The Lost Mine of Solomon 1 and 2

Level by Billy the Kid (April, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] The zipped file I have states that the levels have to be created using TRWEST. I think that this was done correctly but I had a serious bug when trying to change between the levels as noted below. [End note]

The Lost Mine of Solomon 1

Start by running across a bridge that collapses behind you in an earthquake. Run through a tunnel and pass a closed gate. Pick up flares, kill a scorpion, and go through a crawl space. Turn left to pull up into a tunnel. At the end, drop into a tunnel on the other side of the closed gate. Go right and enter a small room. Go to the room, shoot a vase and kill the scorpion that emerges from it. Dive into the water in the floor and swim. Pick up shotgun shells and swim up into a room. Shoot the vases and kill three scorpions. Enter the hole in the south wall and go down the steps. The gate opens for you. Enter and the gate closes. Run to the left around the casket to pick up a laser sight. Continue to avoid the mummy and the gate opens so you can escape. Notice a closed gate in the west wall. Pull back the statue in the north-west corner and get into the crawl space. Stand up and pull up to the right. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of the west gate opening. Exit and go to the gate. The next opens as you approach. Run over the bridge and pick up the revolver as two mummies approach. There is a tunnel to the south-west leading to a crawl space for later.

Drop into the water and swim into an opening in the north-east. Swim to a room for two shotgun shells. Continue swimming through a room with a vase and to the next room to surface for air. Continue through another room with a vase. Then pick up a small medipack and pull up into a long room with fire on the floor. Monkey swing to drop on a block in the middle of the fire and a rope appears. Swing over to the far side and pick up flares. Go through the tunnel to climb down a pole. Use a rope to safely swing over the fire and the far gate opens. Pick up the Hand of Orion and jump to the nearby block for the shotgun and shotgun shells. Enter the tunnel and be careful at the end since the floor has spikes. Flares only work here if you drop them. Pull up to a block to the right and climb the other columns to pull up to a bridge. Crawl across the bridge because the darts from the wall are deadly. Pick up pistol ammo just before the crawl space and enter it. At the other side slide down and jump a spike trap. At the bottom you get a cut scene of the next room. Go to the right into the room and kill the blue ninja. Look at the room. It should be obvious that you have to keep jumping with a right curve to reach the flat tile in the south-west corner. Then just jump to the flat tiles to reach the opening in the south-east corner.

When you reach that corner a rope appears. Go into the tunnel and climb up a ramp. After a few tiles you get a cut scene of a spike ball falling. Roll and run back to grab the rope. Start climbing when you can because the spike ball can still get you if you stay at the bottom. When it drops beneath you, swing back to the opening.

Go up the ramp again and the gate opens for you. As you enter, you get a flyby of the area. Jump two columns to pick up a small medipack. On the ground, kill the blue ninja. As you approach the gate, it opens and three blue ninjas attack. Kill or ignore them and go down the tunnel. At the end drop into a room with water. Go to the north-east and enter the crawl space there. Stand up in a long room with a water channel. Kill three scorpions and go to the east end. The gate opens for you. Climb the ladder and follow to enter a room. Shoot the vase for a large medipack. Get into the hole and slide to escape the two mummies. Go through a crawl space to enter a room with a slide into some spikes. I found it easier to go to the south end, shoot two vases, kill a scorpion, and just safety drop to the block beside the gate that opens for you.

Enter a crawl space and when you reach a junction go to the right. Pick up a small medipack and two shotgun shells from the room. Exit and continue to the right in the crawl space. Go in a little and when you see a scorpion, back up to kill it before it traps you. Continue to drop onto a platform in a room of fire on the floor. Jump to grab the column in front of you. Shimmy to the other side and back flip to a platform. Repeat for another column and platform. Pull up into a tunnel, pick up a large medipack and kill a scorpion. Go to the end of the tunnel and slide down. It seems that the level changes but according to the save/load menus, it is still the same level. You get a flyby of the area showing where you should go.  Get on the block in front of you. Jump north to grab a crevice and shimmy around the block. Monkey swing to a safe platform in the south. Jump and grab a column south and then jump to the west. Go to a block to the west and grab the rope to the south-west. Swing south to jump to the ledge. The vases are empty. Pick up the Hand of Sirius and hear a trap door open. Pick up the large medipack from the floor. Avoid the mummy and climb the ladder. Follow the tunnel to another fake level change.

You are back in the area with the two mummies and where you found the revolver. Go south and follow the crawl space there to enter a large room. Use the two Hands to open two doors. Pull out each statue and place them on the tiles next to the block with the fire. The door in the east wall opens. There was a serious problem at this point. Even though the door was open, it was also still closed. No amount of statue moving or anything else seems to open the door. The level author does not mention any bugs but there is a hint that the two levels can be played separately. I assumed that there was not much of anything behind the door but a level change so I use the infamous level skip cheat to go to the next level. Sorry about that. If someone knows the proper fix, please post a correction as I probably missed something somewhere.

The Lost Mine of Solomon 2

You start at the base of a ladder. Go forward and follow to a ledge where you get a flyby of the room. Go to the right and find a torch beneath the wall torch. Light it and go the tile you saw in the flyby. Be careful of the fires and light the face tile in the flyby. A trap door to the south-east opens. Turn and kill a red ninja and three blue ninjas that appear behind you. Drop into the trap door and go to the end of the tunnel. Get a flyby of the area. Go right for grenade shells and go down to pick up the Horseman's Gem. A skeleton awakes so dive into the water. Pick up the grenade gun and get rid of the skeleton. The underwater gate opens so swim inside. Swim down the tunnel aa the level ends and changes to a regular tutorial level.