Level by Piotr Klonowski (Pedros)

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

Lara begins in the desert facing a welcoming committee of three ninjas (the third one lurking in the SW alley) and two scorpions. Kill them all and go get the flares that had been guarded by the third ninja. Reverse roll and emerge to head north down the central walkway. Another ninja climbs up on the block to your left. Kill him and then climb up onto the same block for what looks like a gold bar but is really a large medi-pack. As you continue north another scorpion creeps out while three more ninjas come out to play. After the coast is clear, climb up onto the north rocks where the ninjas were and pick up some shotgun ammo and another large medi-pack.

Go over to the NW corner and notice a hole nestled in the rocks. Safety drop into it and use the crawl space to go up a fairly steep ramp. You'll alert a ninja when you reach the opening at the top, so wait a few seconds for him to get bored and start moving away, then quickly turn around and lower Lara into the room below while drawing your pistols. Hopefully you'll be able to take him by surprise. Pick up the nearby flares in the corner and head west down the corridor lined with crates. Check the tops for some uzi ammo and a small medi-pack.

When you reach the intersection, take a left and go down the winding corridor past a metal block and some glassed flooring until you meet up with a ninja. Kill him and continue down the ramp to find a passage to your left (at the end of which is a presently closed grate) and a large room at the end with a central glassed-in structure. Pick up the SHOTGUN and the shotgun ammo on the west end of the room and note the closed grate in the ceiling. Go back up the ramp and note the crawl space in the wall to your right, on this side of the metal block you ran by earlier. We'll save that for later, so continue around until you reach the intersection and go straight.

There's a ninja waiting at the bottom of the ramp, so kill him and pick up the flares he drops (unless they fall into the floor switch mechanism, in which case you're out of luck). You hear the sound of a door opening as you approach the floor lever. Throw it anyway, and enter the east passage. Run up the ramp and follow to a wide intersection. Run forward and around the corner to your left to spook and kill another ninja, then go back and head up the south ramp that's lined with crates.

I counted seven ninjas lurking in various areas of the large warehouse above, so pick them off one by one before exploring this room. Check the stacked crates in the SW corner for shotgun ammo, flares (be careful not to fall into the hidden hole against the south wall, as you'll come back here shortly), and two stashes of uzi ammo. Jump over to the lone crates in the middle of the room for some shotgun ammo. From there, go to the stacked crates in the NW corner for two stashes each of uzi ammo and shotgun ammo, and the CARTOUCHE PIECE 2. Now go back to the hidden hole against the south wall, hang from the edge and drop down a long distance into some water.

Pull out quickly and shoot a ninja, then throw the two floor levers in the control room. Jump through the west opening and slide down into the corridor below. Go out, turn right at the intersection and run up the ramp. As you pass the warehouse entrance to your right, run forward into the smaller east passage. Go down until you reach the wider area with the floor lever. Go up the ramp, follow past the intersection and enter the passage to your left where you'll find that the grate at the end is now open. Go inside and turn right. Pick up the small medi-pack in the corner and run up the ramp. Use the crawl space at the end and pick up the flares on your right. Continue around to the SE corner where you can stand up, and pull up into the small room above.

Use the ladder in the east wall to reach an upper control room where a ninja is waiting. Kill him, pick up the uzi ammo and throw the floor lever. Climb back down the ladder and drop into the hole in the corner. Crawl out to the ramp and run down to the north passage. Follow to the wider ramp and run up to your right. Now it's time to use that crawl space to your right just beyond the glassed flooring.

Go inside and follow to an opening. Lower Lara down into the hole and pick up the large medi-pack. Then jump into the water and swim down into the shaft. Follow to an underwater room where you emerge from the east opening (remember your bearings). Ahead is a west passage leading to another underwater room. Straight up is a shaft where you can swim up for air (but not pull out). To the north is another passage. Swim there and follow to yet another underwater room. Swim up through the shaft, surface and pull out into a fairly large room divided by a computer terminal.

Roam about and alert a ninja to kill, then pick up another SHOTGUN on the east side of the room and some flares and shotgun ammo on the west side. Go back to the east waterhole and jump in. Return to the previous underwater room and enter the west passage that leads to another underwater room. The shaft in the ceiling leads to the west end of the room you just visited, so follow the south passage which of course leads to another underwater room. Swim up, pull out into a new room that's very similar to the previous one and shoot the waiting ninja. No apparent goodies in this room, but there's an open gate in the south wall that gives you access to a stairway. Before giving up here, however, run around to the north side of the large computer terminal that divides the room. Pull up onto the terminal, and you find that you can stand up here. Run forward and drop down into a hole. Pick up some shotgun ammo and CARTOUCHE PIECE #1. Pull up at the north end and run off the edge onto the floor.

Exit through the south opening, run up the stairs and pick up the shotgun ammo as you enter the control room. Step forward and throw the floor lever as the gate automatically opens behind you. Vault up into the opening and run up the ramp until you reach a crawl space to your left. Crawl along the passage until you can stand up, then use the ladder in the north wall to reach a ramp leading to open air. Run up the ramp to an enclosed outdoor area guarded by three ninjas. Kill them all and pick up the flares and shotgun ammo dropped by two of them. Go to the SE corner, combine your two cartouche pieces to form the BA CARTOUCHE, and insert it in the receptacle (whereupon it's magically transformed into a Golden Star). Throw the floor lever and drop down through the nearby hole in the floor. Use the crawl space to wind your way down another ramp. When you can stand up, step forward to slide down a long slope.

Use the crawl space to your left to reach an opening where you can drop down into a corridor. Follow the corridor to the south, stopping along the way for some shotgun ammo, and when you reach the intersection two ninjas burst out from your left. Dispose of them, then go down the long east passage where they came from, stopping along the way for a large medi-pack on your left and some flares on your right. Kill another ninja, turn right at the bend and continue until you finally arrive at a dark area partially sealed off by a glass barrier. A ninja lurks on the other side. Get the shotgun ammo in the SE corner, then go west along the glass barrier and shoot another ninja who attacks from around the corner.

The east door allowing access to the glassed-off portion opens upon your approach, so go inside and kill that lurking ninja. Climb up onto the large crate near the west end of the room for two stashes of uzi ammo. Go to the east end of the room and climb up onto the lone block there. Face south and take a running jump and grab to the stacked crates, pull up and run forward to pull up onto the highest crate. Jump up to grab the ceiling, and monkey swing over to the structure in the center of the room. Drop down into a pool of water and swim to a small room where you can pull out. Pick up the HAND OF ORION and use the crawl space in the NW corner to access an opening in the wall overlooking the room you just left. Lower Lara down the other side, drop down into the room and leave this area through the west doorway, etc. Go back up the long corridor and turn left at the intersection.

Continue south down the corridor and kill another ninja posted at the far end. Use the crawl space at the SE corner to access a parallel corridor. Run down to your left and pick up the flares and uzi ammo in the NW corner at the bottom. Then go back up and take the east passage past the crate. When you reach the end, insert the Hand of Orion in the receptacle to open the grate. Run up the ramp past an area with a glass ceiling and enter another control room. Kill the ninja and throw the floor lever in the NE corner to open the exit grate. Enter the next room as Lara's theme music plays. If you head through the south passage toward the closed gate, the level crashes to the desktop, signifying that your adventure has reached its end.