Level by MBog


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk



Begin in an Oriental setting, standing on a roadway leading to a building, with water on either side. After a brief cut scene, run forward to the closed door and vault up left for uzi ammo. Run across the roadway to the N side and jump into the water. Swim to the E end and pull up onto the tree trunk for shotgun ammo. Jump back into the water and swim SW to pull out onto a flat corner of the ledge. Go to the E end of the roadway and hang from the S edge over the water. Look right to see a wall ladder. Shimmy right to the ladder, and when Lara gets into climbing mode climb the ladder to the top. Shift left and pull up onto a roof.


Run across the roof and jump onto a tree branch. Go to the left end and jump NW to the next tree branch. Face W and take a running jump to grab the branch of the next tree, partially obscured by leaves. Take a curved running jump slightly SW to land on the other side of the tree trunk, then go around the left side of the building for uzi ammo. Continue tree-hopping to the next branch S, jump over to the long E branch and save your game for a pixel-perfect running jump and grab to the branch of the last tree. When you make the grab, pull up and then pull up right into an opening in the building.


Hop down into the passage and shoot a baddy. Run down the passage past a closed bamboo door, turn the corner and go down the steps to a lower hallway. Go toward the far end, passing a receptacle next to closed doors on your left, and loop left around the closed doors and activate the high jump switch. The blue doors at the end open. Enter and vault up into the opening ahead (the left opening leads to nothing profitable). Run off right onto the small platform far below and pick up the UZIS.


Jump down into the water and pull out onto one of the ledges. Make your way counterclockwise around the waterfall and jump to grab the ladder in the SW corner. Climb up a few rungs and back flip onto the platform for a large medipack. Jump back down into the water and search the floor for uzi ammo (N alcove). Pull out NW to face a row of dragon tiles.  As you step forward a trap door lowers ahead.


Drop down to the lower level of this two-tiered puzzle room. Pull down the W wall switch to re-arrange some things. Pull back up to the higher level and move the pushpiece at the doorway with the green cube on top N onto the first row of dragon tiles and all the way W. Drop back down to the lower level and push the switch back up. Staying down here, locate the pushpiece with the blue cube (N) and push it E onto the rising tile. Pull the switch down to raise the blue pushpiece and go up to move it outside and onto the corresponding dragon tile to the left.


You need to save the remaining piece up here for last, so your next task is to bring the pushpiece with the black cube up here. Drop to the lower level and push the switch back up. Push the black pushpiece four times N onto the rising tile and go over to pull the switch down. Go up and move the black pushpiece outside and to the right next to the green pushpiece. Finally, move the red pushpiece outside onto the only remaining dragon tile. A door opens in the N opening behind you. (You've probably been wondering what the switch on this upper level is all about. Indeed, it moves things around just as the lower switch does. However, its only likely purpose is to confuse the player since, as you've seen, you don't need to use it to solve the puzzle.)


Pull up into the N opening, slide down and run forward to find uzi ammo in the last alcove to your left. Climb the tall ladder and back flip near the top to meet three baddies. Continue S along the grated floor and safety drop at the end to slide down near the YANG. Drop down into the water and pull out NE. As you step forward you activate a pair of spiked squishy blocks, but they're easy to avoid as you make your way to the NW ladder.


Climb the ladder and activate the jump switch at the top. The N door opens, so hop past the squishy block into the passage. A blade ball descends from the ceiling, so quickly duck and enter the E crawl space. Continue crawling past the spinning blades and stand up near a swinging blade (yes, lots of blade variations here). Pull up onto the ledge in front of you and turn left to see two jump switches. Activate the lower one (SW) first to de-activate a blade trap and back flip from the corner back onto the ledge. Now jump to activate the W jump switch and hop N over the blade to the opened doorway.


Enter the next room, grab the uzi ammo from the corner to your right and climb the ladder. Back flip near the top and confront two more baddies. Continue S to the far end, safety drop and slide down to pick up the YIN. Drop down into the water, swim around to the SW corner and find the small opening to your left, just large enough for you to squeeze through. Follow around and allow the current to carry you to a place where you can surface and pull out.


Approach the floating cadaver (who is that indeed?) and turn right into the opening. Follow the passage around to a pair of facing slopes. Hang from the lower slope, pull up and back flip with a roll to the higher slope, slide, grab, shimmy right and pull up in front of a ladder. Climb the ladder, climb until you're a block from the top, back flip with a roll to grab the top of the pillar and pull up into a fixed camera. Drop down into the pool with the cadaver and grab the IMPERIAL ARTIFACT.


Surface and pull out S. Enter the crawl space and crawl forward to trigger a flyby featuring Lara's encounter with the Ninja from the Black Lagoon. When camera control is restored Lara is looking triumphantly at her defeated foe from the other end of a tightrope. Jump down into the shallow water and shoot a couple of snakes. Find an opening underneath the tightrope and swim down to find a ceiling lever. Pull it to open a door up N, surface and look for uzi ammo next to the NW pillar. Climb the N ladder up to the opening. Pull up for a cut scene of swinging chains.


Make your way carefully past the chains to the N doorway. Inside are more blade traps, these being of the slowly rotating variety. Hop up onto the block to the right of the entrance and pull down the wall switch there. Look right to see another wall switch in the SW corner. Get past the blades onto the corner block and pull this switch. Look right and, sure enough, you see another wall switch in the NW corner. Get over there, pull it down and look right to see the fourth and final switch. When you pull it down the N door opens, so exit this area and face a ramp and what appears to be a tailor-made boulder trap.


Your suspicions were correct. Run forward and crouch at the short wall as the boulder rolls by. Continue up the ramp and go around either side to the ladder. Turn around and activate the jump switch to open the bamboo gate you saw much earlier, then climb the ladder and pull up into a familiar passage. Turn left, follow around and down the steps to the lower hallway, go to the closed doors left and combine the Yin and the Yang. Place WINSTON'S PRESENT in the receptacle to open the doors, and enter.


Before using the floor lever, place the Imperial Artifact in the shrine to your left. A door opens, so pull up inside and follow the dark passage and the slight ramp up to an upper room with baby spiders and a very angry mother spider. Go to the SW corner for shotgun ammo and the NW corner for a very distinctive-looking SHOTGUN. (Too little, too late, you think? Just you wait.) When you approach the S shrine you get an onscreen missive before you pick up the LUTE.


Go back the way you came and save your game in front of the floor lever you ignored earlier. The door ahead opens, exposing you to the rantings of an Oriental demigoddess in the next room. The shotgun you belatedly found holds you in good stead here, but you don't have to use it. Simply run forward and place the Lute on the book stand. After the cut scene, hop over the book stand, run around the now-docile demigoddess and enter the W opening. Ignore the keyhole and follow the passage to trigger a nice cut scene. Run right or left to break the fixed camera, then side flip over the railing to end the level.


For a more dramatic ending, reload your savegame, push the floor level and rush in with shotgun drawn to vanquish the demigoddess. She leaves behind the MANOR GATE KEY when she dies, so use it in the keyhole just beyond the W doorway. The door to your right opens, so follow the passage to a crawl space. Crawl to the far end, drop down and follow to a wall switch. Pull it down to open the door and trigger a fixed camera view of the area outside. Go there for an interesting concluding cut scene.