Original level by Franco Bula, remake by Feder


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by steven35175's and Doggett TV's video walks



Pull down the wall switch in the alcove to your left to open a gate somewhere (not the one you see to your left at the beginning of the level). Go forward a short bit, past the closed gate, and jump up to your left past the single white vine into an enclosed area for a small medipack. Jump back (or pull up and slide down), turn left into a larger section of jungle.


Run forward and hop onto the stump with shotgun ammo, from which you can shoot the tiger in safety. Hop down and go near the back right corner, where you can jump between two trees through the shrubbery (may take a few tries) into SECRET #1. Pick up the DESERT EAGLE and jump back to engage a soldier. You can see the opened gate in the distance with a burning wall torch just beyond it. Before entering, however, vault up onto the ledge to the left for the SHOTGUN.


Go past the opened gate and up the stairs. As you enter the passage you get an overhead view of the waiting soldier. Turn left at the wall and go down the stairs to find a small medipack and a rocket at the bottom. Go back up, and just past the intersection pull up right onto the ledge and deal with the soldier. Hop over to where he was and look across to see a crawl space. Jump to grab it, pull up inside and pick up the uzi ammo. Drop down to the passage and get back up to the ledge with the dead soldier.

Pull up onto the corner ledge, turn right and jump higher, turn right again and jump to grab the ladder surface. Climb up and jump over to a raised platform with the KEY OF GANESHA. Jump back over and follow the passage to an outdoor area. Hop down to a tree limb, shoot a vulture and make your way to the limb in back. Turn around to see shotgun ammo on the limb below. Stand jump with grab to land on that limb. Pick up the ammo and jump around corners to the other side of the tree for a small medipack. Face the wall, hop back and grab the limb, shimmy left along the crack, drop, grab and pull up into a crawl space. Drop down left for SECRET #2 and pick up the UZIS. Shoot a second vulture as well as the tiger waiting down below.


Hop to the jungle floor and find the opening in the wall. Follow the familiar passage back to the open area where you began the level. Run all the way past the stump where you shot the tiger. Turn right into an opening in the huge tree and pull down the wall switch to open the gate a little further ahead. Follow up the stairs and pull down the wall switch just around the corner for a cut scene showing another gate opening in the area ahead. Continue up the stairs and go right or left at the wall to end up in the area you saw in the cut scene. 


You still need another key to open the large gate, so go the other way through the smaller gate you opened. Hop over the two blade traps and look to your right at the intersection to see the poised boulder. Hop over the next blade trap to disable it, reverse roll to trigger the boulder and run back to take refuge in the side passage. Go back and enter the crawl space on your left. Lower Lara down the other side and drop down into some quicksand. Turn around and wade forward until you reach a brown ledge. Turn left and see the sleeping snake. Jump across into the corner to awaken it and shoot it.


Pull up past the dead snake and see another snake ahead. Stand left, slide down and jump off with a left curve to avoid the snake's lunging bite and shoot it. Jump up past the dead snake for shotgun ammo in the upper corner, then get back down and jump the ledges until you face an opening. You can see ammo on a ledge up to your left, but you can't reach it from here. Jump to the opening and shoot the snake hiding just around the corner. Follow the ledge, hop around the corner and pull up to a higher area.


Wait for the tiger to arrive and shoot it. When you step onto the raised platform you activate a dart trap, so walk carefully to the platform with the key, vault up onto a edge, face the key and crawl to it, remaining in a crouched position as you pick up the second KEY OF GANESHA. Back away before you stand up and go down to the dirt path. From here you can go around safely under the darts to find a small medipack near a column. Find the corner crawl space, enter and drop down the other side. Slide down the slope, pick up the flares and enter a room with flameblowers.


Time your way past the flames and slide down toward gates that open upon your approach. Shoot the waiting soldier and pick up the small medipack he drops. Turn left in the familiar jungle area and run to the stump. Turn left there and go through the opened gate in the wall. Go up the stairs to the outdoor area with the Shiva statues and use the two keys to open the large gates. Each one causes a Shiva statute to come to life, so you'll need to pause to deal with each one and pick up the LEFT and RIGHT SCIMITARS before entering the new area.


Pick up the shotgun ammo in the right alcove and the large medipack in the left alcove, go up a couple of steps and drop down into the depression on your right. Locate the pushblock and push it twice to reveal an alcove with the MP5 for SECRET #3. Go back and continue up the steps to the Shiva statue. Place the Scimitars and the trap door opens under your feet. Allow Lara to slide down a couple of slopes and drop down into the water below. Pull out onto a ledge and hop up to a ledge facing a pool with a central structure.


Jump into the pool and locate the underwater lever in an alcove in the central structure. Pull it to raise a platform, surface and pull out onto a ledge. Follow the ledge up to a waterfall and jump through the waterfall into another body of water. Pull up left onto a ledge and use the adjacent ledges to get up higher. Make your way clockwise around this room and jump to the outside corner of the ledge where you see the rocket. Shoot the nearby snake and continue to the next ledge where there's an opening leading to a new area with a waterfall.


Turn left and run forward to engage two tigers. Continue to the dirt mound against the wall, loop around left and climb the block. Pull up to a higher ledge, hop to an alcove, back flip onto the slope there and jump off to grab a still higher ledge. Jump up to grab the marked ladder surface and climb up to the topmost ledge. Pull up through the wall opening and run forward to pull down a wall switch that opens the gate to your left. The room on the right is for a later secret. Go on through and drop down to the lower passage. The gate closes behind you.


Note the high crawl space up ahead and the spike wall to your right. Go left and face the spike wall before you pick up the TEMPLE KEY.  Run forward and quickly pull up into the crawl space before the spikes reach you. When the wall passes by you can get back down. Go through the opening where the spike wall was and get past the dart traps over a spike pit to find a closed gate on your right. Opposite that is an unmarked pushblock. Pull it into the room and push it aside to reveal an alcove with a wall switch. Pull it down to open the gate behind you.


Go on through into the next room and climb the lattice wall. At the top, release to grab the crack and pull up into the crawl space. Crawl forward and drop down the other side for SECRET #4. Get down lower and go around to pick up the flares, shotgun ammo and MP5 ammo. Pull back up into the crawl space and return to the previous room. Exit via the opening, turn left to the next opening and make your way down the ledges to the room with the two dead tigers. Continue to the back wall and exit via the opening to your right.


At the other end of the passage you can see the monkey bars overhead. Jump up to grab them. Monkey swing a long distance along the marked ceiling path, using the platform you raised earlier, and drop down at the end onto a pillar. Pick up the uzi ammo and jump through the cascading water into a new room. Loop around right, find the ladder, jump to grab it and climb up to the top. Jump across onto the bridge for SECRET #5 and pick up the flares, the shotgun ammo and the rocket.


From the edge of the bridge, stand jump through the water with grab to glide into the room below. Turn left and follow around the corner to a room with closed gates on your right. Enter the alcove on your left and use the Temple Key to open one of the gates. Reverse roll and enter a vast new area to explore.


Turn left, go through the opening and vault up into a higher passage. Turn right (noting the closed gate on your left) and get up onto the ledge with the burning torch. Locate the triangular opening high up in the wall and jump to grab it. Pull up inside and follow around to what looks like, but isn't, a boulder ramp. Go up and pull up right into a crawl space. Lower Lara down onto a ladder on the other side, climb down as far as you can and release to drop down onto the top of the central structure in the temple foyer. Turn to face the ledge over the entrance and jump there. Pull down the wall switch to your right to open a gate down below.


Safety drop to the temple floor, turn right and go through the same opening as before. Vault up into the higher passage and find the opened gate in the left corner. Go inside and climb the long wall ladder. Shift right near the top and drop down into a passage. Follow the passage, killing a snake along the way, and come to a jungle area defended by two soldiers (one upper and one lower). The upper soldier drops shotgun ammo.


From the upper area, jump toward the lower area onto the higher tree limb and take a running jump and grab in the same direction to the next tree limb. Pull up and hop over to your left for a small medipack. Jump back the way you came, away from the lower area, and jump to the upper area. Continue forward toward some blocks and slopes and shoot a tiger and a vulture. One of the blocks near the back corner is a pushblock. Push it aside to reveal the SECRET KEY.


Go back toward the lower area. Near the spot where you shot the upper area soldier, look left for a phantom opening in the foliage. Go on through and down the steps to a closed gate. Use the Secret Key to open the gate and turn around to shoot the soldier who's coming down the steps toward you. Now you can enter the next room for SECRET #6 and pick up the ROCKET LAUNCHER in the middle of the floor.


There's nothing more to do here, so exit to the upper area and turn right toward the blocks and slopes. Vault up onto the lowest block near the front, turn around and jump to grab the higher pillar. Pull up and walk forward to the edge. Jump up to grab the tree limb and pull up. Jump forward onto the adjacent tree limb to alert a vulture. Jump back to the other side of this tree and hop into the hole onto a pillar below for uzi ammo. Jump back onto the previous limb, go to the limb where you alerted the vulture and jump forward to the next limb. Jump left onto the next limb, turn left and jump up into the darkness to land in a hole for SECRET #7. I picked up something but couldn't tell what it was (shotgun ammo, maybe).


Hop back out and slide down to the limb. Continue in the direction you're facing and you'll alert another vulture. You can hear a second vulture in the vicinity, but you might not flush it out until you reach the far wall. Look left for a crawl space, get through and run off to your right onto a ledge. Hop up the slope toward the wall, and here's where you will likely encounter the vulture. Pull down the wall switch to open a gate down below and make your way along the tree limbs in the opposite direction, following the wall to your left in the early stages. You'll encounter a soldier on a tree limb to your right along the way.


When you get down to the jungle floor, go to the opened gate in the lower area and enter a new section of the temple. The gate closes behind you and a Shiva statue comes to life. Kill it and locate two nearby wall switches facing each other. Pull both down to open a gate below. Enter and crawl underneath the blade trap on the right. Hop down and follow the passage to a crawl space. Enter and save your game before dropping down the other side.


There's a spike wall to your left, so turn right when you land and run to the opening on your right. Wait for the flames to subside, run in and slide down to the room below. Don't dawdle, as a spike ceiling is descending. Step forward and push the pushblock two times to reveal an opening to your left. Hop down and locate the zip line to your right. Ride it down and release before the end so that you land on a ledge instead of in a spike pit. Jump up left or right into the opening and vault up into the next room. Hop up toward the save crystal on the central platform to end the level.