corners in front of you. Use either block to access a ladder that brings you to an upper passage. Time the flame blower and turn the wheel to open the S door in the previous room. Go back there and enter the S passage while the door slams shut behind you. Crawl down the passage, avoiding a diabolical blade trap, to a plinth bearing the VIBORA STONE.  Turn to your left and push the large button to open the SE door. Follow the passage to closed gates ahead and to your right.


The one to your right opens as you approach it, returning you to a familiar room. Go back to the wall switches, push the middle one up and the left one down. The S door opens, so enter and climb down the ladder to a lower level. Crawl to evade the dart trap and proceed to a pushblock in the SW corner. Push it two times to reveal an opening to your left. Locate another pushblock NW and push it two times as well. Pick up the shotgun ammo and pull down the wall switch to open a nearby door. Reverse roll, loop around left and push the next block S to open up a new area.


Grab the small medipack and push the SE block once. Turn right and push the next block three times N, revealing an open area to your left. Reverse roll, run back S and pull the SE block back and aside to reveal an alcove. Enter, pull the block back W, turn right and push the first block out of the way, return to the previous block and move it to reveal a passage. Follow around past a door that closes behind you. Continue to an intersection. Turn right, run down the passage and jump over a spike pit while a boulder pursues you, shoot the scorpion in the next room and take the second VIBORA STONE from the plinth. A trap door drops somewhere.


Go back and jump over the spike pit. At the top of the ramp look up to see a timed jump switch in the ceiling alcove. Activate it, reverse roll and run back to the previous room to find a raised block.  Hop onto it quickly and pull up N into an upper room for SECRET #4. You still need to hurry. Pick up 2 x shotgun ammo and 2 x grenade gun ammo and get back down before the descending corkscrew reaches you.


Hop over the spike pit, go to the W end of the passage, climb the N ladder past the opened trap door and pull up into a familiar passage. Run E down the passage and the door at the end opens upon your approach. Turn the corner as the door closes behind you and enter another familiar room. You could now place the Vibora Stones in the snake head receptacles to open the S double doors, but there's more to do here before doing that. Return to the room with the bay of wall switches (remember that spike trap along the way). Pull down #2 and push #3 back up. Return S to the previous room to find that the door near the SE corner is now open.


Enter and follow to the room with the row of crowbar switches. There are jugs in the corners that weren't there before, as I recall. Shoot one of them for flares and activate switch #1 on the left. Wait for a mean monkey to arrive, shoot it and activate switch #2 to raise its equally wicked ghost. Finally, activate switch #3. If the friendly monkey doesn't saunter forth from the SW opening, enter the passage and lead it by the hand into the crowbar switch room so it can do its thing and climb up to the otherwise inaccessible switch it used earlier. This time, a trap door falls in the NW corner, so climb down and follow the underground passage to a closed door. Push the button to open it and crawl inside to avoid the dart trap around the corner.


When you reach the W wall with the dart trap, stand up and jump S to grab the ladder. Climb up (going down leads to a spike trap) and pull up near a GOLDEN STAR that you can pry off the wall while attracting a bat. Push the floor lever in the S alcove to open the exit door.  You're back at a familiar intersection, so turn left and go to the N door that once again opens for you. It's now time to place the Vibora Stones to open the S double doors. Follow the wide passage and turn the corner to see closed double gates and a red ball suspended from the ceiling.  Combine the revolver and laser sight and shoot the red ball to open the gates.


In the next room two demigods step forth from behind the central structure. One of the jugs contains grenade gun ammo, another releases a scorpion. The others are empty. You'll find revolver ammo on a ledge of the central structure. Look on the back side of the central structure to see that you need to find three gems. Place the Golden Star in the SW receptacle to open three of the gates in this room. Each leads to a gem, so you can acquire them in any order you desire.


Enter the NW passage and push the button at the end to activate an elevator. When you reach the top, enter a room with boulder ramps. Easily get past the boulders and go to the S side room where you'll find the first of the BLUE GEMS you need. Return to find that a swivel door has opened in the E wall of the boulder ramp room. Enter and follow the passage to a big button.  Push it to activate the elevator going down. At the bottom, approach the N gate which opens to bring you back to the demigod room.


Enter the SW passage and go to the top of a slope. Save your game in preparation for a breaktile jumping exercise. If you miss along the way you'll fall into shallow but deadly water. Slide and jump at the bottom of the slope to the first breaktile.  Continue with a running jump to the next breaktile in the corner. Turn right and stand jump to the next breaktile, run jump to the next, turn right and stand jump to the next and a final stand jump to the safe ledge. Find the second BLUE GEM on the plinth in the next room. The exit door opens when you take it, leading you to another elevator button. When you reach the top, slide down and return to the demigod room.


Enter the NE passage and follow up a ramp to a room where the first order of business is to shoot a bat. The jugs are empty, but you'll find revolver ammo in the SW corner. Note the two closed gates, one of which requires a key. Shoot the red ball hanging from the ceiling to open the trap door in the center of the room. Jump in and swim down the shaft to an intersection. Swim W and around the corner to pull an underwater lever. Swim the other way and emerge in a maze-like area. Keep to your left and you'll come to a second underwater lever. Go back, continuing to stay left, swim past a closed door and find a third underwater lever. Swim back, turn left and go up for air. Down again and swim to the NW corner to find a fourth underwater lever. A nearby trap door opens, so reverse roll, swim back a bit and find the new opening.


Pull out into a small room with a floor lever. Push it, jump back into the water and swim E, then S, and loop around right to find that the door you passed by earlier is now open.  Pull down the ceiling lever in the next room, go back and around to the right and then left to the air hole you used earlier. From there face W, swim forward, take an immediate left and go N to find another opened trap door. Swim up the shaft and pull out to find the UGLY KEY.  Go back down and swim W, then S to the wall, left and up the shaft to the room with the two closed gates. Use the Ugly Key to open the N gate and go inside for the third BLUE GEM. The S gate opens when you pick it up, so go there and follow to an elevator button that takes you down to a passage leading to another elevator button that takes you up.


Slide down the slope and return to the demigod room. Insert the Blue Gems in the vacant receptacles to open the double doors behind you. Wait for an assassin and a ninja to show up, then run E up the right side of the ramp to avoid a boulder that drops down ahead and to your left. Take the INFAMOUS STONE from the plinth as debris falls from the ceiling. The N exit gate is open, so run up the ramp as Lara's theme music plays. The door ahead opens, and as you step forward into the sunshine the level ends.