Catacombs of pyramid by Rafal Stanczyk

Walkthrough by eRIC

I will not mention all the shatterable vases in which goodies can be found , only the most important ones. There is no need to shoot the white vases nor the bones.

You find yourself at the top of a block. South is what we shall call the main hall. Firstly go East in a corridor leading to a room with a little bird statue to collect flares , a big medipack , explosive arrows and the crossbow with which you shall blow out your first skeleton. Notice the corridor at the end of which is a slope (you will return by this way when you will have found the Pharos knot at the end of the game). Return to the beginning and turn left to the main hall. Blow out another skeleton. There are two openings in the right wall, a closed door and another opening in the left wall, and a switch a the end. Go into the left opening to a small room with the Pharos knot receptacle , a closed door (this door is the end of the level) , a skeleton that goes down from the ceiling. Pull the switch to open a door somewhere in a dark corridor. Return to the main hall.

Opening the door of the main hall
Now your goal is to open the door of the main hall, and according to what you do there are different ways to do that. You will find 3 switches, one will open the door, but you need to push at least two of them.
1/ First way : Push the switch at the end of the main hall , it opens a door for a shortcut. Now take the corridor near by (2nd opening right of the main hall) to arrive in a room with columns , blow out a skeleton, take the goodies and go left by the opened door (opened by the switch of the main hall) into a corridor : there is a closed door ahead that you donít need to open (if you want to open it , run up the ramp of the previous room with columns to find another switch). Follow the corridor , climb the block and pull the switch that opens the door of the main hall. Beyond the windows you see the other switch that you donít really need to find. Return to the main hall via the previous room.
2/ if you donít push the switch of the main hall , do the same than in way 1/ by taking the corridor near by (2nd opening right of the main hall) to arrive in the room with columns , blow out the skeleton and take the goodies. But the door on the left is closed, so follow up the ramp at the end of this room and pull the switch. (beyond the windows you may see the other switch). Return to the main hall, once there turn left/left and go down to arrive to another room with columns. Go right by the opened door and left in the corridor, climb the block and push the switch to open the door of the main hall. Return there.

A bit of pushing
Go into the newly opened corridor. At the intersection , if you go left you will notice a closed door. REMEMBER THIS DOOR ! Go right and follow the corridor where you will notice left and right the switch(es) you pulled earlier beyond the windows (and just after the door you opened by the very first switch you pulled at the beginning). At the end go left or right to a room with a closed door and 2 pushable objects. Place one of them on the different pattern tile and once the door is opened, push it on a second different pattern tile. Return the way you came and continue by the newly opened door to the next area.
Right is a bridge over a pit. But take a look forward to notice 2 doors that you need to open. Go on the bridge over the pit, run up the ramp in the next room, follow the corridor go down a ladder and continue until another room with many columns and 2 pushable objects (in my game, only one of them could be moved). Place the movable object on the different patterned tile located at the end of the room : that will open the 2 doors you saw earlier. Return there (turn right after the bridge over the pit). The left door leads you back to the room already visited (the one with the little bird statue where you found the crossbow). Turn right then.

The pools and the blue gem
You soon arrive in a vast room with a big pool. Notice the closed door. Blow out the 2 skeletons and go to the other side, into a room with a gem receptacle. Go left into the opening in a room with 3 skeletons. You can find again explosive ammunitions here. Climb the ladder. Once in the corridor above, turn right. Crawl into the opening to a half sunked room. Pick up the blue gem. Return into the corridor, if you follow the corridor until the end, you can make a dive into the big pool. The blue gem opens the door near by. Beyond it, a small maze with plenty of breakable vases and goodies , and a big face button to open the door in the room with the big pool.

Huge room and the Pharos knot
After a big slide, a very big room with a central platform. Take care of the 2 skeletons which are in a hurry to meet you, go down by the ladder located North at the back of the central platform. Plenty of vases and goodies on the ground, with also a few skeletons. Do not forget to pick up the Pharos Knot on the ground in the South-West corner.
Go to the opening at the opposite corner and climb a first ladder. After a brief re-entrance in the huge room and yet another corridor, climb a 2nd ladder, and after a bit of sliding you are back in the room with the little bird statue. (The door in the left is opened as a shortcut in case you forgot to pick up the Knot). Go right , then left to return to the main hall. At the end, turn left, to place the pharos knot and open the last door.