Level by Osvaldo


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by DoggettTV's video walk


There's no compass in TR3 levels, so I'll give directions as best I can.



Begin by sliding down onto a ledge in a room. Use the ledge to take cover while dealing with two baddies. One of them drops a small medipack. Find a lower crawlspace in one corner of the room, enter and crawl around to another room where you can stand up. Go left and right from the entrance and pick up 2 x shotgun ammo in the corners. The next to last block on the far right is a pushblock. Pull it back and aside and enter the revealed alcove for a large medipack and SECRET #1.


At the far left corner is an alcove with a wall switch that lowers a trap door in the floor. Drop down through the opening and follow the passage to an underground room with the ULI KEY in the far corner. Pull back out into the pushblock room and deal with the baddy who has appeared.  Exit via the crawlspace to the beginning room.


Go to the far wall and use the Uli Key to lift the gate. Before entering, turn around and shoot the baddy who was trying to sneak up on you. He drops a small medipack. Go back to the opened gate and follow the passage to a ramp. Slide down to a large room with deadly quicksand (so stay on the ledges) and engage a swarm of Tinnos wasps. They fly down one at a time through a hole in the ceiling, and I counted a total of six before things became quiet again.  Use the green health crystal and find the SHOTGUN in a corner of the room.


Enter the nearby opening and go up some steps to another room. Turn right from the entrance and find shotgun ammo in the corner, summoning one of what the official TR3 guide calls a magical monster that spits blue fireballs. It explodes nicely when it dies. Search the floor for a small medipack and enter the adjoining room with the pulsating lights. Find a button on a column near the far wall. It raises a platform in the quicksand room, so go back the way you came and find the raised platform to your left. But first, save your game and find a generously timed button in the nearby wall underneath a ladder that lifts a gate somewhere.


Push the button, get up onto the raised platform, jump to grab the ladder and climb to an upper passage.  Run through the next room past a health crystal and a swinging flame bucket, turn left in the corridor to trigger a spike barrel, run back out of its way, continue up the ramp and hop up right to the timed doorway. Enter the next room for SECRET #2 and gather 3 x shotgun ammo, the DESERT EAGLE with desert eagle ammo, together with a health crystal. Use the wall switch twice to re-open the timed gate, exit and run left up the next ramp to trigger a second spike barrel. Elude it the same way you did the first one.


At the top of the ramp is a wall switch. Pull it, return to the ramp and jump left into an opening. Time your way past the swinging flame bucket, vault up onto the ledge ahead and pick up the OCEANICA MASK. Before leaving, grab the flares and the small medipack, then exit this room and go back down both ramps to the room with the first swinging flame bucket. Collect the health crystal you didn't have time to get earlier, look behind one of the statues for shotgun ammo and a small medipack, and climb down the ladder to the quicksand room.


Deal with the waiting baddy, who drops a small medipack. Go to the far wall and insert the Oceanica Mask to open the double doors. Pause at the top of the slope and save your game.  Ready your pistols as you slide down the long slope and prepare to deal down below with a wave of Tinnos wasps (this time I counted seven). Jump from this ledge to the next one to your left and take a running jump to grab the platform jutting from the wall. Push the button, jump to grab the ladder and climb down to the ledge above the deadly water. Hop the blocks for a small medipack and shotgun ammo, then locate the opening near one of the corners.


Go to the end of the passage, hop down onto the ramp and run toward its end, reverse roll as you approach and hang from the edge as a spike barrel rumbles by. Drop, grab and pull into the crawlspace for SECRET #3. Grab 2 x large medipack, small medipack and desert eagle ammo, crawl backwards and drop down to the lower passage. Run forward and jump over the flame pit as another spike barrel pursues you. Jump over the next flame pit hole, turn right at the wall and go all the way to the far end past the opening to your right, where you'll find another crawlspace.


Enter, turn left, then right and come to a new room with quicksand. Turn right, but don't attempt a running jump to the corner ledge. Instead, drop into the quicksand, place your back against the wall and then take your running jump. The block in the corner is a pushblock. Pull it back twice, hop over it and enter the revealed passage for SECRET #4. Pick up the small medipack, the large medipack and desert eagle ammo and return to the quicksand room. Get onto the pushblock and take a running jump to the opening in the wall to your right. Follow to a room with pushblocks and a wall switch. Pull the first block to your left so that it blocks the entrance. Go around to the right and pull it once more. Hop over it and turn right to find another wall switch. Pull it to raise a platform in the quicksand room and return there. Take a running jump from the corner of the entrance ledge to grab the platform. Pull up and push the button to lift a gate at the far end of the pushblock room and drop you down into the quicksand.


Turn around and wade quickly left to the ledge in front of the opening. Vault up and return to the pushblock room, hop over the pushblock you moved and continue forward to the opened gate. Enter the next room and pull down the wall switch to raise a platform somewhere in a cave. Return to the quicksand room, and from the entrance ledge turn left, jump to the pushblock, climb over it, turn right and take a running jump to the ledge leading to the far corner. Enter the crawlspace and follow to the opening you bypassed earlier. Enter the next room and encounter one of those magical monsters. Go where it came from and follow the passage to a wall switch. Pull it down and return to the previous room to find the platform you just raised. First, collect the health crystal, then use the raised platform to get on top of the adjacent column. Jump from column to column until you can reach an alcove with a wall switch.


Pull it to raise another platform, jump back to the previous column in the corner and from there make your way across the room to the raised platform. Climb the ladder, watch out for the swinging flame bucket at the top, pull up left and take a rolling back flip to land on a ledge. Pick up the small medipack and shotgun ammo (or a SHOTGUN if you didn't get it before) at the far end, go back along the ledge and take a running jump underneath the swinging flame bucket to a ledge with a wall switch. Pull it down, turn around and jump the wall ledges in a counterclockwise direction until you reach a corner ledge with a slope.


Jump up at the top of the slope and grab the raised platform. Pull up and hop into the nearby wall opening. Run down the passage and find a button on your left. Push it to lower a trap door to your right. Side step right and pull up into the passage to face the room with the deadly water (the other way leads to the ramps you've already visited). Hop the floating blocks until you reach the ladder. Climb up, shift right and drop down onto the ledge with the button. Turn left and take two running jumps to the opening in the far wall. Don't enter, but continue jumping ledges in a counterclockwise direction until you reach an opening in the opposite wall. Enter and run down the rocky passage while a gate slams shut behind you after you turn the corner.


Time a run past the swinging flame bucket to enter what I'll call the hub room. There are openings on each side and a closed gate at the end. First, turn left and follow the winding passage to a room with three of those magical monsters trapped behind by closed gates in the wall alcoves. At the moment they pose no threat, so search the room at your leisure for 2 x shotgun ammo (one of them is a SHOTGUN if you didn't find it before) and a small medipack.  Then locate the button on one of the wall columns and push it to release one of the monsters.  Kill it and enter the alcove it came from to find a wall switch around the corner. This releases a second monster, so when it's dead go to its alcove and pull down the next wall switch.


Kill the last monster, enter its alcove and pull down the wall switch to lower a trap door that was blocking the ladder. Climb the ladder to the upper ledges and go around two swinging flame buckets, pausing for a health crystal along the way. Enter the passage past the second bucket and pick up the ULI KEY on the raised tile. Pull down the wall switch, turn around and enter the crawlspace on the other side of this small room. Follow to a button, push it and return to the ledge area.


Go across to the other side, enter the next room for SECRET #5 and engage a baddy. Pick up the large medipack and small medipack, go back and climb down the ladder to the monster room.  Exit to the hub room and go straight across to enter the second opening. Follow the passage to a crawlspace and enter an underground area with a deadly floor sprinkled with safe tiles.


Turn to your left and hop along the safe tiles to a wall button near a torch. As you push it the first Tinnos wasp is alerted. More will follow, but you don't have time to stop and deal with them in view of the timed run to follow, unless you choose to wait in a relatively safe spot and pick them off one by one to remove the distraction they create. Go back the other way from the first button, jumping along the tiles (and a grate) in a generally clockwise direction, noting the flaming grate ahead as you pass by, until you reach a second button (with another flaming grate off to your right). Push the button to turn off briefly the flames on that flaming grate you passed. Make your way quickly back to that grate before the flames return and push the button there (it doesn't appear to be timed) to extinguish the flames guarding that third button in the corner. Go there and push the button to open the exit gate. By this time a swarm of Tinnos wasps are chasing you if you didn't deal with them earlier. Return to where you pushed the second button and the exit gate is within jumping distance, ahead and to the left.


Enter the next room to awaken two magical monsters. Retreat to the entrance passage where they can't follow and kill them. Pick up the ULI KEY on the raised tile and exit to the underground area. From the entrance, take a running jump to the tile on your left for SECRET #6. Pick up 2 x shotgun ammo (one of them is the final SHOTGUN if you didn't get it before) and a small medipack. You may have to deal with more Tinnos wasps before leaving. There were a total of 16 by my count, and even more may have arrived if I had chosen to linger. As you hop from one safe tile to another while shooting at them, you'll find two health crystals. Exit via the same crawlspace by which you entered.


Return to the hub room and use the two Uli Keys to open the gate. Run into the passage to end the level.