Create a Classic 2019: In the Highlands (by grinder_1) Walkthrough (all pickups, kills and secrets)


Opening area

After the cutscene, go to the left and down to the platform with the small bridge. Under the pushblock at the back wall (North) lies a small Medpack. Next to the crates, there´s Shotgun Ammo. Under the bridge is the shotgun. Drop down into the small valley, go to the west, close to the southern rocky wall, there are flares. In the well area behind the crates, there are also flares.

Go down the trapdoors into the water. Get out of the water to the south part of the room, behind a wall, there is Uzi-Ammo. Go to the pushblock and pull it twice into west-direction. Jump on the block, grab the ceiling with leaves-textures and monkeybar to the small hole and pull the switch. Jump into the water, get out again and pull/push the block twice into north-direction. Pull the lever and the Underwatergate opens. Swim through the gate and follow the passage. The way splits into three directions.

River area

Straight ahead, there is Uzi-Ammo, to the right there is a closed wooden door (for secret 1, with Shotgun Ammo in front of it). To the left, you get to a small covered area. Pull out and take the Shotgun Ammo (South). Jump into the water, swim to the open area, the current pushes you into the right direction. Get out of the water on the left side, close to the dog-statue. Pass the left bridge on the left side. Ahead on a rock (West), there is a large Medpack. Go further to the West, in the corner there is the Gate Key. Pick it up and jump into the water. The current will bring you back. If you are not interested in secrets: Swim through the right bridge in north-east-direction. Go through or over the boat bridge into the lake, and swim to the west. Get out of the water (small boat-bridge), kill the guard, take the crowbar and insert the Gate Key.

Secret 1

Swim through the right bridge in north-east-direction. Don´t go through or over the boat bridge, but swim to the West. The circular current pushes you pass the western rocky wall. There is a hidden Underwaterlever. Keep close to the outer wall, when the current pushes you. This way, you can get into the hole and to the lever. It opens the wooden door from before. Behind the current, get out of the water on the other side (without dog-statue) and walk back to the covered area (South) to avoid the current. Jump into the water, swim down and follow the passage (straight) and pick up the Shotgun Ammo and swim through the wooden door. Follow the way (also with a crawlspace). It leads you to two Uzi-Ammo-Pickups and in the big outside area (with Nessie) in front of the rocks (South-East) there is the Uzi-Pickup (Secret 1).

Jump into the big lake. The current pushes you to a small Medpack on the ground. Swim to the West to a small boat bridge. Next to the small boat bridge (on the right side), there`s an Uzi-Ammo-Pickup on the ground of the lake. Get out of the water and go to the cemetery/swamp section. A guard attacks you. Kill him, he drops a Crowbar. Open the gate with the Gate Key.


Cemetery/Swamp area

Jump over the swamp (there is a vague hint on the back wall of the cemetery, South)

If Lara gets stucked on a platform, you should jump. She will be able to move freely again.

For the last (slightly longer) jump you have to either climb onto the last platform or to go straight forward after the jump, so she gets automatically on the platform.

Textfeld:  Jump pattern over the swamp
Church area + large bridge

Get out of the swamp, a scotland-dog will attack you. Go to the wooden door and open it with the crowbar. In the churchy area, there´s a Small Medpack up a wall (North), a switch for timed run 1 on a column (it´s not needed to pull the switch right now, East) and a pushable block (South) at the right side of the wall (Hints on the floor). If you look through the gap to the outside (West), you see two guards and an open door (secret 2) at the back wall, which will later be closed by the lower guard. Push the pushable block twice. Now you can reach a crawlspace in the new room. You can do the timed run 1 right now, if you aren´t interested in secrets.

Secret 2 (timed)

Go through the crawlspace, run straight. Fall into the gap. A guard and a crow attack you. The guard drops the revolver. Get back up, run further to the West and onto the bridge. Now you triggered both guards! Ignore the upper guard, jump off/ drop down the bridge on the left side and shoot the lower guard with the revolver. The door will stay open. Pickups are: Uzi-Ammo, Shotgun-Ammo and 2x Revolver-Ammo.

Go to the North-West (left side of the river), jump to the platform and kill a guard – he drops the Uzis (if you missed the first secret). Climb up the wall, walk along the rocks (South-East-direction). On the rocks there´s a Uzi-Ammo-Pickup. Jump into the river, swim as far as possible to the West (until the current stops you). Turn around, on the left side on a rock, there`s an Underwaterlever. This lever opens a door, you will need later. Go to the North-end of this open area, in the lake, there is a Shotgun-Ammo Pickup on the ground. Go straight back (South) through the river, out again and climb up the wall with the leaves-textures (left beside the bridge). When you reached the texture with the notch, you can backflip onto the bridge, kill the upper guard. Now go back to the chuchy area.

Timed run 1 (Thistle Stone 1)

Pull the switch in the churchy area. Run through the hole in the back wall (South) and jump onto the pushblock. Go through the crawlspace, jump over the gap. Run over the bridge (North) and get into the hole, where the gate opened. Get the Thistle Stone 1 and go down. If you haven`t done already: Jump into the river, swim as far as possible to the West (until the current stops you). Turn around, on the left side on a rock, there`s an Underwaterlever, which opens an important gate.

Go/Swim between church and bridge to the South. In the covered area at the back wall, there´s a pushable block (Hints on the ground). Push it twice and you get to the opened Gate. Follow the steps, kill the scotland-dog. You pass a gap, which shows a lever in the lower part of the tower. Go up the stairs.

Jump-Puzzle (with death-water) + Tower

Jump to the left pillar. Backflip twice and you will land on a platform. Fight the crow. Climb the next pillar (leaves-textures). Jump to each possible pillar and further up. Get into the tower through the hole. Kill a crow. Go down and kill a guard. At the western wall, there´s a hole with the switch, you´ve seen before. From here (through the gate) you can also see a small crawlspace in the outside. This is for secret 3.

Timed run 2 (Thistle Stone 2)

Pull the switch – the trapdoor at the tower-ceiling opens. Jump onto the small pillar, turn around, get up onto the ledge (West), run to the right pass the emblem. Up on the pillar, turn to the right, jump to the ledge (East), run to the right. Up the wall (West), standing jump to the ledge (West), turn around, running jump to the east. Get further up to the last big pillar. Jump through the trapdoor.

Kill the crow on top of the tower. Pick up Thistle Stone 2. The trapdoor on the floor of the tower opens.

a) Non-secret way

Go through the trapdoor onto the big pillar. Jump to South-East-Direction and go down the (green) slopes. Go further down and through the trapdoor on the floor.

Textfeld:  Two small Underwater-Labyrinths

1) Start

2) small Medpack

3) Gate

4) small Medpack

5) to the fire/boulder

6) from the fire/boulder

7) Revolver-Ammo

8) To Nessies belly

How to survive the boulder-trap?

-        Face the crawlspace in East-South-East-Direction. Trigger the boulder by going backwards. Then go forward and duck back into the crawlspace you came from.

-        You can also run straight forward and jump to the next crawlspace on the left side (this way is tougher)


Behind the Maze, there is a room, where you can see Nessies belly. On the backside (you can see parts of the tail) there is a small Medpack on the ground. On the frontside there is an opening into Nessies body.


b) Secret way (Secret 3)

Jump from the top of the tower over the stones to the West (you can also grab the outer ledge, shimmy to the left and climb down) and go through the swamp to the crawlspace (Western wall). Follow the way and you get into a room with spooky textures. To the left, you spawn Nessie, which does nothing but scare you. Hitting the dog-statue kills you. Behind the statue, there is a small Medpack. Make the jump to the hole in the Western wall. Follow the way (be fast, you lose life because of the electricity). In the water, you get into a room where you can see Nessies belly. On the backside (you can see parts of the tail) there is a small Medpack (Secret 3) on the ground. On the frontside there is an opening into Nessies body.


Ending (control room)

Climb out, shoot the two guards (be careful and don´t touch the cables – They are deadly). Take the hand of rathmore and go through the open gate. Shoot the dog-statue, and a crow spawns. Shoot it and climb up and jump to all the pillars. You get to the area from the beginning (but higher).


Secret 4

When you hear the ending-music (in front of the final gate), go to the left (East) and jump over the rocks (where it is possible). Go over the small bridge, Jump onto the building. Go to the right and down (South). Close to the back wall (South), there´s Pistol-Ammo (Secret 4). Climb back up (leaves-texture), go the way back – over the bridge and the rocks.

Put Thistle Stone 1+2 into the snake receptacles (Bear in mind, that you always can go back and get the Thistle Stones, if you fogot them). The final gate opens. Go to the helicopter and end the level.


Walkthrough by grinder_1