Levels by Osvaldo and Scourge05


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the assistance of DoggettTV's video walk





Once again we play as long-tailed Masurao. Shoot the approaching scorpion, run forward to break the fixed camera and follow the walkway past a closed door. Jump into the water and swim into the SE passage and turn right at the gate. Continue around corners and pull out near shotgun ammo. Exit to a large room, shoot two scorpions and proceed N past presently inactive flame tiles, pausing for the SHOTGUN on the last (NW) one.


Go back to the S wall and pull down the timed switch to activate the flame tiles and flame blowers in the NW passage. Reverse roll, jump over the flame tiles, wait for the flames in the passage to subside, sprint past the blowers and jump over two flame tiles around the corner. Run forward before the timed door slams shut in the passage, blocking your further progress and compelling you to repeat the exercise.


Take the SMALL WATERSKIN from the raised slab in the next room, exit S, continue along the side passage and pull down the wall switch at the end to open the exit gate. Return to the water hole and swim back to the starting area.  Pull out of the water, shoot the ninja and follow the NE passage to a new and larger outdoor area where four more ninjas and two scorpions are waiting. Pick up the 2 x uzi ammo and small medipack dropped by the ninjas. Find a puddle of water and fill up your Small Waterskin. NE from the puddle is a button to push, which lifts a gate SE of the button and around the corner to your right.


Go there and follow the winding passage to a ledge overlooking an open-air room with a pool down below. Jump to grab the ladder in the N wall and climb down. The nearby vase hides shotgun ammo (the other is empty). Crawl underneath the dart trap on your way to the E wall and pull down the switch to raise a platform. Go up the steps into the passage, side flip past the giant cigar cutters, pick up the flares around the corner and pull down the wall switch to raise a second platform (the first one is now down in the cut scene, so you know it was timed). The second one is timed as well, so you need to hurry.


Get back through the cigar cutters, run down the steps, pull down the timed wall switch once more, jump over the dart trap and climb the ladder. Shift right at the top, drop down onto the ledge, reverse roll and run S to jump onto the first platform. Continue with a running jump onto the second platform and take one more jump to the S ledge. Enter the opening and follow the passage to a new outdoor area.


Shoot three ninjas, pick up the uzi ammo dropped by one of them and the nearby 2 x shotgun ammo, then go down the NW alley to find a wall switch between rock ledges (lifts a gate somewhere). Pick up the shotgun ammo in the nearby corner and loop around left down the SW alley to find the JERRYCAN in the far corner.


Exit this area E and return to the previous area with the pool. Jump into the water, pull out on the other side, climb the N ladder once more and follow the passage back to a still earlier area. Loop around left past the puddle where you filled the small waterskin and find the opened gate in the E passage. Enter a hub room with three closed gates. There are two walls switches, opening the E and S gates. The two can apparently be done in either order, so let's take the E gate first.


E Gate


Slide down to a lower room as the gate shuts behind you. Save your game, as the sound of a ticking clock indicates a timed task ahead, although I'm not sure what triggers the timer or how much time you have.The vases in the SE and NE corners each hides uzi ammo, but you may want to save that task for the return trip. Go down the N passage and follow around to a mirror room. Jump onto the four marked tiles (the first one is at the entrance) without stepping on any others and the W gate opens. Turn left at the wall and in the next room, turn right and if the timed gate ahead (W) is still open then dash inside and grab the spoils: 3 x shotgun ammo, 2 x small medipack, another SHOTGUN and a COIN for the only SECRET in the whole game. Pull down the SE wall switch to open the exit gate.


Go across into the N room and push the floor lever to open an outdoor gate you may have seen earlier. Exit SE, turn right at the ramp (only if you chose not to pause for the uzi ammo mentioned above), go across the mirror room and return to the room where you slid down earlier. Shoot the vases for the ammo and return to the ramp (you'll need to step on the four marked tiles again to re-open the gate). Go up and pull down the wall switch to return to the hub room. Before proceeding, pull the NE wall switch back up to re-open the E gate, just in case.


S Gate


Pull down the SE wall switch to open the S gate and enter a new room.  Go to the far wall to find a pushblock. Move it next to the stationary block in the W wall to form a short bridge. Pull the higher SW pushblock onto the stationary block, thus freeing up the lower SW pushblock. Move both lower pushblocks in a generally NE direction toward the central columns, and place them side by side so that a longer, continuous bridge is formed. Move the higher pushblock near the W end of this longer bridge as far E as you can, then move one of the lower pushblocks to complete the bridge so that you can move the higher pushblock all the way to the E wall. Finally, move the higher pushblock two times S so you can access the wall switch that opens the S gate.


Pull up into the S opening and follow to a small room with the HAND OF SIRIUS.  Return N to the hub room, exit W to the outdoor area and head NW to find the opened gateway. This leads to the elements room, which is for later since you don't yet have all the necessary ingredients, so continue toward the far W opening and turn right into the S passage that brings you back to the starting area.  Locate the closed gate you noted at the very beginning, place the Hand of Sirius to open it and follow the passage to be taken to the next level.




Continue along the passage to a pool room. Jump into the water and swim through the W passage to another pool room. Pull the underwater lever near the NW corner. Pull out onto a ledge and go through the opened SE gate. Loop around to a dark lava room.


Jump W and S onto the lower blocks, turn slightly SE and stand jump from the rear corner to grab the higher ledge. Pull up and run forward to a smaller lava room. Hop to the central ledge and step on the trigger tile to open the E gate. Jump through the opening to face your next challenge.  The deadly tiles are clearly marked, so jump around the room counterclockwise until you reach the BAG OF SAND. When you pick it up an earthquake begins and two ninjas start shooting at you from the far ledge.


Return to the pool room the same way you came. A gate drops shut behind you and the earthquake ceases. Jump into the water, swim E to the first pool room, pull out and run through the NE passage back to the first level.


Level 1: STRANGE TEMPLE (revisited)


Go through the NE passage once more to the large outdoor area. Turn right and follow the W passage to a deep pit. Jump the ledges W to reach the other side and pick up a TORCH. Jump back across and drop your torch before re-entering the passage. Draw a weapon and shoot the ninja waiting for you around the corner. Retrieve the torch and continue to the outdoor area. Run all the way to the SE passage and back into the hub room. Just inside, turn right or left and light your torch. Go back NW to the opened gateway leading to the elements room.


Drop the torch, empty the waterskin into the scales on the left, the jerrycan into the middle scales and the bag of sand into the scales on the right. Light the oil in the middle scales, and the W gate opens after a disconcerting delay.  Enter a passage and approach a steep slope. Since there's no way to know whether the torch is still needed (it isn't), I chose to take it with me.


Slide down backwards, toss the torch while sliding and it will follow you down, grab the edge and safety drop to the floor. You're in a sloped trench with four openings leading to similar sloped trenches, so keep track of your bearings while you're down here (leaving your torch here helps). Hop up through the N opening and slide down to the next trench. Continue N in similar fashion until you reach a button to push (1 of 5). Go back S through two openings, turn left and hop up W to find another button (2 of 5). Hop down W, turn right and hop up S to find a third button (3 of 5). Slide down S, turn right and jump through two openings E, hop down after the second one, turn left and hop up S and slide down to find the next button on your right (4 of 4). Turn left, hop up S, slide down and turn left to hop up W and continue all the way W until you reach the final button (5 of 5). A trap door opens somewhere.


Hop down to the floor, jump up N through four consecutive openings, slide down past the fourth opening, turn left and hop up E to find the opened trap door in the next trench. Safety drop to what seems at first to be a lower level of similar trenches. Hop up S and follow to a room with the HAND OF ORION. Continue S up the ramp and follow to a water hole. Jump in and swim to a closed gate. Pull the underwater lever to open the gate and surface in a familiar area. Pull out and go to the SW gate that you opened earlier with the Hand of Sirius. Enter and continue along the passage to a level change.


Level 2: INSIDE THE TEMPLE (revisited)


Follow to the pool room, jump into the water and swim W to the next pool room. As you pull out you notice that things now look different than they did earlier. Enter the wide NW passage and follow to an outdoor pool room. Go around and pick up the SHOTGUN, attracting the immediate attention of a ninja and an assassin. Jump into the pool and pull the SE underwater lever to lift a gate somewhere.


Swim W through the opening into the next room and pull out anywhere. The opened gate is W, so enter the next room, hop onto the NW block and make your way counterclockwise around the room, jumping from ledge to ledge and pausing along the way for flares. When you reach the top, pull up W onto the ledge and look around the perimeter for 2 x flares, a small medipack and shotgun ammo. Enter the S opening and make your way clockwise along the ledges. Vault up S and find a receptacle for the Hand of Orion.


The gate opens, so enter and go down one step for the UZIS and uzi ammo (lest it later be stolen by the assassin). Continue to the lower floor and engage a ninja and an assassin before picking up the LARGE WATERSKIN, a large medipack and 2 x shotgun ammo. Return to the previous room (there's nothing in the water), continue through to the room with ledges and blocks and make your way to the ground. Two assassins are waiting for you. Go E through the opened gate, jump into the water and swim E to the adjacent pool room.


Pull out and follow the NE passage back to the horseshoe-shaped pool. Go through the N opening to a dark room where you can fill the Large Waterskin in the shallow pool. You still have the Small Waterskin in your inventory, and you can hear the sounds of the caged ahmet nearby waiting anxiously for you to make a mistake. If there's a clue telling you how many liters should be poured into the pot to balance the scales ahead, I didn't see it, but the answer is two.


Fill the large waterskin and combine it with the small waterskin, leaving two liters in the large waterskin. Go forward to the scales and, facing N, pour the contents of the large waterskin into the pot. The gate ahead opens, so go on through and slide down the slope to be carried to the final level.




Run forward to a ledge surrounding a lava pool. Note the closed NW door, then push the button in the N wall to lift the large S gate and bring a ninja running. Pick up the uzi ammo he dropped and proceed S and around the corner to an indoor pool room with many platforms. Shoot the scorpion and locate the button on the NW column that lowers a trap door blocking the S ladder.


Climb the ladder, shift left and drop down onto the first ledge and make your way around counterclockwise to a button in the E wall. A door in the previous lava room opens, so safety drop to the floor, exit W and return to the lava room. The opened door is NW, so go there and follow to a rocky outdoor area.


Go NW from the entrance, note the lowered trap door and climb up onto the ledge. Go W a bit, turn right and jump S to the central ledge. Go to the far end and jump S over the gap. Crawl underneath the obstruction, run forward and pull up onto the block next to the giant hammer, turn around and jump N to grab the uppermost ledge. Pull up and take a running jump SE onto the ledge jutting out from the rock formation. Pick up the small medipack, walk around to the SW corner, look down to see a button and stand jump down to the nearby slope (losing a bit of health) to help break your fall.


Push the button to open a door, then slide down to the floor and make your way back up to the uppermost ledge in the same manner as described in the previous paragraph. Jump SE onto the rock formation, but this time take a running jump due E onto a lower rock formation. Stand to the right of the horizontal contraption and take a running jump E to grab the rocky ledge near the far wall. Pull up and jump N over to the green pyramid and continue with a running jump and grab to the next ledge N. The door you opened with the button is in the NE corner, so get there with a tricky running jump (the collision of the horizontal contraption gets in your way, so save your game first).


Enter the passage and push the button at the entrance to raise a nearby platform for later. Follow around the corner and up the ramp, and watch out for the squishy block just past the closed gate. Jump past it NE, go around for a large medipack and pull down the wall switch. Jump SW past the squishy block back into the opening, then jump SE to get past a second squishy block. Go around the corner and step on a tile that triggers a third squishy block. Get past it NE and trigger a fourth squishy block. Just around the corner is a fifth squishy block. Jump past it into the W alcove and pull down the wall switch to open a gate behind you.


Turn around, jump back E and time a jump NE to find the opened gateway. No more squishy blocks. Turn left at the wall (going right takes you back to the squishy block area) and turn left again into a small room. Continue looping around and pull down the wall switch to open a door. Return to the passage, turn left and follow to a room with five wall switches, four of which are protected by burning floor tiles.


It's pretty straightforward. Start by pulling the S wall switch to turn off all four burners for a short while.  Reverse roll and go to the next nearest switch (either E or W), pull it down, reverse roll and run to the opposite switch and pull that one as well. Don't try to pull the remaining switch in one go. Return to the S wall switch and pull it down again.  Reverse roll and this time run to an opposite corner. Pull the switch there, reverse roll and run across the room to pull the final switch. A gate lifts.


Exit this room, run W down the corridor to the very end, turn the corner and pull down the wall switch that opens the gate to the squishy block area. Turn left and follow to the outdoor area. Hop left onto the raised platform and safety drop to the ground. Enter the nearby E opening that leads back to the lava room. Go around left through the opened S gates and follow to the tall room with all the ledges and platforms.


Climb the S ladder, shift left and drop down, and make your way across the ledges to the N wall. Climb the ladder on the column to your left (less clearly marked than the first one) and back flip to a higher ledge. Jump the higher ledges to the S wall and push the button there to open a gate in the E wall. Jump there, using the action key to glide into the opening, and follow the passage around to an elements room.


Go to the SE corner for an extra set of UZIS, then enter the S opening and follow around to a pushpiece room. You have four pushpieces but only one marked tile. Above each pushpiece is a ceiling tile. All but the SW one have a death skull design, so move that one onto the marked tile to open the E gate. Enter, light a flare and take the BAG OF SAND from the raised tile. Engage an assassin, pick up the uzi ammo he drops and return through the pushpiece room to the elements room.


Go across to the scales and empty the Bag of Sand into the middle receptacle (yes, the one opposite the death skull tile on the wall). The NE gate opens, so follow to a room with the SUN TALISMAN. Go back and shoot a ninja on the way to the elements room. Go to the shallow pool in the W alcove and grab the flares. Get out, exit W and return to the deep room with the ledges. Jump across W and return to the small ledge in the N wall. Jump to grab the ladder, climb up a bit and back flip onto the highest ledge.


Go to the E wall for uzi ammo, reverse roll and go across to the W side. Jump S to the ledge with the opened gate and crawl through to a hallway with flame emitters around the corners on either side. Turn left (N), time your way past the flames and continue straight into a room with a push device. Facing S, push the device once (a quarter turn), exit this room and turn right into the E passage. Follow to a long crawl space that brings you to a room with a single W opening. Inside is another push device.  Facing E, push it once (a quarter turn) and crawl back to the previous room.


Exit S and make your way past both flame blowers to a side room leading to yet another push device. Facing W, push this one twice (a half turn). You've noticed by now that all handles point to the room entrances. Return past one flame blower, turn left and crawl back to the deep room with ledges. Use the ledges to make your way down to the floor, where you'll meet up with a ninja and an assassin (who drops a small medipack).


Exit W to the lava room and enter the NW doorway. In the outdoor area climb the NW block and note that the platform you saw earlier is now raised. Jump E to it, jump SE to the slope, slide and grab, shimmy left and pull up near the corner. Jump S twice to the green pyramid and find the door you opened in the E wall. Jump into the passage, turn left into the small room and pull the chain to initiate an extended cutscene/flyby involving the push devices and culminating in the destruction of the green pyramid.


Go back outside, jump to where the green pyramid formerly was and pick up the GOLD DISC. Safety drop to the ground, shoot an assassin and a ninja and exit E to the lava room. Go past the S gates and follow to the shallow pool room. Combine the Gold Disc and the Sun Talisman and insert the SUN GODDESS in the E receptacle to open the door ahead as Lara's theme music plays. Run down the E passage to end the level.