MAZE (Labirynt)


Level by Fresztof


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk



No compass. Turn right and make your way clockwise along the ledge, passing two flame blowers. There are no pickups in the water or on the ledge, so you needn't bother looking. Stop at the corner and turn around to shoot a giant bug. Continue along the ledge and climb the blocks, attracting the attention of another giant bug. Jump across to the central structure and run into the stargate to be transported to The Maze.


You're standing in a colorful circular room surrounded by four openings and four plants sputtering with electric charges. Begin by turning around to enter the pink-orange crawl space. Turn left at the junction and continue past an opening to your left. When you come to another opening to your left, look to your right for a panel with a slightly different texture. Crawl past it and this time take the opening to your left. Lower Lara down the hole in the floor and drop to SECRET #1.


Pick up the REVOLVER, 2 x flares, the SHOTGUN and 2 x shotgun ammo. Pull out on the right side of the alcove, crawl forward and turn left at the junction. Continue around in a counterclockwise direction and ignore the opening to your left. Take the next opening to your right (just before the green area) and continue to the end. Lower Lara down the opening and drop to a dark sewer room (the water is deadly, by the way). Squeeze by the sleeping jackal and turn around when you reach the next corner to find that it has awakened and is sneaking toward you.


Continue along the ledge, and just before you reach the intersection turn around and deal with a giant spider. A spike ball may drop down to block the intersection, but if not, run across the corner to your right to trigger it. Continue along the ledge to awaken a skeleton, use your shotgun to blast it into the water and push the floor lever. Hop around the spike ball to follow the ledge on the other side, awaken another skeleton, dispose of it and push open the doors at the end.


Follow around the corner to a room tinted with various colors. Pull up into a crawl space for 2 x large medipack, get down and pull up onto the green-tinted ledge to the right of the entrance as you face it (hit the look button periodically to kill the annoying fixed camera). Push the wall button, get down and run across the room to the purple-tinted corner. Turn left and pull up onto the irregular-shaped ledge, walk forward and note the climbing texture to your left. Jump to grab it, climb up to the upper platform, walk forward and jump to the higher ledge against the wall.


Walk to your right, find the ladder and climb still higher. Pull up at the top and return forward for SECRET #2. Jump into the pool, find the underwater passage and follow it to a connecting pool with icy water. Quickly pick up the UZIS and 3 x uzi ammo (you can pull out of the pool in between pickups to thaw out). Don't return to the first pool (the exit there is now blocked), but exit via the wall opening here. The gate opens upon your approach, so drop down onto the ledge below and hop down to the purple-tinted walkway.


Go to the edge of the walkway facing the opening in the green wall and jump to grab the edge. Pull up and jump over the blade trap into a dark room with a number of pushglobes.  Turn left at the entrance and go to the blue pushglobe. Push it to the wall at the entrance. Leave the globe and follow the outer trench clockwise to alert a giant bug. Dispense with it and return to the pushglobe. Move it laboriously along the same trench around two corners until it finally comes to rest on the blue tile in the far corner (after passing the yellow, green and red tiles).


You now know what to do, and in what order. Go find the gray pushglobe (the farthest one away, of course) and move it onto its corresponding tile. Move the green one next, out of order, and pull it into the parallel trench to get it out of the way, then move the red pushglobe onto its tile, followed by the green one. Finally, move the yellow pushglobe onto its tile. There's no fanfare of any kind, so exit this room, hop over the blade trap and jump down to the purple walkway.


Make your way down to the floor, pausing for 2 x flares on a dark corner ledge (near the bottom) along the way, and deal with four giant spiders when you get all the way down. There are two purple corners here, one of which is easy to get to and the other not so easy. Go to the latter, climb onto the nearby flat ledge and jump over the irregular connecting purple ledges into the corner. There should be an opened gate there, presumably courtesy of your successful completion of the pushglobe puzzle.


Run to the end of the passage and slide down the pole. Run forward to the intersection and find a closed gate ahead and a closed gate to your left.  [Refer to this map provided by DoggettTV to help keep your bearings.]




You feel a mild earthquake. Turn right and go past a dark side passage to your right (spike trap in there) and turn left at the wall. Go past the teeth door passage to your left and continue straight (with a slight dogleg to the right) at the intersection. Continue straight with a slight dogleg to the left until you reach 2 x shotgun ammo at the end of the passage. You may have awakened a mummy by this time, so just run around it whenever it should stumble across your path.


Go back the other way, Take the first left and continue to a set of teeth doors. Go past them and continue to a wall button. Push it and go back through the teeth doors and continue to a crossing. Turn left, go right at the next crossing, go past the teeth door passage to your right, turn right at the wall and go straight past the opened gate. There's a spikeball to your left. Push it two times into the hole and search the alcoves on either side for a large medipack and 3 x shotgun ammo.


Get past the spikeball, dogleg left two times (past a side passage to your right), turn left at the crossing and continue to the wall.  Turn left, continue past the teeth doors and take the next right. Avoid the gray tiles in the next room, as they're unmarked spike traps. Push the wall button and exit this room while shooting two giant bugs. Take a right in the corridor, get past the teeth doors and take the first left. Turn left at the crossing and continue past the opened gate.


Turn left at the crossing and continue to a swinging blade. Jump over it and take a right at the next crossing for 2 x shotgun ammo and the CROWBAR. Exit, keep right and you'll come to 2 x large medipack. Take a couple of steps forward and pull the chain four times. Go back, keep to your right past the swinging blade and the opened gate, and continue straight at the crossing with a slight dogleg left. Turn left through the opened gate when you reach it, turn left past another opened gate and continue to a crowbar door. Open it and enter a pool room with a strolling mummy and an open gate in the far wall (which would simply take you back to previously explored territory).


Jump into the water and find the hole in the floor. Swim down and follow to an intersection. Turn left, take the first right, straight with a dogleg right, take the left fork at the first crossing, then an immediate right followed by an immediate left and straight to a mirror room. Find the ceiling hole in the mirror, go there and surface and hit the look key to see where to pull out. Follow the path between the two mirrors to a dark room where a female knight and a wraith attack simultaneously.


Deal with the fair maiden as you would with a knight, by shooting her in the ti.., er, chest. The wraith can be driven away by firing at it. Shoot the glass cover on the central plinth and take the IRIS. Go to the open gateway on the far side of the room and slide down into the darkness to end the level (in my case, with a game crash).