Level by Scourge05


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk



Begin this TR4 level in a TR3 environment. Run forward onto the brick ledge, turn around and shoot two ninjas who have magically appeared. Jump across the pit filled with deadly goo and enter a dirt-filled courtyard and a fixed camera (easily fixed with the look key). Go through the N opening (paper-thin wall on your right) and shoot a dog. Continue N into a long room with several ledges and deadly goo down below.


Jump to the ledge against the E wall and pull down the wall switch. You can see a light flashing nearby, but that's all. Jump back to the central ledge and continue through the N opening. A cut scene shows a gate opening somewhere. In the next area with stone walls a ninja attacks from your right. Note the nearby closed door and head E from the entrance, dogleg a bit left and turn right at the far E wall and find the opened gate. Go on through and find yourself at an outdoor pool with real water instead of deadly goo.


As you explore this area you find that parts of the pool are isolated from each other. A W wall switch is presently out of reach. However, there are two pushblocks on the ledges. The one against the N wall is nearer, so move that one underneath the wall switch. Get up on the pushblock and pull down the wall switch to open the door you saw in the previous room. Return there, go through and encounter a ninja. Continue N to an area with deadly goo, and there you will find another ninja as well as an assassin.


Next to the opening that leads to the area with the deadly goo is a small side room with the LIQUID on a wooden slab, so get that first. Then jump the ledges in the deadly goo room, pausing for a large medipack. Around the corner is a SW opening that leads to a room with an upper and lower ledge. There's a closed gate at the top of the higher ledge. Pull down the wall switch on the side of the block to open an underwater gate somewhere.  Return to the pool room, following the same route as before, and jump into the water to the left of the central ledge. Loop around left to the SE corner to find the opened gate.


Follow the passage to a new room and pull out onto the ledge. Note the S ladder, go to the N wall and pull down the wall switch to open a gate in front of another wall switch.  Getting there requires more backtracking, so swim back to the main pool room, pull out and exit S, go to the door you opened by pushing the block underneath the switch. In the N deadly goo area, hop the ledges to get back to the room with the lower and upper ledges. The door at the E end of the upper ledge is now open, so climb up, go inside and pull down the wall switch to open a door in a previous area. Yep, more backtracking.


Return to the pool room and the opened SE underwater gate. Pull out onto the ledge, climb the S ladder and go past the opened door. Pick up the UZIS and continue forward into a dark area guarded by a dog and two ninjas. Grab the flares to the left of the entrance as you enter, and find the pushblock in the far S wall. Pull it back four times, enter the S passage and pull back the next block three times. Hop over it, enter the S passage, loop around left and find yet another pushblock. As you might guess, this is going to turn into a pushblock exercise, but not an extended one.


Push block #3 once to reveal another pair of UZIS. Go back around to face block #4 and push it E two times to reveal a new area. Move block #4 into the NE corner, and during the process you will see block #5. Pull block #5 into the room and push it aside. Enter the revealed cross passage and insert the Liquid in the snake head receptacle to your left. A gate lifts to provide access to an outdoor area with many intersecting ledges at several levels.  Your task in this area is to either find or expose, and then step on five trigger tiles to open the exit gate.


Go to the far SE corner to find a pushblock. Pull it away and step on trigger tile #1 it was covering. Drop down to the ledge below and step on trigger tile #2 in the SE corner. The pushblock against the S wall is a red herring, so go to the half block near the NW corner and move it to reveal trigger tile #3. Find a place where you can drop down one more level to find trigger tile #4 just below trigger tile #3. Go to the S wall on this level and pull back the pushblock to reveal trigger tile #5. The exit door opens at floor level in the SE corner. Go there and vault up onto a green-tiled floor.


Go across into the next room E and the gate to your left opens as you enter. Pick up the ASTRONOEX and go into the S side room. Ignore the ninjas waiting beyond the closed E gate, pull down the W wall switch and return to the central room to find that the N gate is now open. Pull down the N wall switch to open the gate in the S side room and release two ninjas. Enter the new room and pull down the E wall switch to open the gate in the N side room.


Go there, enter a red-tinted room and turn around to shoot a ninja who has materialized behind you. In the new room pick up the CROSSBOW, 2 x flares and a large medipack. Climb the ladder and drop down into the floor hole and use your flares to navigate the pitch-dark passages. You will encounter three ninjas as you make your way to the opening near the NE corner, and there are treacherous (but marked) spike traps scattered along the way. Enter the next area and vault over one of the openings to a ledge surrounding a deep pit. Two ninjas will almost immediately come to the attack (best to wait for them to come to you).


Go around to the E side of the pit and find an opening in the NE corner. Jump the blocks in the deadly goo to the far E ledge and push the wall button to lift an underwater gate somewhere. Jump back across, go around the pit and climb the blocks to the next higher level. Go around to the SE corner and enter the opening there. Jump into the water and find the opened gate in the E wall. Swim through and pull the underwater lever at the end of the passage. A gate lifts somewhere.


Swim back, pull out, exit to the ledges and find more blocks to climb near the SW corner. On the next higher level, go around to the NE corner and find the opened gate. In the quicksand room, watch out for the debris suspended from the ceiling and avoid it as you wade across to the N ledge. A gate opens as you pull out. Wade back across, climb the nearby blocks to the next and find the opened gate in the N wall. Use the translucent platforms and safe blocks to get across the deadly goo to the N ledge.


Pull down the wall switch to lift an outdoor gate and get back across the pit of deadly goo (note that it's not necessary to use all the translucent platforms). Climb the blocks to reach the uppermost level. Take a running jump and grab the jutting W ledge. Pull up, run forward into the opened gateway and hop down into the passage. Follow around to the corner and pick up the second ASTRONOEX. Continue W and shoot a ninja. As you near the end of the passage two more ninjas pop out.


The gate at the end lifts as you approach. Jump to the ledge and loop around left to exit NW. Place the two Astronoex in the snake head receptacles to open the final gate. Go on through to end the level.