Levels by PhryneCroft

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (revised March 30-2019), with the help of DoggettTV's video walk


Slide down into a clearing during a light snowfall. Run forward and slide down further, run through the W passage and pause for a small medipack. In the next area with the frozen pond, shoot two soldiers and pick up the shotgun ammo and revolver ammo they drop. Jump onto the crate right of the door and jump onto the roof, jump up onto a flat surface. Run forward and pick up the HUT KEY. Drop to the ground and use the Hut Key to open the door to the structure. Go on inside, shoot the barrier and follow the fence around to the right. Safety drop from the opening at the corner (or climb down the ladder) and loop around left. The W crate has a small medipack, then shoot the S panel and enter the ducts.

Hang from the far end, release and grab, and pull up into an alcove for revolver ammo. Turn around and jump to grab the ladder in the shaft. Climb down and get into the E duct. Crawl into the triangular opening and shoot the panel. In the next room take the shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUN from the table, then shoot the E door just to the right of the table, which opens and allows you to enter for SECRET #1. Pick up the flares and small medipack, return to the previous room and locate the NW pushblock. Pull it back so you can go around and activate the jumpswitch. A flyby shows that the pond you saw earlier has been drained. Go back there, through the duct S and up the ladder, back flip into the upper duct, loop around and up the other ladder, until you're back outdoors.

Drop down into the dry pond and crawl into the W passage. Drop down the other side onto an ice ledge, but don't fall into the icy water below as there's no way out. Turn left and walk slowly to the NW, from there a running jump to grab a rock ledge in front of an opening W. Slide down W and pull up into a crawl space. Hang from the other side, shimmy right to a ladder and climb down. Turn around at the bottom and jump W across the icy water. Jump up to grab the crack in the wall and ledge jump (with the action key held down, press the jump key) to pull into an opening. Enter, turn right, then left and hop up into the W opening for SECRET #2. Pick up the shotgun ammo and a large medipack. There's nothing more in this area, so return to the opening, safety drop to the ice ledge and jump back E over the water. 

Enter the opening to the left of the ladder and engage two tigers. Face NW and jump to the first of several ice floes. Continue around in a generally counterclockwise direction, using the control key as necessary whenever you encounter a low ceiling. When you reach the other side, go through the E opening (don't worry about the overhanging stalactites) into an area overlooking a steep pit. Run down NW to a lower level, for an extra pickup jump the rock ledges to the far NW corner and grab shotgun ammo in front of an icy window. Jump back and go through the opening SW to a compound guarded by two soldiers. The barrels scattered about can be shot, but they're empty. Locate the NE pushblock and pull it back and aside so you can access the ladder. Climb to an upper room and deal with a soldier, who drops a large medipack. 

Push the floor lever near the S wall to lift a nearby gate, then turn around and take the BLUE JADE KEY from the small table. Climb back down the ladder and find the opened gate to your left. Approach the opening and the camera angle becomes fixed.

The intended route:  Hang from the edge, shimmy right and drop to grab the crack below. Shimmy right all the way and around two corners and drop onto a snowy ledge. Go N, watch out for the icicles and hang from the lowest point of the edge (NE). Drop and grab the crack below and go left all the way, drop and walk to the far S end where you can jump to the ledge with the crystals SW. Hop NW onto the sloped block and immediately jump again, slide far from that next slope and jump to grab the crack W. Shimmy right and ledge jump up, pull up and walk left, then face a bit SE and jump to grab the crack in the wall.

Shortcut route but tricky:  Hang from the edge, shimmy left all the way and drop onto a ledge. Turn around to face a deep pit. Hop W to a triangular ledge and slide down to a stable surface (tricky). Face slightly SW and take a running jump to grab the crack in the wall. Turn around to face a deep pit. Hop W to a triangular ledge and slide down to a stable surface. Face slightly SW and take a running jump to grab the crack in the wall.

-Routes join: Ledge jump up, grab the edge and shimmy right around the corner until you can pull up into a crawl space. Crawl W toward the opening and drop down the other side to slide down in front of a structure. 

The key you're carrying doesn't work in the W keyhole, so turn left and run to the S alcove. Your Blue Jay Key fits this keyhole, so enter what appears to be a shrine. Climb the W ladder, pull up, hop SE onto the roof, hop again to the SE corner and jump N to grab the crack. Ledge jump up, turn left and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing W to the other side of the room and drop down. Proceed into the next room and
Proceed into the next room and where the camera view changes you can see a wall switch left of Lara, after using it you’ll see a door open up. Go back E, hang from the edge until Lara's feet find the ladder surface, climb down, release and grab the lower ladder, and climb down to the floor. 

Exit the shrine and see that the opposite N door is now open. Go there and enter a small room with a pool. The water is not ice cold, so jump in, swim S into the channel, turn right at the wall (going left leads to a spike trap) and loop around left to find a W opening with an underwater lever. Pull it and turn left, take a left and left again into the N passage (there is an air pocket up here), continue E through the triangular opening and find a second underwater lever to pull in the E alcove. Flip turn, swim out and turn left. Zig zag left and find a large medipack and the REVOLVER for SECRET #3 on the other side of the spike trap that was pointed out earlier. Flip turn, swim N to the wall, turn left through the triangular opening and take an immediate right to surface for air. Pull out into a dark room and run forward to take the STONE KEY from the plinth. 

Go back, jump into the water and turn right, then left and zig zag slightly to the right and swim past the triangular opening, loop around left and surface. Pull out of the pool, exit S and use the Stone Key in the W keyhole. Go through the opened doors to end this opening level.


Run forward to trigger a flyby. A door opens, but don't go to the garden area yet. There are ladders in the N and S alcoves, one leading up and the other leading down. Go to the N alcove first and climb to the bottom. Slide down to some swinging blades and jump over each one. Then you need to work your way past a pair of swinging sand bags to come to a room with a pool. Turn left and pull down the timed wall switch to raise a block on the NW ledge behind you.

Intended route: Reverse roll, jump to grab the raised block, run jump straight and either grab the next ledge or land on the left corner of the ledge with the flame. Pull up on that corner and turn left, a hop to grab the next ledge on the left corner, shimmy left around to the next corner and pull up to hop to the last ledge. Then jump to the balcony and take the BLUE JADE KEY from the table. Run down onto the ledge in the water and hop N. Return past the swinging sand bags and blades and jump the slope. Climb the ladder, back flip into the previous room and go around to the S alcove.

Climb the ladder there and back flip to an upper landing. Go around to the far side and enter the N puzzle room. Step only on the blue dragon tiles (the clue is in the ceiling and the other tiles will set you aflame), jumping from one to the next. The door at the far end opens, allowing access to the STONE KEY. Go back the same way you came to the room with the landing, enjoy the view out the W window and use the Stone Key to open the E door. Enter a library or a wine cellar where a few of the patrons must have overstayed their welcome. Cross the room and take a TORCH from the E plinth to trigger a brief cut scene. 

Exit to the landing and take the torch down the S ladder. By this time you're being fired upon, so prepare to engage two soldiers when you get down. One drops a small medipack, the other another REVOLVER in case you missed the first one. Retrieve the torch, go into the E room and select one of the lighted corner braziers to light the torch. Go back and enter the garden area W. Turn right, go up the steps, drop the torch for a few seconds and use the Blue Jade Key to open the N door. Take the torch inside with you, go all the way to the back and loop around up the wide stairs to an upper room. 

Find a crawl space in the left wall at floor level near the back corner, drop the torch here and crawl inside for a rather easy SECRET #4. Pick up the flares and large medipack, then crawl back out and shoot the S window. Retrieve your torch and go outside. Go around either to the right or left and enter the S room. You may have to shoot some patterned wooden doors here to gain entry, but it could be you shattered them from afar when you shot out the windows earlier. Light the sconces on the E and W walls to lower a nearby trap door and open double doors elsewhere, leave the torch behind and drop through the open trapdoor to a familiar room. 

Exit W and loop around left to find a wall switch that raises a block behind you. This one's not timed, so get up on the raised block, walk to the N edge, jump up through the phantom ceiling to grab and pull up into an upper room for SECRET #5. Pick up the shotgun ammo at your feet and go around the hole to find more shotgun ammo on the other side. The jugs up here are empty, so drop down to the lower room, exit E, go left to the double doors N and they will open. Go outside and find the opened W double doors. Enter a hub room with a large stone central structure.

Go around to the other side, enter the W room and hop into the gap to the left of the huge stone wheel. Go all the way S into the dark passage for SECRET #6 and pick up a small medipack and revolver ammo. Return E to the previous room and enter the N side room. Lara looks down to the floor under a large bell hanging from the ceiling. Step on the near part of the sunken floor so the bell won't drop on your head and squash you. The N door opens, so take a TORCH from the W plinth, go into the next room and light the torch from one of the flaming bowls (the blue one W, the other one has a deadly tile underneath). Drop the torch in a safe spot, jump into the water and slowly approach the S alcove to trigger a spike trap. Time your way past the spikes and pull the underwater lever to open the N door behind you. Before going there, however, a little preparation is necessary. Pull out of the pool, retrieve the torch and go back S to the hub room.

Enter the S side room to find another suspended bell. Cause it to drop as you did in the N side room and enter the dark S room. Drop your torch on the rising tile in the center of the wooden structure and go around to the other side to activate the jump switch in the SW column. An upper panel lowers. Turn around, enter the S passage and push the floor lever to raise the tile with the torch. Go back and grab the crack in the SE column to your right and ledge jump up, shimmy left and pull up to face the opening where the panel lowered. Pick up your torch and jump N into the alcove. Light the wall sconce, toss your torch down to the floor and jump back to the central structure. Grab up right, shimmy right around the corner and ledge jump up to the top of the central structure to face two pushpieces

Move each pushpiece to the diagonally opposite corner (clue is next to the N gate). The N gate then opens, so jump over there and take the ANCIENT FAN from the plinth. Jump back to the central structure, drop through the hole and safety drop to the floor. Return to the hub room and go across into the N side room. Jump into the water at the back and swim into the N passage. Go under the first blade and over the second one. Pull out W in the next room and go to the SW corner. Place the Ancient Fan in the empty slot to lift a gate in the W wall behind you. Go there and enter a room with five wall switches. Looking from left to right, pull #1, #3 and #5 to raise platforms in the previous room. Return there, right and climb the S ladder next to the alcove where you placed the Ancient Fan.

The raised platforms are arranged in a row, so loop around right, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing N across the room along the raised platforms and drop down onto the ledge at the other side. Turn right, run to the other end of the ledge and pull up higher into an upper room. You'll find two pushpieces in the W wall between two bells. Move the N pushpiece to the other end of the S trench next to the flaming bowl (clue is under the bowls), and move the S pushpiece to the end of the N trench. The gate opens at the E end of the room, so go there and enter a small room with a central chain. Pull the chain to move aside that huge stone wheel you saw earlier. 

Return toward the previous room and run off right or left at an angle into the water below. Swim S past the swinging blades and pull out of the next pool. Continue S to the hub room and shoot two waiting soldiers. Enter the W side room and run past the stone wheel and down the steps into an outdoor area. Approach the building and take the left entrance near the SW corner. Follow the corridor into a tall room. Jump to grab the pole W, climb up to the blue flower and turn right, take a rolling back flip to grab the ledge at the wall switch. Pull up and use the switch, a rope will come out. Shimmy along the edge of the floor to the other end of the ledge and jump to grab the pole there. Climb up just past the spot where the pole changes color and take a rolling back flip to grab the upper ledge.

Pull up, loop around right and stand jump to grab the lowered rope. Swing forward and jump off to land on the far N ledge. Pull down the wall switch (#1, doors are shown) and safety drop onto the raised platform near the NE corner. Safety drop from there to the floor and exit N. Loop around left once outside and take the right entrance near the NW corner. Follow to another pool room. Jump into the water and pull the underwater lever in the S alcove to raise a block. Pull W out of the pool and use the raised block to access the upper N ledge. Hop E over two swinging blades and take a running jump to the S platform. Continue over to the S ledge and shimmy right past the crack until you can pull up in front of a wall switch.

Pull down the switch (#2, doors open up), safety drop to the floor and exit S. Once outside, loop around right to find that the front doors are open. Run forward into the darkness to end the level.


Run forward into the cave past some block ruins and crawl W to face an underground temple. Run over the ice, approach the closed doors and the left one opens for you after pulling the wall switch. In the dark foyer the small jugs on the N ledge can be shot, but they're all empty. Enter the S opening and turn right in the next room to go down some steps leading to a semi-open area and trigger a flyby. 

Continue toward the W building, disregarding for now the waterfall pit with a ladder leading down to an underground river. Locate the skeleton (N) near the front doors and pull it back to reveal revolver ammo. You need an artifact to access the W building, so go S from the skeleton to that rock formation and climb it from the E side. Pull up to find the CROSSBOW and 2 x explosive arrows. Hop down and go W from the rock formation though an opening to an area where two skeletons are awakened. A single explosive arrow will deal with them both. Avoid the shallow pit with the deadly floor and find the wall switch on a column in the N structure. Pull it down to open the door, loop around right and enter.

Go through left and in the next room go to the right around the deadly barbecue pit and past a closed door (leading to a secret, for later), all the way to an opening in the back wall. Climb the ladder there and back flip to an upper room. In the S wall are four wall switches, all protected by flames. There's an opening in the N wall, so go to the next room and find a pushblock. Move it onto the marked central tile (note similar tiles against the walls, all protected by spears) and one of the protective flames goes out in the previous room. Go there, pull down the wall switch and return to the pushblock room to find that one set of spears has been retracted. Move the pushblock onto that tile to extinguish the flames protecting the next wall switch. Continue in like manner, going back and forth between the rooms, until the last wall switch has been pulled. Before leaving, shoot the two mounted heads in the N wall over the lamps in the pushblock room (which opens the secret door in the N wall of the room with the barbecue pits below).

After using the last switch, a door opened in the room below, so climb back down the ladder, go left first to the Secret door N and collect SECRET #7, shotgun ammo. Go out and take running jumps S over the barbecue pit and enter the opened S alcove. Take the BLUE JADE KEY from the plinth, reverse roll and jump N twice over the barbecue pits and loop around right toward the exit (easier and less dangerous than attempting a direct jump). Two soldiers are waiting for you, and they drop shotgun ammo and revolver ammo. Take a right in the next room, left at the deadly pit to return to the temple complex.

Go past the rock formation to the SE building. The front door is missing, so enter and follow around, down some blocks and you'll come to a new underground area. Shoot two tigers, then pull back the skeleton near the entrance to reveal the CROWBAR. You can't enter the N building because of the closed gate, so go back up the way you came and head NW toward that waterfall pit with the ladder you saw when you first entered this area. Climb down, loop around to your left at the bottom and locate the crowbar switch. Use it (facing N) and climb back up the ladder. Backtrack into the SE building and go down to find that the gate is now open. Enter the N building and come to a room with a large central structure. In the back wall is another closed gate. Climb the central structure from the side nearest the entrance, turn around and see the wall switch at the S ledge. 

Hop over there, pull down the wall switch and grab the shotgun ammo and small medipack you'll find at either end of the ledge. Drop to the floor, go around the central structure and enter the N gateway. Jump to grab the ladder, climb down and go around to find a keyhole in one of the S columns. Use your Blue Jade Key to open the adjacent door and go inside. Go left and turn right in front of the block opening, then continue around left into an alcove for SECRET #8. Pick up the flares and explosive crossbow arrows, then go back the other way, past the entrance, turn left and follow right around to a wall switch in an alcove to your right. Pull it down and reverse roll. Continue S along the same passage, past a ladder on your right that's blocked by a trap door (also note the nearby receptacle), and find the opened gate on your right, E. Go on through to trigger a flyby through the next room.

Walk diagonally left to a marked tile, look down and find the column. Run down onto it, face N and jump to activate the jump switch. Two skeletons are awakened, so deal with them. Use the ladder on the SW column to get back up to the ledge. Note the nearby marked tile, similar to the one on the far side of the ledge, as you pull up. The door in the N wall is open, so enter the small room to find a pushblock and an opening leading to an E room (later). Move the pushblock S out of this room and onto the marked tile from which you went down earlier to the column. A block lowers at the NE corner, but you still need to find a way to get there.

Move the pushblock onto the other marked tile at the S end of this ledge. Another block lowers near the SE corner. Go back N into the room where you found the pushblock, turn right into the E opening and hop down to the lower room. Continue through the next E opening, follow around and hop down. At the end, jump SE with control (low ceiling) to where the block lowered in the E wall. Go inside and pull down the timed wall switch to open a door high overhead. Turn around, run SW and pull up onto the ledge jutting out of the S wall. Hop forward to the corner, turn right and pull up onto the ledge. Loop around right and take a running jump to grab the E ledge. Pull up and run through the timed doorway. Pull the wall switch to open another door in the main room.

Get down to the floor with two safety drops, exit this room W, turn left and take a running jump over the gap to the fenced ledge, take another running jump to where the block lowered near the SE corner, go inside and vault up past the gold statue. Continue through the opened doorway to a plinth with the DRAGON EMBLEM. Get back down to the floor of the main room and use the ladder in the SW column once more to get back up to the ledge. Exit W, keep left and return to the ladder blocked by the trap door that you passed by earlier. Insert the Dragon Emblem in the nearby receptacle to lower the trap door. Jump to grab the ladder and climb down.

In the room below, loop left around to pull down the wall switch in the SW alcove to open the door. Step forward to trigger another flyby. Pull back the nearby skeleton to reveal normal crossbow arrows and the LASER SIGHT. Avoid the spike pit and go to the opening near the SE corner. In the wind-blown cavernous area, run SE past a ramp to trigger two boulders. Jump W up the ramp they came from, pull up left and run forward for SECRET #9. Pick up the normal crossbow arrows and a large medipack, then run back down the ramp. Hop E over the trench the boulders landed in, run forward and quickly turn left to avoid two more oncoming boulders. Note the closed E exit door and go back the way you came.

Hop over the boulder trench and run E along the right side of the boulder ramp. Follow the passage, light a flare if necessary and shoot two tigers in the next room. Pull down the wall switch you may have seen from the other side of the grated window and exit to the boulder ramp and over the trench to find that the E exit door is now open. 

Enter what seems to be a planetarium of some kind, guarded by a pair of indestructible warrior apes (so don't waste ammo on them). Combine the laser sight with the crossbow and arm the latter with explosive arrows to save valuable time. Target and shoot the colorful rainbow ceiling auras in each of the W and E side rooms and over the central tile in the main room. The N door should open, allowing access to the TIBETAN MASK. Pull down the wall switch in this side room. Reverse roll and exit S past the warrior apes. Now you need to backtrack a long distance to the temple area where you began this level. Here's the route:

Exit S, loop around right over the boulder trench, N through the dark room with the spike pit, loop around right in the next room and up the ladder, W along the passage and around the corner, right at the wall switch, a quick left and straight N to the wall, left and follow to the N doorway, around the central structure and up the ladder, around the central structure once again and out the S gateway, straight S and up the blocks to your right to the temple area. 

Go to the NW temple and insert the Temple Mask in the left receptacle to open the doors. Go inside and take the JADE PEARL from the plinth. Turn right, go up the steps N and enter a room with a central pit. Turn right, jump to grab the crack over the wooden E wall and ledge jump up to grab a higher crack. Shimmy right and around the corner until you're able to pull up near the far SW corner. Jump the ledges to the N end and jump diagonally over the swinging blades. In the next room pull the chain and watch the flyby as the central pit is flooded. 

Exit, jump over the blades and into the water below, swim through the opening N and pull out S. Make your way around to the N opening, shoot two tigers and turn around to face the opening. Jump up to grab the ledge, pull up and back flip to the top of the central column (or climb up from its W face). Jump N to the ledge, turn left and jump up to grab the crack. Shimmy left around the corner and ledge jump up to a higher ledge. Take a running jump and grab E over the gap, pull up and run forward into the next room. Hop up SE and climb the ledge, turn around and take a running jump to grab the crack in the W wall. Shimmy right and pull up onto the corner ledge. Face slightly SE and jump forward to grab the higher ledge. Pull up, run forward and pull up E. Run toward the tree to end the game.