The Iron Horse
By Pieter Elbers (Pytr)

Walkthrough provided by the author and posted on his web page:  

The tracks:

Walk straight down the hallway till the end, on the left hand side you’ll find a small-medi, walk up the escalator.

Climb the wall next to the clock on track 8 and make a jump backwards to collect the gem on the clock. Lower yourself and walk down the track to find Uzi-ammo behind the info-board, between track 6 and 7.

In between the two trains at track 4 you’ll find a laser sight. Now go to the double doors at track 1, open them to find out there’s not much to do there besides collecting the Uzi-ammo above the double doors.

First tower:

Walk to the main hall and open the door with the horseman’s gem. Go all the way up in the tower and pill the switch, a block lowers.

Go back to the waiting room at track 1 and go through the opening in the wall.

This is the royal waiting room. (Doesn’t look like this in real…)

When you walk towards the fireplace, there is some movement at the tracks.

Go outside and climb the train that arrived at track 1. Make a running jump to the sign of track 2, pull up and jump to the sign of track 3 to collect secret 1, the six-shooter. Jump back to the train and pull up on the sign of track 1. From here you can jump on the ledge where you’ll find a crowbar.

The train that has left from track 3, revealed a pit in the ground. Jump in the pit and pull the switch.

Go back to the main hall and to the left to take a peek in the room with the statue of The Iron Horse. In the hallway you can pick up some Uzi-ammo.

After that, go to the other wing of the main hall to arrive in a room with containers.

The container room:

Climb up the first blue container on the right, jump and grab the yellow, two- container block; climb up and make a running jump to the other side of the room.

Grab the blue container, climb up and walk towards the wall. Now climb the yellow container on the right, jump off at the other side, turn around and use the crowbar to get the golden star.

Turn around, jump and grab the rim of the containers and shimmy around till you can drop on the blue one. Make two running jumps to reach the hole with secret 2,

The Uzi.

The second tower:

Go back to the main hall and open the door with the golden star.

Walk past the chain and crawl into the space to get secret 3, Uzi-ammo.

Now go all the way up in the tower and switch the snake switch. The fire in the fireplace of the royal waiting room has gone out so you know where to go.

Royal waiting room:

Climb up the chimney and pick up the Uzi-ammo behind the wheels. Jump in the nearest pit and collect secret 4, revolver ammo. You can climb out the pit on the other side.

The Iron Horse:

Go to the room with the statue of the Iron Horse.

Collect the horseman’s gem. (Tip: stand on the elevation in the floor and use the revolver, but only when you can hit the gem)

Go into the little room and pick up secret 5, Uzi-ammo and a small medi-pack.

Open the door with the gem and walk down all the way to the underground lake.

The underground lake:

On the right side you’ll find a torch, light it with with the snake’s fire and walk up in the tunnel to the room with the wooden floor. When you stand in front of the floor press ‘spacebar’ so Lara will throw the torch on the floor.

Jump in the hole and switch the jump switch on the pipes, return to the lake.

Jump in the dry lake, walk to the pit and turn around till your lined up with your back towards the pit, in the middle. Light a flare and climb down the pit until you reach a hole. Let go for a moment and grab immediately and pull up with ‘.’ And ‘arrow up’.

Pick up secret 6, Uzi ammo and a small-medi.

Get rid of the half burned flare and take a new one, lower yourself out the hole and climb out the pit. Climb up the other side of the dry lake and take the music scrolls.

Go back to the tunnel and go to the room with the ‘cog’ (turning wheel), make sure you have enough health before you climb up the pole.

The secret passage:

Behind the counter in the shop you’ll find a small medi-pack. Go to the music room in the second tower and place the music scrolls on the plateau.

The broken axis in the room with the wheels is now healed; go there to switch the switch. If you drop down the chimney afterwards you’ll see that the back part has opened. Shoot the vessel in the corner and pick up the Uzi ammo that can help you to shoot the guy in the royal waiting room.

Pick up his gem and take the scrolls on the plateau. A passage opens and you’ve reached the end of this level.

Hope you liked it,