The Big Library

Level by Rafal Stanczyk (February, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Run east down the dark tunnel and into a room and see the pedestals catch fire. Go to the east wall behind the vases to pick up Uzi ammo and Uzis. The tunnel in the north wall is for later, so go east up the ramp and enter a corridor. Kill a horseman and pick up Uzi ammo. Enter the first room to the south to pick up a small medipack. Notice a hole in the south-east corner. Climb down the hole and you are in a tunnel. Sprint down the tunnel and the large balls drop behind you. Follow the tunnel to pick up the laser sight and the Music Scroll. The door opens for you, so exit and climb the ladder back into the room. Return to the corridor and continue east. Enter the next south room and pick up a large medipack in the dark south-west corner. Exit back to the corridor and go north. Go down the ramp and go north into a blue-lit opening. Pick up four Uzi ammo, one in each room corner. Kill a horseman and go behind the globe to pick up two flares and the crowbar. Exit and go south to the large vases. The small vases in the corners are empty. Pick up a large medipack from the pedestal in front of the large vases. Before you continue south, you have to backtrack for an item.

Go back up the ramp and return to the starting room and enter the tunnel in the north wall. Follow the tunnel to a room and pry a Golden Star from the west wall. Pick up flares and a small medipack from the pedestals in the corner of the room. Now return back to the ramp and follow the south corridor. Be careful of the steam and the small vases are empty. You should find two openings leading into tunnels.

Go west and follow the tunnel to a pool. Dive into the water and enter an underwater tunnel in the south-west bottom corner. Swim through a narrow opening into a large room. Swim to the north wall and then upwards to pull up into a corridor. Go south to place the Music Scroll. Go north to push open the blue doors and pick up revolver ammo. Continue to enter another large room. Kill two horsemen and pick up the small medipack and revolver ammo that they drop. Go south to the bottom of the large up-ramp and turn east. Push open the blue doors and enter to pick up a Horseman's Gem. Go up the ramp to a tile with a circle. Jump north to a slope, jump again, and grab a ledge. Pull up onto the ledge and pick up the revolver.
Shoot the brass ball high up at the east wall and drop to the floor. Follow the north down-ramp for flares and Uzi ammo. Exit and follow the south down-ramp and enter a library room. Go to the west wall and pick up revolver ammo. Enter the tunnel in the east wall to pick up Uzi ammo, red shotgun shells, two blue shotgun shells and the shotgun. Exit this area and swim back to the pool and then down the stairs to the corridor.

Go east and follow to a room to kill two horsemen in an arena area. Look on the west wall for a receptacle and use the Horseman's Gem in it. The door large blue doors in the room corners are open. Enter each doorway and pull a wall switch at the end of the corridor. Go east to a single pillar and climb the ladder on the east side and enter the open gate. Go south while the gate closes behind you. Shoot the vases in the dark corners and pick up revolver ammo. Go north and shoot a vase for a small medipack. Continue to the right and go north to shoot a vase for flares. Then go west to a junction. This is not a real maze but a collection of adjoining corridors. South is back to the closed gate. Go west and shoot a vase in a corner for a large medipack. Continue north for an empty vase. The next corner vase has blue shotgun shells. Continue north and loop back to the south to shoot two vases for Uzi ammo and revolver ammo.

Finally go north into a room with brass columns. Go to the end up the stairs. Use the Golden Star in the receptacle at the north wall. You get a cut scene going up some steps and ending with a pool of water. Go east and up the steps. Swim through the water and go to the south-east corner. Pull the wall switch and swim back and go down the stairs to the receptacle. Continue into the west tunnel and climb down a ladder. Go through the gate you opened and down a wide corridor to the north. Enter a large room with many brass columns and high vaulted ceilings. Go to the middle of the room and kill a horseman. There are closed large blue doors in the west wall. Go into an east corridor and kill another horseman. Go east to a junction and wait to kill the two horsemen who attack.

Continue east and find a water pool. Dive in and swim into an underwater tunnel in the south wall. Swim through a flooded room and pull up into an opening at a ladder in the south wall. Go to the end of the tunnel and pull the wall switch. You get a flashing cut scene. Swim back and go west to the open large blue doors. Enter and run up a ramp to see a place for two items. The two vases are empty. Go south and start to sprint down the ramps as a green ball chases you. At the bottom jump to the right and you get a flyby up the tunnel you just ran through and a closed gate. The ball drops into a hole behind you. Shoot a vase in the north corner for revolver ammo. Run west onto a balcony to pick up a Horseman's Gem and return. Push open the blue doors in the south alcove. Run down a ramp and climb a ladder into another tunnel. Slide down into a tunnel to kill a horseman.

Go north and shoot two empty vases. To the west of the second vases is an empty room. Continue north and down a ramp. Shoot a vase for Uzi ammo and then go west. The vase is empty. The switches will open the blue doors for you. Or you can push them open if you want. Enter the first north room for a small medipack on a pedestal. Exit and go west into a second north room for Uzi ammo on a pedestal. Exit and push open the south door and follow the tunnel. Shoot the vases for Uzi ammo and kill a horseman. Run west onto a balcony to pick up a Horseman's Gem and flares and return to the corridor. You need another Golden Star so go up the ramp in the west above the receptacle and follow it back to the room you left.

Use the two Horseman's gems and the gate opens. Enter and just keep following the tunnel downwards and enter a huge open area. This is the area below the balconies you were on earlier. Go south and pick up another crowbar. Continue south and pry a Golden Star off the south wall. Go to the ground level and kill two horsemen. Shoot a brass ball high up under the north-east balcony. Return up the ramp to the starting room and go north down the tunnel to the receptacle. Use the Golden Star and get a flyby of two large doors opening. Turn and go east and then north. Shoot two vases for a large medipack and revolver ammo. The room to the north contains nothing.

Enter the doors and go east in the next room. Go the east wall and pull open up a trap door from the south side. Drop into a tunnel and follow it to the east. Be careful of swinging chains in this area. At the T-junction, go north and turn right to pull a wall switch. Return and go south and turn left. Just before the next chain throw a flare for some light. There is an alcove in the north wall. Enter there and pull another wall switch. Exit and continue to the east. Just follow the tunnel to find some blocks underneath an opening. Climb the blocks and pull up to the south into a dark tunnel. Follow the dark tunnel into another large room with two descending ramps.

Go down the west ramp and pick up blue shotgun shells from a pedestal at the south wall. Notice a fire at the east side of the room. Return upstairs and go down the east ramp. Kill two horsemen and pick up red shotgun shells from a pedestal. Go into a north-east opening for a small medipack. Exit and go into the north-west opening for a torch. Exit and return to the west ramp and light the torch using the fire in that room. Go back up the ramp and go south to see a closed door. Carefully light the two pedestals beside the doorway. If you stand too close, you can catch fire. Enter the room and go east to find some steps. Follow the steps to the high edge and go west into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a high ledge. Follow the ledges to the north side. Run down the north corridor and the level ends.