Level by Scourge05


Walkthough by Phil Lambeth (with the help of Doggett TV's video walk



Step forward, turn around and pull down two wall switches to open the N door. Slide down into an outdoor courtyard and run across diagonally to the right to vault up into the NE opening. Shoot the approaching ninja and go where he came from through another NE opening. Turn left in front of a pool and hop down into the smaller N courtyard. Go through one of the W openings, shoot another ninja and grab the shotgun ammo and large medipack between the columns.


Exit NE and follow the hallway to a darker room. Loop around left and go down the steps to an outdoor area. Safety drop to a still lower area and locate the face button in the E wall. Push it to open an underwater door somewhere. Note the nearby closed door and climb the SW ladder back up to the outdoor area. Go E up the steps to find that things have changed a bit. The face tile at the end of the passage is a trigger that opens that S door in the lower area.


Get back down there and follow to a dark, partially flooded area. Go down the central ledge and either shoot or ignore the Atlantean crawler trying to dig through the N wall. Hop into the N opening between the face tiles and proceed to a room with deadly water. Take a running jump to the first of three slopes and jump off each one to land on a dark corner ledge. Turn left in front of the face tile and take a running jump S to grab a ledge with a wall switch at the end. Pull it down to open a door to your left and jump there with grab. Hop forward onto the sloped block, turn right and exit to the partially flooded area.


Hop down and go across into the S opening. Go along the right side of the canal and about halfway down (directly opposite a lighter square in the W wall) safety drop onto a ramp and slide to the ground. Pull up E into one of the openings to find a lower canal. Jump across to the E ledge and turn right to the SE opening. Slide down to a ledge overlooking a large underground area. Take a running jump and grab to the nearest column (if you miss, the column has climbing surfaces). Grab the UZIS and drop to the ground. Head SW to the pushpiece and move it onto the marked tile to lower a block on the column to your left. Climb up onto it and hop into the S opening to face an indoor pool.


Climb the ladder to your left and take a rolling back flip near the top to grab a facing ladder. Climb this one as well and back flip onto a ledge. Turn around and pull up into the E opening. Drop down the other side and jump slightly SE to a corner ledge and SE again into the E wall opening. Follow the passage past a closed door to another opening. Hop to the corner ledge, jump up to grab the crack and shimmy right around the corners to the ledge on the other side. Drop down and climb the ladder to where you can see a ledge to your right. Back flip to a ledge and use the adjacent ledge to get around the column where you can see a wall switch. Jump to it to avoid the falling debris and pull it down to open a door in the pool below.


Dive down into the water and swim S past the opened door. Pull the underwater lever at the end of the passage to open a door near the wall switch. Swim across the pool, pull out N and climb back up to the opening in the E wall as described in the previous paragraph. The door you saw earlier in the passage is now open, so enter an open-air room and see doors open in front of you. Continue E through this rather confusing maze area to a back room with a fountain. The jugs are empty. Go through the N opening (the other two are closed) and then E to an outdoor pool. Go around to the S side room to find a wall switch in the E alcove.


Pull it down, reverse roll and go through the S and W rooms to find a flying Atlantean in the S room to your left. Either ignore it or shoot it from the connecting pathway. There's no need to go where it was, so hop up right (W). The door opens in front of you and you can see a second wall switch ahead. Go there and pull it down, reverse roll, hop down and go through the next two E rooms, then turn left (N) into the room with the palm tree. Continue N through the pool room and exit this maze area. As you pull up left at the wall you can hear a door opening. Pull out W into an outdoor area and go right to pull up N onto the terrace.


Go around, jump into the door and swim into the opened S doorway. Surface at the other end and pull out. Continue into the shelter to find a small medipack in one of the jugs. Get on the ledge to your left for the SHOTGUN. Get on the ledge to your right, grab the shotgun ammo and enter the SW crawl space. Follow around to a room with the PHAROS KNOT . As you approach it you hear a trap door opening. Exit to the previous room, drop down through the floor hole and climb the E ladder to a ledge overlooking a room with columns. As you approach the edge many of them start emitting flames.


Make your way E across the room, jumping along the flame-free columns, until you can make a final running jump with grab to land on a ledge overlooking a flooded room. Stay where you are and you should be able to dispose of the flying Atlantean with little risk to your safety. Make your way with running jumps and grabs to the higher ledge near the NE corner. Push the face button to open the exit door and trigger a flame blower. Now make your way across the ledges (including a translucent platform)  to the higher ledge near the NW corner. Pull down the wall switch there to raise a platform over the spike trap and go back E along the ledge. Time a running jump to the raised platform and exit to a ledge area.


The jugs are empty, but you'll find a large medipack and a small medipack on the ledges. Go to the NW opening and follow to a room with two wall switches. Pull them both down and watch out for the falling debris. Pull up into the N opening for the PHAROS PILLAR. Return to the ledges. Near the entrance is a ladder you can use to access the lower ledges. The large jug hides shotgun ammo, and there's more shotgun ammo on the adjacent ledge. A smaller jug hides a small medipack. The receptacle for the Pharos Knot is near the SE corner. Place it to lift the double doors and go up the ramp to an open-air area.


Safety drop to the ground and go to the E wall. Pull up into either alcove and jump to the higher ledge. Hop the gap W, turn left and follow the passage to the receptacle for the Pharos Pillar. Place it to open a door leading to an outdoor pool. Jump into the water and swim into the narrow W opening to end the level.