Levels by Jeff Sadler


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the invaluable assistance of DoggettTV's video walk





Run from the corridor into an open area, shoot the wooden barriers across the way and enter a courtyard. Note the closed NE gate, shoot the approaching knight, pick up the gem (called the HAND OF ORION here) he drops and run down the steps. Push the contraption that's blocking your way and enter the next room.


Pull back the skeleton and pick up the small medipack. Pull the other contraption away from the corner and go around to enter the crawlspace for the only SECRET. Continue to pick up your prize, another COMPASS, and return to the previous room, go back up the steps and to the opening area. 


Open the door straight ahead, shoot the wooden area and enter a room with two more of the same contraptions. Move one to reveal a large medipack, then move the other one to reveal a small medipack. Nothing more to do here, so exit this room, turn right and run under a small bridge and find another door at the far end to your right. Open it (noting the nearby trap door), shoot the wooden barrier and find another pair of those ubiquitous contraptions. Move one away from a small medipack, and the other one away from flares. Approach the corner coffin if you wish to trigger a harmless mummy.


Exit, return to where you encountered the knight and find that the gateway is now open.  Enter, approach the edge overlooking a deep room and hop down left onto a ledge to open a timed garage door. Take a running jump slightly SE around the obstruction to grab another ledge, pull up and run forward before the garage door rolls back down. Pick up the large medipack and return to the previous ledge. Jump S to grab the ladder and climb up to the opening (cut scene showing the opened trap door).


Return to the opening area, turn left and find the opened trap door. Climb down and insert the Hand of Orion in the receptacle to open (very slowly) the gate. Enter, jump in with the fishies and swim down to find a large medipack and flares. Enter the W opening and continue around the corner to a level jump.





Swim forward into the darkness, then swim down and all of a sudden things turn bright again. Approach the underwater market and turn left. Find a hard-to-see Pharos Knot (called LOAD here) between the two-story building and the darker brown structure.  Return to the market interior (you have to swim over the structures, not between them) and locate a central opening obscured by coral near a well. Swim down, through the opening and up for air.


Pull out and find a receptacle for your Pharos Knot next to a closed gate. Open the gate, jump into the water and swim down the long passage and up the shaft until you can pull out into an outdoor area where this exciting adventure comes to an abrupt end.