Level by Franky


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk



Take a few steps forward and shoot two bats. The first glass plant to your left can be shot, so shatter it to reveal a pushblock and a wall switch. Pull down the switch, then push the block as far as you can to access a small room. Go around the block to find a second pushblock. Push it aside S to reveal a GOLD SHIELD for SECRET #1. The connecting passage is now blocked off, so find the ceiling trap door in the NW corner and jump up to pull it down.


Pull up into an upper room to find two more pushblocks. Pull the SE block to reveal a large medipack and push the block into the SW corner to get it out of your way (you also hear a noise indicating a trigger of some kind). Pull the NE block to reveal a passage and follow until you have to crawl. Continue to the top of a slope where you can stand (and you'll hear the same strange noise as before). Slide down backwards so won't land on one of the glass plants at the bottom and die an explosive death. Shoot a bat, then shoot the glass plant blocking the N passage and enter. Stop before you reach the other end and wait for a friendly soldier to kill an unseen enemy soldier. Step forward to trigger a long flyby through the Enterprise Terrestrial Base.


Run forward and explore the sprawling area guarded by a large number of friendly soldiers. Return to the entrance and use the anti-gravity pad to jump S and activate the jump switch shrouded in darkness over the entrance. Turn around and run N all the way past the docked Enterprise to find that the entrance to the N control room (on the left side) is open. Enter and run across to the dark NE corner. Face E and jump up into an antigravity field. Grab the opening at the top and pull up onto the roof. Run forward and pull back the pushblock to reveal SECRET #2. Pull back the block in the other corner for a large medipack and float back down to the floor below.


Exit this control room and run across to the SW control room which is now open. The personnel inside are working in the dark. Pull down the switch in the middle of the S wall to open the door to the SE control room. Run there, enter and stoop to pick up the LASER SIGHT (never used here, strange) under the E console. On the way out, grab the large medipack near the entrance and run W to enter the control room next to the antigravity pad you used earlier. Stoop in the SW corner to pick up the REVOLVER. The adjacent control room E is now open, so run back there, enter and find revolver ammo under the S console.


Run to the NE garage area and examine each of the three bays in turn to flush out the enemy soldier inside. You can either wait for the friendly guards to kill them or go in and kill them yourself. When all is quiet again, examine the corpses for flares, a large medipack and revolver ammo.


Run all the way across to the W garage area and enter the bay on the right for the JEEP KEYS. The soldier inside drops a large medipack. The soldier in the middle bay drops revolver ammo, as does the soldier in the last bay. Your keys fit all of the many available Jeeps, but the one all by itself in the NW corner hides a floor trap door, so get into that one and drive it forward.  Get out, open the trap door and drop down for SECRET #3.


Now it's time to boldly go where man has not gone before. Run or drive to the gangplank leading up to the Enterprise, ride to the top and go to Warp Drive. Shoot three soldiers that are waiting for you and run toward the closed door. Push the button to open it and shoot the soldier inside. Run to the friendly guards and step on the trigger tiles in the N and S alcoves to open the doors. Climb the S (blue alcove) ladder to an upper passage and push the button to open the door.


Shoot five soldiers in the next room and search the bodies for revolver ammo, a large medipack and the FUSE. Find a pushblock in the back SW corner and pull it into the room to reveal an alcove with a button. Push it to turn off the lasers at the entrance to the control room. Go there, enter and obey the onscreen instruction to kill the friendly guard on the other side who's minding his own business.  He drops the CROWBAR.


Exit the control room, climb down the ladder and go across the passage to climb the N (red alcove) ladder. Use the crowbar to open the door and enter the Ionic Motors Room. The friendly guards are not much help here, so kill the lone soldier. Find some revolver ammo beside the NE machine and locate the pushblock at the middle of the N wall. Pull it into the room and push it aside. Activate the jump switch over the revealed alcove to turn off the force field. Enter for SECRET #4. Look at a corner of the SE machine to find another FUSE. Exit this Ionic Motors Room, climb down the ladder and go E down the passage. 


Push the button to open the door and enter. If you're lucky the friendly guards have already killed the soldier in here. Climb down the ladder in the N (red) alcove. Push the button to open the door to the armory. Kill the soldier inside and when you step further into the room the machinery comes to life. But one of the machines on the W side remains inert. That one is a pushblock, so move it aside to reveal a floor trap door. Open the trap door, drop down inside and pull into the crawl space for SECRET #5.


Pull out of the hole and exit the armory. Climb the ladder back up to the passage, go across and climb up the ladder in the S (blue) alcove. Push the button to open the door at the top. The friendly guards killed one soldier while I was killing the other in the Enterprise Command Bridge. There were two more bodies on the far side of the room. From the entrance, loop around right to find that this console acts like a pushblock. Pull it back or push it aside to reveal a third FUSE. When you pick it up the back door in the S wall opens, so follow the passage to a button. Push it to open the door.


There's another closed door ahead, but next to it on either side is a pushblock. Shoot the blocks next to the pushblocks and pull back the blocks to reveal a keypad on either side of the door. Enter the numbers 9-1-7-3 on the left keypad and push the star key on the bottom right. Enter the numbers 5-7-9-1 on the right keypad and push the star key. The blue door opens. (The correct numbers are actually on the wall over the keypads, but they're hard to make out.)  Go in and pick up the CROSSBOW and 5 x explosive arrows.


Step forward, push the button to open the next door and engage four, maybe five cyborgs (they don't all appear at once) patrolling the area ahead. Go to the N end of this room and find a pushblock supporting the NW column. Move it aside to reveal the fourth FUSE. Place the fuses in their E receptacles to open the door between them. Go on in, pick up 4 x explosive arrows and push the button to open the next door. Go in, kill everything in sight (maybe a dozen cyborgs) and enter the central helix to end the level.