Level by Ruu11


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the assistance of DoggettTV's video walk



Lara awakens from a deep sleep (or is perhaps having a dream). She has no weapons. Run forward (or perhaps a better word is lope or prance forward, as Lara doesn't really run in this level) and trigger a flyby at the foot of the stairs. Go up the stairs and turn right into the archway. Open the wooden doors and scare away a ghost in the next room. There's a pushblock in the NE corner, but first enter the crawl space in the SW corner for a large medipack.


Get back out, pull the block two times W and get up on it. Jump S to grab the hole in the ceiling and pull up onto a ledge. Jump E to grab the climbable wall and climb up near the top. Take a rolling back flip so you can slide and grab if necessary and avoid falling to your death in case you land on the slope too close to the wall. Pick up the flares, face the W wall and jump over the slope to grab the ladder. Climb to the top and pull up to a fixed camera.


Loop around right or left to break the fixed camera and go behind the barrels for what's intended to be the UNKNOWN NOTE. It was apparently written in haste and the writer was interrupted by someone's (or something's) approach. Go back W and save your game before attempting a running jump over the sunken spike trap (you have to be perfectly positioned, and it helps to try a running swan dive). Save again when you get safely across. Pull the chain to open a gate and take the shotgun ammo from the plinth. The spikes are still active on the side that wasn't triggered on your way over, so remember that as you return to the hole in the floor.


Climb down both ladders and return to the lower room with the pushblock. Pick up the flares near the NW wall torch if you didn't see them earlier and exit through the opened W gate. In the next room you'll find 2 x Scorpion-X ammo on the plinths flanking the W archway. Don't enter yet. Pull each block in the N and S walls one time to open a trap door blocking the central pole. Climb the pole and back flip into an upper room. Grab the shotgun ammo in the SW corner and pull down the wall switch in the N alcove to lower the spikes you saw in the opening flyby.


Climb back down the pole and push the N block three times to reveal an opening on your left with another pushblock inside. Push this one two times to reveal an opening on your right. You can see a third pushblock, but it's inaccessible from this side. Follow the passage around and push the block into the W alcove. Turn right into SECRET #1 and take the SECRET GEMS from the plinth. Note that they're numbered and when all are found the gems allow access to the Extras folder in the download.


Exit to the room with the central pole and leave E to the brightly lighted area where you began the level. Stand at the edge of the bottom step and jump up to grab the now-safe spike ledge. Pull up and jump over to the SE ledge. Search the chest for the GOLDEN KEY, then get over to the NE ledge and search that chest for Scorpion-X ammo. Jump back to the steps, go up and turn left into the small SW room. Use the Golden Key to open the gate and watch the brief FMV after what appears to be (but isn't) a level change.


Take the desert eagle ammo from the SW plinth and climb onto the NE ledge for shotgun ammo. Enter the E hallway and open the door on your left to gain access to the bedroom while a ghost passes behind you. Approach the nightstand to the left of the bed and Lara looks at it and says "aha." The DIARY appears in your inventory, so refer to it whenever Lara says "aha" in the future. Read about Eva Kriegler, then go around the bed to the dresser on the other side. Jump over the bench seat and crawl underneath the mirror. Search the chest for SECRET #3 and more SECRET GEMS. Get back, and on your way out of the bedroom search the SW chest for the PISTOLS.


Back in the hallway, turn right and go across into the W section. Turn left and shoot the wooden barrier that blocks the door. Open the door and go inside to meet several baby spiders. Search the SE chest for the SHOTGUN and approach the nearby portrait for another "aha." Bone up on Ernst Kriegler, grab the shotgun ammo near the S wall and stay away from the SW opening lest you find yourself trapped with no escape. Exit this room, turn left in the hallway and right into the NW stairway.


Go up the stairs and shoot the wooden barriers blocking the dark room ahead. A brief flyby doesn't reveal much that you can see. Go on in and shoot the jars to the left of the entrance for Scorpion-X ammo. Go NW from there and find the SCORPION-X near the flaming pot. A little further ahead is more Scorpion-X ammo.  Head W toward the second flaming pot and awaken fully a half dozen skeletons. You can kill them with your available weapons, and in fact need to do so, but it takes time and nimble footwork. One of them drops the RUSTY SWORD. Find flares on the ledge to the S of the first flaming pot.


If the annoying action music starts playing again, even after the skeleton threat has been eliminated, delete or rename the 015 file in your audio folder. Climb onto the ledge to the N of the second flaming pot, turn to face S and jump to grab the ivy ladder. Shift left around the corner, climb up a bit, and shift left around the corner again to drop down onto an upper ledge. Pick up the nearby flares and go around to the NE corner. Find the tightrope spanning the room and brave the unfair remote camera to make your way across to the N side.  Tip: You can save along the way without stumbling and falling immediately upon reloading.


Once there, light a flare and find the pushblock ahead and a bit to your right. Move it clockwise around the depression into the NE corner. The second pushblock behind you against the N wall is already where it should be, so leave it alone. Go past it to the third pushblock and pull it once onto the arrow symbol on the floor. Finally, locate the fourth pushblock in the SW corner and move it onto the floor arrow in the NW corner. A cut scene shows the entrance to the library and you hear an ominous announcement.


Safety drop to the floor below, rolling as you land to minimize the health loss. Exit E and go down the stairs, turn left at the bottom and return to the main hall. Turn right and go up the S stairs, and as you near the top you'll be warped back to an earlier pushblock room where the ghost re-appears momentarily.  Shoot the small jars to the left of the S wooden doors for SECRET #2 and SECRET GEMS (note that all digits from 0 to 9 are now covered except for 7, although this seems to have no significance).


Exit S, go down the stairs and enter the dark NE hallway. Follow up the winding staircase, but as you start to make the third turn to your left, watch out for the hole ahead. Turn around, drop back and grab the edge, and pull up quickly before the boulder reaches you. Jump over the hole and continue up the stairs (damn, another fixed camera). At the top you reach a crowbar gate, easily opened with the Rusty Sword. Continue around to a plinth with the LASER SIGHT.


Go back down the stairs (remember that hole) and when you get back to the main hall go W up the stairs and left into the opening, where you'll be warped to an earlier hub area. Turn right into the E hallway, turn left at the end and go up the stairs to the library door. Kick it open and go inside to awaken a skeleton. Pick up the MUSIC ROOM KEY it drops. Grab the large medipack on the SW block and the Scorpion-X ammo near the NW corner.


For now, exit the library W and in the hallway below use the Music Room Key to open the S door. Enter to trigger the playing of a scratchy record on an old gramophone. Find a pushblock near the entrance and move it past the entrance into the NE corner. Climb up on it, press the action key and find that the DESERT EAGLE has magically appeared in your inventory. Exit this room, turn left and go through the main hall into the W hallway. Turn left into the S room you visited earlier and go across into the SW opening I advised you to avoid earlier.


Walk up the steps and jump from the top step to grab the W opening. Pull up to find three alcoves. In the left alcove is desert eagle ammo. In the right alcove are more steps. Pull up onto the steps, run forward into the upper alcove (fixed camera), turn around and combine the laser sight and the desert eagle. Look up, zoom in with the crouch key and shoot the small target to lower a rope. Jump to grab the rope, swing forward and jump off S to land in an alcove in front of a ladder.


Climb the ladder and pull up at the top. Turn around and jump N to activate the jump switch that opens a door somewhere.  Get back down to the room below, making sure that you jump over those steps down at the bottom so you won't get stuck behind them. Exit to the hallway and turn right through the main hall into the E hallway. Turn left at the end and go up the stairs to the library. This time continue forward and go up the E stairs at the far end. Jump over a hole as a boulder drops down and find Scorpion-X ammo behind the stack of books in the NW corner. Squeeze through the partially opened doors to engage a pair of overweight knights.


When they're dead, approach the table with the red exclamation point for another diary entry. Read about Johan Kriegler and go to the E end of the room to find an elevator. Push the button to ride up and see two red exclamation points that provide verbal rather than written information. Go through the S wire door you opened earlier with the jump switch and find four wall switches. Three are covered with panels bearing the numbers 4, 1 and 3, but this seems to be insignificant. Anyway, shoot the panels and pull down all four wall switches to end the level.