Tut Ankh Amun's Legacy

Level by Peter Bauer

Walkthrough by Yoav

Begin with Lara standing in a typical Tut room. Turn around and go forward through the opening doors across the next room with two mummies and the next two doors will open automatically. Ahead is a passage crossing your way when from the right side you can kill two red scorpions and go from there later. Go left and follow downstairs, pass between two graves and get some flyby of back and forth the stairs but it want give you anything. Proceed a little further and come to a square, turn east to follow around the ledge. Get the first Eye Piece from the pedestal while flyby shows you some gate opening in a pool. Drop down from the ledge, get down the stairs, head to the next square and drop into the pool below. Swim west for shotgun ammo, then dive and swim north-west for more ammo. Keep into the opening for a short swimming to next pool and get out of the water.

Shoot on both side vases and get the second Eye Piece. Then climb up the marked wall and close to the ceiling backflip and land onto a grate floor. Turn around and climb up forward, head to right side, shoot the vase ahead for shotgun ammo. Follow the next passage, pick up clips on your way notice the opening from the left and light a flare, see the lever in the next dark corner. First pick up the Uzis with clips, then push the lever and get screenshot of open gates. Climb up through the opening then climb up onto the next block, jump up and grab the ceiling and make the monkeyswing along the marked ceiling toward the faraway north-west block with the shotgun ammo. Drop down onto the ledge and go to the first block you started the monkeyswing from and this time make it to go back to the square.

Do your way the passage from where you come out the beginning rooms. Proceed forward, turn right, follow up the stairs about half way nearby the statues shoot on the vases from both sides. Pick up medipack from left and the shotgun with ammo from right. Keep following up the stairs and the next doors will open automatically, shoot on the vase ahead for more shotgun ammo. Enter the next room through the gates you opened, head toward the north wall. Combine the two Eye Pieces and place the Eye Of Horus at the receptacle to open the wall. Oops, someone's shooting from the back!! Turn around and kill two ninjas. Enter into a burial room with one grave at the middle and four candlesticks around it. Run toward the south-west candlestick to cause it to burn. Then run toward the north-west candlestick to burn it too, this will open the gate in the north wall. Go over there and climb up into a short passageway, a few steps forward brings you to the end of the level.