By Pieter Elbers (Pytr)

Walkthrough provided by the author and posted on his web page:   

Ground floor:

Take the small-medi and go through the door on your right, walk straight on into the garden. Go stand with your face towards the building, on the right hand side there is a jump switch, which opens the trapdoor in the floor.Go into the hole, light a flare and crawl towards the first secret a shotgun. You can crawl a bit further and take a peek on what lies ahead of you. Return to the building, before you enter there’s a big-medi on the balcony. Re-enter the building and go to the right, kick the door and you’ll see something else for future usage. Go to the stairs, shoot the SAS guard on your way and go up to the first floor.

First floor:

Entering the hallway on the first floor go to the left, duck and shoot the vessel to pick up the small-medi. Go back to the hallway and kick the left door to a small dark room. Stand in the portal with your face towards the small room. Jump and grab to pull down the ceiling trapdoor.

Second floor:

Walk through the passage, at the end there are two rooms, take the left one and crawl towards jump switch and shotgun ammo. Pull the switch. Recognise the room where the door opened? Go back to the passage and to the other room, pull yourself up through the trapdoor opening in the ceiling.

Third floor:

Walk through the passage and find the nitrous oxide feeder. A trapdoor will open to the roof. Go to the roof, collect the laser sight and jump into the hole. Go in the cistern through the door you opened with the switch on the second floor. Swim through the passage until you reach the ‘gracht

Gracht: (canal)

Swim to the left towards the fence, in the right corner you’ll find a passage to the other side of the fence (if you didn’t check ‘volumetric FX’ in the set up you can’t miss it) Swim through the passage and climb the platform in the middle. A door opens at the other end of the gracht. Take the small-medi and take a running jump to the border around the water. In the corner you’ll find secret 2, shotgun ammo. You can now swim to the other end of the gracht but you’ll find the door closed. So walk around the water and jump on the platform in the middle, the door will open again, now swim quickly to the other end of the gracht and climb out.


Kill anyone that shoots at you and collect a small-medi. Go into the street on the left, pull the jump switch above the trapdoor, switch the lever switch, collect the revolver ammo and climb out again. Go to the end of the street, if you missed something in the house, this is your chance. The door to the motor room opened, stand with your face towards the motorcycle on the side where you would normally climb up. Press ‘Esc’ and ‘use’ the nitrous oxide feeder, Lara will install it on the machine and climb up. Have fun on the street with no traffic before you go to the bridge under construction.


I think it is easy to see where to jump, otherwise climb off and investigate. Pull the motor back as far as possible and use ‘Ctrl’ and ‘.’ to jump over the water.

The other side:

Climb off the motorcycle and walk into the street ahead, maybe a bit on the left side…Walk towards the block at the end of the street, climb up and switch the jump switch. Go back to the motorcycle and run over any baddy’s on your way (small-medi). Drive through the construction floor. Maybe it’s best to save your game before you go all the way up with the motor ‘cos that’s what you’ll have to do. Once you’re up in the misty room, collect the small-medi and drive through the wall on the other side. Time to say goodbye to the machine…crawl through the passage, lower yourself at the end, hang, let go for an instance and grab again. Pull yourself up using the ‘.’ and ‘arrow up’ buttons to find secret 3, the revolver.

Wooden room:

Go to the platform, jump on the block and run to the wall, jump and grab and pull yourself up into the water room.

Water room:

Jump on the block and switch the lever switch, walk over the ice. In the far left corner you’ll find shotgun ammo. Climb up the stairs but as soon as you see the helicopter only one step more. Combine revolver and lasersight and shoot the fuel barrel, after a few seconds it's safe to make a running jump to the terrace on the other side of the street.

Blue room:

Use your revolver / lasersight combination to shoot the switches, they will open the representation of a gate you’ve seen before. Go back to the gracht, walk over the ice and walk through the opened gate to the end of the level.

These were Lara’s first steps in Amsterdam and my first level with the level editor. The story continues in: The Iron Horse.

Hope you liked it.