Level by Cally


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk



Allow Laura to slide all the way to the bottom. Jump E over the spike pit to trigger a flyby through this large open area. Go to the ledges against the middle of the E wall, climb up and look down to see a floor lever. Hop down and push it to raise an underwater door. Climb back out and go to the NW corner, where you'll find a shallow, empty pit. Climb the nearby block and go around and up to face W. Runjump to grab the crack (note the water below) and shimmy right and around the corner until you can pull up. Shoot the bat (it may not show up until later) and hang from the S side of this ledge. Shimmy right and drop down next to the shotgun ammo for SECRET #1. Hop up W to grab the SHOTGUN, then get up onto the ledge and hang from the N side. Shimmy left and safety drop onto the ledge below.


Turn around and jump E to the neighboring ledge structure, go up and around and this time runjump E to grab the central block. Pull up, turn right and runjump S to grab the next structure. Pull up and shoot a bat. Go up the ramp, turn around and hop up onto a ledge. Use the E crack to shimmy across to the other side. Stand at the NE corner, jump up to grab the N crack and shimmy left until you can pull up.


Drop down the N side, shoot another bat and pick up the HORSEMAN'S GEM (1 of 5 that you need to find). Use the cracks to get back across to the S ledge, and get back down from there to the floor. Remember that water you saw earlier? Go back to the shallow NW pit and loop around left to an opening between the ledge structures. Slide down into the water below and swim to the SW corner. Enter the passage there and swim up at the end for air. Pull out to find a floor lever that opens a door in the open area.


Exit and swim to the SE corner. Enter the high alcove for another HORSEMAN'S GEM. Swim all the way to the N wall and get a lungful of air from the W air hole before proceeding. Swim E along the N wall and take the second right (S). Take the first left (W) and follow the winding passage a long distance (ignoring the opening on your left) until you reach an air hole. Pull out and go up the steps to the S wall. Pull up left to trigger a boulder, hop back and side flip left as it rumbles by. Before proceeding, go back to the water and find the crawl space in the W wall. Jump to grab it, lower Laura down the other side and push the floor lever around the corner to open an underwater door for a later secret.


Return to the boulder trap, go up the E steps and hop over two gaps. When you hop over the second gap you trigger another boulder, so simply back flip to evade it. Continue up the steps and follow the passage at the top to a door that opens upon your approach. You find yourself back at the open area, where five ninjas are waiting. When all have been vanquished, go to that NW shallow pit and climb up onto the nearby ledge. Look down SW to find the opened door and hop down to it. Go on through, pull up into the W crawl space just past the doorway, and drop down the other side for SECRET #2. Pick up the shotgun ammo and uzi ammo and exit to the prior room. Follow to a floor lever that opens the N double doors outside and also opens another door elsewhere.


Exit this room, jump the gap to grab the ledge and pull up. Hop down and slide back down into the water. Swim to the far NE corner and follow the long passage (when you reach the E wall you can turn left for air) until you reach the high opened doorway at the end. Swim inside for SECRET #3. Pick up the uzi ammo and shotgun ammo and swim to the nearest air hole. Locate the air hole in the E wall, a little closer to the NE corner than the SE corner (the easiest way to find it is to go to the NW air hole I mentioned earlier, swim out going E along the N wall, take the second right and then the second left), and pull out N onto the steps. Go up to find yourself at the beginning of a maze.


Run around at random to flush out four ninjas if you desire maximum kills. You'll pass some water as you run along the N wall, so return there after dispatching the ninjas and hop across to a path with uneven tiles. Stand on the highest tile at the SW corner, face E and jump up to grab the opening. Pull up, run forward and hop over the gap into SECRET #4. Pick up the UZIS and uzi ammo, then go back the way you came (or safety drop down the nearby corner hole into the maze area).  Follow the passage with the uneven tiles to a higher crawl space. Pull up inside and lower Laura down the other side. Proceed and hop over the corner spike trap.


Jump over the gap and hop down to find the GATE KEY at the end of the passage (screen shot of a closed door). Go back the other way, pull up into the opening and drop down into the water below. Refer to the paragraph above that documents the second Horseman's Gem, swim to the opening that leads to the dual boulder trap and continue to the open area. Hop along the ledges to the NE corner and monkey swing to the opened doors. Enter to trigger a flyby through this new area.


Step forward and do battle with four ninjas (one of them hiding to your left at the entrance, the others further ahead). Run N toward the closed door you saw in the cut scene, continue past it to the right into the N passage and follow to the NE corner. Before turning the corner, pull up right and jump to grab the N opening. Pull up inside and shoot a bat. Use the Gate Key to the left of the entrance and see that closed door opening. Reverse roll, go to the ramp and walk up on the right side to trigger two boulders. When the first one rolls by to your left, side flip left and continue up the ramp. Jump the spike pit at the top, turn right and crawl underneath the dart traps.


Stand up and shoot two bats. Jump S to grab the rope and swing to the far ledge. Pick up the third HORSEMAN'S GEM and swing back across. Get past the dart gauntlet as before and jump over the spike pit. Run down the ramp, loop around left at the keyhole and safety drop to the ledge below. Reverse roll, run S and take a wide loop around right to run past the now-opened N door (out of reach) on its left side. Continue to the block, climb up on it, turn left and runjump S to grab the rock ledge. Pull up and shoot two bats.


Find the SE passage and follow around to a floor lever that lifts an underwater door you may have seen earlier.  Return to the open area with the uneven tiles and slide down into the rightmost SW pool. Swim down and come to an intersection. Turn right and loop around right in front of the closed doors to find a fourth HORSEMAN'S GEM in the corner. Swim to the E wall, go up, turn left and go up for air, then swim down, go N and left to find the NW door that opens upon your approach. The next door at the end of the passage opens as well, but don't go through.


Instead, swim up and turn right into the narrow opening and down into a labyrinthine area where you finally reach a place where you can surface and pull out into SECRET #5. Step forward and pick up the small medipack and shotgun ammo, then jump back into the water and swim down and slightly left to find a narrow opening at the floor of the W wall. Squeeze inside, swim to a closed door and find another narrow opening right underneath it at the floor of the W wall. Swim inside to the far wall and loop around left and swim into the SW passage for SECRET #6 and uzi ammo.


Return to the previous room, surface and pull out S. You still have no way of reaching the open N doors, so exit S to the open area, go to the shallow NW pit and loop around to slide down into the water. Swim to the familiar NW air hole to get your bearings. Swim E along the N wall, turn right at the first crossing and find the doors you opened. Swim inside and down, go toward the N doors that open upon your approach but don't go inside. Instead, take the NW passage, swim up the long shaft, surface and pull out N.


Climb up right and continue up in spiral-like fashion until you reach an upper ledge.  Go around the corner and push the floor lever to raise a platform near the exit passage. Before you can leave, however, you still need to find one more Horseman's Gem.


Drop down E into the passage connecting the open area and the exit area. Go N into the exit area and jump into the NE pool. Swim into the SE passage and keep right until you come to a shaft leading down. Follow this lower area until you reach a crossing. Continue straight (W) to the wall and proceed to the NW corner. Swim up and left to find the fifth and final HORSEMAN'S GEM on the ledge. Swim below the ledge, through the narrow crack and up for air.


Swim down to the floor, go S to the wall, turn left and then take the first right, swim up and around to the left, go past the overhead air hole and turn left to find a corner door that opens upon your approach. Enter, go on past the next open doorway and surface. Pull out S, turn around and jump to grab the N ledge, pull up and climb the block on your left. Reverse roll and hop up onto the raised platform. Jump to the E ledge, enter the N exit passage and place the five Horseman's Gems.


The exit door opens, so slide down and run forward as Laura's theme music plays. Climb up left before you reach the N wall, turn around and jump forward to grab the higher ledge. Pull up, jump into the water and find the underwater lever that opens the "real" exit door. Pull out of the water W, face N and jump up to grab the corner ledge. Pull up and jump across E. Run past the opened exit door to end the level.