A Highland Winter.

TR3 Level by Stormchaser

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Castle Key.

Lara starts in a courtyard; turn right and go into the opening, careful! Run jump in to the right; landing on the crate and go behind it to get a Medipack, a small medipack and Flares. Climb back on the crates and jump to the other wall to get into the opening up in the wall. Walk slowly through the barbed wire and safety drop into the next yard, there’s a door here (needs crowbar). Go left and into the far left corner, at the gate go right and in the back grab up left into the opening with the grates. Hop to the wall and spot the gate** left. Go to the other end of this wall, hop to the cross wall and head left to a Timed lever. Throw the lever to open the gate** we saw, run over the walls and into the open gate. In the corner right is the Castle Key.

A Crowbar.

Run back over the wall, hop to the other one and then jump almost straight into the opening ahead and to the right, you’ll see a Hoodlum patrolling the courtyard below. Go through the barbed wire and hop down left onto a slope. Go shoot those Hoodlums and grab the Crowbar one of them dropped. From where you entered the yard, go right and loop around the right hand corner for Shotgun ammo, along that right hand wall and in the back is Uzi ammo and in the back left corner is more Shotgun ammo.

Using the Crowbar, Using the Castle Key.

Grab back up into the “window” opening you came from, walk through and jump out left to the wall. Go right to the end at the lever and jump left over to the pillar with the Uzi ammo. Jump ahead into the opening for Shotgun ammo. Jump back and safety drop into the yard.

Go open that door (select the Crowbar, Lara doesn’t) and open the door. Go up a ladder on the left to a window and grab the Flares. Down again and into the dark passage in the back, around a corner and then right into a small storage for 2x Shotgun ammo. Out and right, following the passage to the Keyhole for the Castle Key.

Another Castle Key, Sewers.

Once in the Castle yard, shoot a dog and a Hoodlum, climb up a wall on the right of where you entered and in the far left corner are Flares. When you drop down there, you can spot a Keyhole in the same dark corner. Go to the nearest Tower and from the snow mound you can grab up to the roof, shimmy right to the corner near the other Tower so you can run jump there and get the Castle Key. Drop down (watch the wire) and go to the far left corner, into a dark alley. Back flip onto the roof left and jump to get into a niche with Uzi ammo. Get out of the alley and loop left around to the other corner where you can use that Castle Key to open a door in the sewers. Left of the keyhole, between the pillars is where you can get down into the sewer, swim through the rather deadly (freezing cold) water and quickly get out straight ahead. Shoot the Hoodlum and grab his Shotgun.

Castle Key.

Step out to a kind of harbor and walk left, jump into the water and get out on the far jetty. Jump to, and go up that ladder left and follow the passage to a lever opening a gate. Jump out into the water, swim right and climb back up right where you came down from, run jump from the end into an opening right and follow that passage shooting a Hoodlum and come to another courtyard. Go loop right into the opening and to the back behind that Tower for Shotgun ammo. Climb the crates in that yard to get Uzi ammo and then go back to the first yard, right around the corners to a Medipack. With the fence at your back, go to the opposite wall and find a carved block. Pull it out twice, shoot the Hoodlum and go behind the block to get the Castle Key.

Climb on the block and jump up to shoot the grate in the Tower, jump there and get Secret #1, the MP5. Drop down.

Leave the yard where you entered (opposite corner), hop into the cold water and climb out on the jetty across the canal. Go up the ladder to use the Castle Key. Go through the opened gate.

The Great Outdoors.

Take a right and shoot the Hoodlum, in the far corner is a crowbar door, but we can only use the crowbar once it seems…. It’s gone from the inventory. Now we have to get across the canyon, but the bridge is broken…

Across the Canyon.

Look down in that canyon and drop down onto the pillar under the ledge near the burning barrel. Turn around and run jump to the high one a bit right, run jump and grab to the next one straight ahead and turn left. Run jump down onto the one under the bridge. Keep jumping straight to the opposite wall and then go right, up the blocks right and turn right to jump the pillars to the one at the bridge and get up onto the ledge there. The gate is closed. Go left and throw the lever in the corner to open that gate, go in and shoot the two Hoodlums. One drops, you guessed it, a Castle Key.

For a Crowbar.

First go into the passage right, into a storage area. Straight in the back, in a passage behind the crates is Shotgun ammo, go back into the storage and use the Key in the lock in the opposite corner. Go in, loop left around the corner and from the higher floor, grab up to a crack. Shimmy right and pull up, roll and run jump to the pillar. Turn right and run jump/grab to the next, to the one in the corner and then walk straight against the wall, grab up to the crack and shimmy right to drop onto the next pillar. Get into the opening and go down the blocks to a Library. Shoot the Hoodlums, on drops a small medipack, the other Uzi ammo and on a bookcase is Shotgun ammo. On the front of the bookcase is a book switch, use that to open a gate*.

Go back up in the corner right of the fireplace and up; around the corner onto the pillar. Run jump to the lower corner pillar (or use the crack) and safety drop to the floor. Leave the room and in the storage go right to the entrance with the dead Hoodlums. Go straight and down the stairs in other passage. In the back left is the gate* you opened with the books witch. Get on a crate left and climb up to a lever opening the gate in the back of this room. Shoot the rats coming from that room and walk in slow, step left after the spikes popped out and shoot more rats if you have to. In the back is a hole in the ground, dive in and retrieve the Crowbar. Get out quick and leave this place, up the stairs and out to the canyon.

I ran onto the end of the bridge, a run jump left towards that high pillar and jump the pillars back to the other side, then right to the highest one and climb back up to the ledge. Go left and to that crowbar door in the far corner, open it. Run out to a gorge, keep left to avoid a snowball and go to that big tree, quickly get up on the rock wall left of it to shoot some dogs. Hop over the barbed wire into the place behind that wall and walk up to the Medipack to get it. Grab back up over the wall and go straight, left of that big tree into the dark. There’s a snowball around the corner, stand jump straight over the balls path and go left into the passage. You’ll come to a small pond with some big Runes. Go right and just get to the other side, go right and into a small place, go up over the blocks and watch out for another snowball up left. In the back is a hole in the ground, drop in and slide down into a cave. To the left, in the corner are some Flares. Be careful, there are Hoodlums here. The MP5 should take care of them just fine. But don’t forget to release and press Ctrl again to lock onto a new target or you’ll be wasting ammo on a dead guy….

Go through the barbed wire towards the Fire barrel; be careful with it. There are also some rats around… One of the Blokes you killed dropped the Uzis.

At the barrel, turn right into the passage with the low rock and in the back is a crawlspace up to the right. Get through and through another one, shoot the rat, for Secret #2, a small medipack, Flares and 2x MP5 ammo. Get back to the Fire barrel.

From the barrel, look in the direction between the two slanted rocks and go straight through the space between them. Up on the block in the back to find a ladder up above, go up to a small and dark room in the corner of a courtyard.

A Castle Key.

Turn around and hop over the ladder hole, go out and straight to the holes in the ground, hop in, swim up to the higher floor to find the Castle Key, quickly swim forward and get out on the other side. Go left around the structure to get some Shotgun ammo, proceed and in the next corner are two steaming holes in the ground. Only the one in the corner of the yard is safe, stand next to it, facing the second hole and the room you came from before and hop back into the hole, grabbing a ladder. Go down and turn around, hop up to where the Castle Key can be used.

Follow through to another yard. Hoodlums Alert! Take a right, spot the lever on the wall then turn left and shoot the two Hoodlums near the fire. Right of the fire is an opening under the wall; go in for some Shotgun ammo. Back to the fire and left to the lever.

Some Pickup Gathering and a Timed Run.

Remember where it is, but don’t use it yet… Go into the dark opening left and follow the right hand wall around the yard, you’ll find a small medipack, 2x Uzi ammo and come to a long slope along the side of the yard, go up and follow right around two corners, at the end of that bridge is the fire down to the right. Turn right and face that house, run jump onto the left side of the roof, grabbing the edge as you slide off. Shimmy left to the left side of the grated window below and pull up to back flip to a ledge with a Medipack. Safety drop down, turn left and you are back at the lever. It is Timed and opens a door way up on the bridges (at the very end) and also releases a Hoodlum with a gun. So you might want to go up and shoot him first, or just run past him into the Timed gate. There are two routes you can take…

The Slope Route (longer): From the lever it is a roll, run straight to the far wall and right up the long slope to the bridges, follow them around and get through the gate.

The Roof Route (shorter): From the lever it is a roll, run straight to the house there, jump up on the right where there is some raised snow (at the first grated window) and grab the roof, pull up. Backflip onto the block next to that ledge where you got the Medipack before and turn right to take a running jump to the stone bridge. Then run straight and go left around the corner and straight again into the open door).

Open the Gates.

In the new area with big closed Gates, are two Hoodlums to take care of. On top of the crates in the corner, right of where you came in is Shotgun ammo. Go to the back of that alley and in a room right is a Spike wall, use the lever just in front of it and get out quick, then go back in and get your health up to use a second lever and get out from under the Spike ceiling before it kills you. Back out and left to those big Gates which are now open, inside go left at the barbed wire and loop right around the tower to the back where you can grab up to the roof from the higher ground.

From the corner a curved run jump to that slanted ledge at the pillar on the central structure and from there to the wall at the open gates. Run jump over the slanted part (keep left) and from a block there to the next slanted ledge. Shoot some incoming Crows and grab up to the grate above to shimmy right to the other corner. Run jump to the grate at the wall and go left over the pillars to the last one where you can push the cage in twice, then push it 3x right into the next room to get past it. To the right is a small medipack, pass through to another Courtyard, some blokes shooting you from a ledge up behind you. Hop onto a crate to shoot them and jump up to the ledge to get Shotgun ammo from the one and Shotgun ammo and Uzi ammo from the other.

Open a Gate, Castle Key.

Get back down and from where you entered, go straight to the back and right under a slanted wall opening to find a lever. Throw the lever to open a gate and get ready to shoot some dogs. Walk over the ice and spot the Key on the bottom, just behind the pillar close to the waterfall. Get into the water at the waterfall and pick up the Castle Key. Quickly get out and get up the crates to to the ledges. İn the central building is the door that opened. In the corner to the right of the keyhole is a small medipack, use the Castle Key to open a gate at the waterfall. Get down there and inside, climb up left, pick up the Flares and climb up again till you get to a dark cave where some exiting music starts, just keep close to the entrance and shoot everyone that comes for you. From where you climbed up here, turn right and follow the right hand outer wall to the next corner of the cave.

Climb onto the block and grab up into the opening in the ceiling, follow to Secret #3, MP5 ammo. Get back down.

Willard’s Thistle.

Follow the right hand outer wall again to the far corner, get onto the corner block and grab up into the passage to get back outside. To the right, around the corner is Shotgun ammo, then go through the wire and through the tunnel. Shoot the Hoodlums and hop into Willard’s Well to retrieve Willard’s Thistle. When you get out of the well more Hoodlums and dogs attack. The one with the spiked bat drops a Castle Key, two others drop 2x small medipacks, pick up the castle Key and go through the opened gates, up the ladder left and follow through a crawlspace. Down a ladder and go use the key in the keyhole to open the gates, get to the chopper and end this adventure…

D&G- Oct-‘19