Temple Of The Four Elements

A custom level made by Piter N

Unofficial walkthrough written by Selene

Note: To play this level, choose Catacombs from the level menu.

Pickups: Normal Grenade Ammo, Grenade Gun, flares, small medipack, large medipack, 4 Horseman's Gems, Pharos Pillar, Pharos Knot

Enemies: Mummies, skeletons

I could not find any secrets in the level, so if anyone has found any please contact me and I will add the necessary information to the walkthrough.

Lara begins her quest sliding into a chamber. There are four closed doors in the room and a ladder leading up in the N/W corner. At the top of the ladder you'll only find a gemstone receptacle so we'll leave that until we've found a suitable key. Each of the four doors have an image above them corresponding to the four elements. The N door leads to the Air Chamber and the door to the S will take our heroine to the Earth Chamber. The W doors goes through the Fire Chamber and the final door to the E will take bring the adventurer to the Water Chamber. In the middle of the room is a pedestal with some goodies on it, so first go over there to pick up a grenade gun and a box of normal grenade ammo.

Now as you approach the doors to the element chambers only two of them will open automatically, the Earth Chamber to the S and the Fire Chamber to the W. Normally you should be able to choose where you want to go first, but in this case there's nothing to do in the Earth Chamber yet so we'll have to go for the hot and heavy.

The Fire Chamber:

Hardly a surprise: you enter a room with lots of blocks in a lava pool. Above you there is a monkey swing which you can not reach yet so you'll have to find a different way around the pool. Some of the blocks are safe, others contain hidden burners and it's up to you to find out which ones are safe and which are not. The safe ones that you step on will also catch fire once you jump off them. To make the progress a bit easier I have made a diagram:

Click here to see diagram

Note- in the diagram the tiles containing burners are marked with an X. The safe ones are empty, but there are arrows following them that indicate the route to go by. It will be stated by each arrow what sort of jump is required to get to the next block: RJ is a running jump, SJ a standing jump. Whenever Lara is required to do a running jump and grab the ledge it will say RJ + Grab. Where it simply says Run, it indicates that the blocks are attached so Lara can run from one to the other.

At the end go through the opening and turn right. Proceed ahead down the dark hallway where you'll be greeted by a mummy. Some people like to run around like mad dodging the corpses to preserve ammo, but I personally prefer to get it over with in one blast with the grenade gun. Either way continue down the hallway until you can turn left into a large chamber and make short work out of the mummy and skeleton coming to bother you. Once they're taken care of you can pick up the small medipack and the Horseman's Gem from the pedestals. Leave the chamber and continue down the hallway until you reach the opening below the monkey swing. Now you can swing back to the starting point and go back to the room with the four doors.

Upon your return you will find that the Water Door to the E is now open. If you like you can climb the ladder in the corner and place the Horseman's Gem in the receptacle, but all that will happen is that the door will open revealing another closed door and a gem receptacle(in other words, you still need to find the remaining three). It doesn't really matter whether you place the gems one by one or when you've found all four, but the last one will probably be easier and less time consuming. Either way, go through the door to the Water Chamber next.

The Water Chamber:

Wade into the water and get ready for a long dive, because here you'll be faced with an underwater maze and closed doors in all directions. At first I tried writing down every move to open and get to each of the doors, but I found that to become too complex so I simply made a diagram over the maze, writing down the numbers of each door (from 1-12):

Click here to see diagram

As you push the button to open the last door a cutscene will start showing you the way into a beautiful room with another Horseman's Gem on a pedestal. Swim over there and climb out of the water. Pick up the 2nd Horseman's Gem and swim straight ahead back to the main room.

The Earth Chamber:

Now go to the Earth Chamber. The spikes along the right wall are now deactivated, so jump down there and press the button here. Do the same thing with the button in the spike pit along the left wall. Now go to the pits on each side of the middle ramp, jump in and press the two buttons there. Climb out and you'll see that the leftmost door is open. Go up the ramp until you reach a block ahead. This block is angled, so here you have to be cautious. The process is fairly simple though: pull up and immediately press Jump. Continue pressing Jump as Lara bounces around the slopes and at the final slope jump and press Action to grab the ladder ahead. Climb up to the top and follow the hallway around until you reach another slope. Stand up against the slope, press Jump and then Forward. Lara will jump onto the slope so immediately jump to clear the spike pit. As you land on the ledge ahead continue running as two spiked boulders will crash down from the ceiling. At the very end of the ledge press Jump and Action in mid-air and Lara will barely grab the ledge ahead with the flares. Pick them up and pull the lever here. On the wall opposite of the lever is a crawlspace. Pull up there, crawl through and drop down on the other side. You will now find yourself at the very beginning in front of the first slope.

Go back out to the room with the three ramps and you will find that the door on top of the middle ramp is open. Go through there and walk to the edge. If you look down and slightly to either side you will see that there's a spiked boulder right below you. At the bottom of the ramp ahead is a spike pit and there's another ledge across from it. I guess it's pretty easy and straight forward here. Well, you should almost believe it would be, but it actually took me quite a few tries to get across it. What I did was to drop down in front of the boulder, turn around and start sprinting down the slope. Right after the boulder drops I let go of the Sprint button, continued running down the rest of the slope, jumped at the very end and pressed Action in the last moment to make Lara grab the edge.
Pull up and go to the ladder. Climb up until Lara is about one tile away from the top and press Jump and Roll to make Lara flip around and land on a ledge in front of a button. Push it to open the third and final door in the main room with the three ramps and do a running jump to grab the ladder, being careful as there are spikes on the ledge below.

Climb back down to the bottom and do another running jump over the spike pit where the boulder landed, pressing Action in the last second so that Lara won't miss the edge. Pull up and go back up the ramp and climb the ladder on the left. Go down the ramp and up the last one. You will see a spike pit and a long ramp going up beyond it. This one is a bit tricky and requires good timing. Stand with Lara’s back to the spike pit and backflip twice. As soon as she lands the second time run forward and jump across the pit, barely avoiding the boulder pounding down behind her. Jump back over the pit and continue up the ramp. Continue running until you reach another pit, if you've timed it well another boulder will drop right behind Lara. If not you can try outrunning it, there's an alcove for cover on the right side (when facing the entrance). Do a running jump and grab the edge ahead above the spike pit (it does look like it's too far for her to make, but believe me she will).

Continue on until you get to another two slopes and a spiked floor between them. Start sliding down the slope and jump before the end to land on the opposite slope. Doing so will activate and deactivate the spikes so that when you hit the second slope you can slide safely down to the floor. Follow the hallway around and climb the first block. Do not climb the second one yet, it's a slope and there're (as usual) spikes below it. Jump up and grab the slope. Pull up and press Jump as Lara starts sliding. Continue pressing Jump and hold down the Right arrow key and Lara will bounce along the two slopes until she reaches the ledge on the right. Go to the right and pick up the 3rd Horseman's Gem from the pedestal. Leave this alcove and continue along a really dark hallway until you can drop down at the bottom of the ramp where you started. Leave the Earth Chamber and go back to the main room.

The Air Chamber:

Now it's time to go for the final door: The Air Chamber. Go straight ahead along the tall structure and blast the skeleton appearing. The skeletons will generally pop up at every broad platform so run along blasting them as you go. At the end do a running jump and grab the platform ahead. Take care of a final skeleton and run along the ledge to pick up a large medipack and the final Horseman's Gem from the pedestal. As you do so three skeletons will come alive so hopefully you still have enough grenade ammo. Once they're taken care of leave this room the way you came.

Taking Your Leave:

Now that you're finally done you can climb the ladder in the corner. Place the four Horseman's Gems in each their receptacle and go through the doors as they open. Follow the hallway around and take the first hallway to the left. Follow the hallway around until you reach a small room where you can pick up the Pharos Pillar. Leave this room and continue along until you reach an open doorway overlooking another room containing a receptacle for the Pharos Pillar. Place the Pharos Pillar in the receptacle and the door behind you opens. Drop into the opening and follow the hallway around. Ahead you will see golden skull tiles on each side, these shoot out lightning bolts. Carefully time running jumps to get across all four of them. After you pass the fourth one climb into the opening on the right. Drop down on the other side and use the monkey swing running along the ceiling on the right to avoid the poisonous darts in the pool below. Go into the hallway on the left and keep running along it until you reach a black button. Push this and go back outside. Monkey swing back across the pool and enter the now open door here. Follow the hallway until you reach a room with golden floor. Take care of two skellies and pick up the Pharos Knot one of them drops. Go to the W corner where there's a receptacle and place the Pharos Knot there. Go through the door next to it and continue running up all the stairs you encounter. Never mind the glass windows with the ladder, you'll get there in time. Just continue running along the hallway and make sure you run UP the stairs, not down them. At the top climb the ladder and continue along the long road until the end of the level.