Creator: Rafal Stanczyk

Walkthrough by: Anurag

The game shows Lara jumping from an overhead opening, the starting message is "The year 2000 somewhere in Egypt". Continue forward, overlook the first overhead opening, then turn right, overlook the second overhead opening, then turn left, the third overhead opening has a ladder. Don't continue forward as there is a flame trap below, instead climb up the ladder, then drop at the left side. Continue forward, turn right & slide down the chute. SAFETY-DROP to the room below from the opening. In the Southeast corner there are 30 UZI CLIPS, also there are 30 UZI CLIPS in the East corner. ROLL & then climb up the wooden box, turn right & climb another box; continue forward & pick up FLARES, 1 SMALL MEDIPACK & UZIS loaded with 30 rounds. Continue towards the GREEN GRATED DOOR opposite to from where Lara entered, it'll open as you approach it.
Turn right, then again right, continue uphill, turn left & reach the LEVER.

Pull the LEVER, a cut-scene follows, which shows us that all the boards showing POWER OFF now show POWER ON & all the lights in the passage get lighted, in the last seconds it also tells us about the location of THE HAND OF ORION. (There is a bug after the cut-scene, Lara's complexion becomes dark, to correct it return to the sloped passage then re-enter the room with LEVER). ROLL, then climb over the wooden box in absolute north, from there climb up to a catwalk. From there take a standing jump to the left catwalk. Turn 45 degrees right & take another standing jump to the catwalk with THE HAND OF ORION, grab it & return to the GREEN GRATED DOOR. There are 2 NINJAS which can switch between sword & guns, blast them then continue towards another GREEN GRATED DOOR with a NICHE besides it.

Place THE HAND OF ORION in the NICHE, & the GREEN GRATED DOOR opens. Continue through it & climb up on the box. From the edge take a standing jump, while pressing ACTION so that Lara can take hold of the edge of red-lighted Crawlspace in the ventilation, crawl towards left in the dark; light a flare & pick up the CARTOUCHE PIECE 2. Turn around and crawl further in; at the end turn right, then SAFETY-DROP to the room below from the opening in the right. ROLL & continue through the door. ROLL & draw out your guns as 3 NINJAS have appeared in the previous room. Take good care of them then again go through the door, turn left then kill another NINJA; then turn right to enter a roofless room, with a water pool. Jump on various boxes & pick up 6 REVOLVER AMMO & REVOLVER loaded with 6 rounds.

Jump in the pool, there is an opening at the bottom in the East direction, swim in it. Turn left, then right; you will end up in a big pool. Climb out, there is a way in the East direction, go through it & try your REVOLVER on the 2 NINJAS that emerge. There is an opening in the right side, continue through it. Turn right & you'll end yourself in the room of goodies. Pick up 12 REVOLVER AMMO, six each from the tops of both the bookshelves, FLARES from the Northwest corner & 30 UZI CLIPS besides one of the bookshelves. Then climb on the wooden box in the center; facing the green computer screen. Jump up & climb in the crawlspace, continue forward; turn right. At the end SAFETY-DROP in the room below. Continue upwards the sloped path, do not turn, go straight & enter a room. Turn right & climb the first wooden box, turn around & climb in the crawlspace. Continue straight then turn left.

A cut-scene shows that the room ahead revolves & the cut-scene discloses a crawlspace. Take a running jump to the ladder, pressing ACTION; but be careful there is an acid pool below. Climb up the ladder then BACKFLIP on the ventilation duct, crawl inside it, turn right; then SAFETY-DROP to the room below. Continue right, then left, halt before the chute, & slide facing backwards pressing ACTION, then descend the ladder. There is CARTOUCHE PIECE 1 in the Northwest corner. Turn around & go through the door on left. Continue forward & you'll hear a door open. Turn left, continue uphill on the slope, in the second room, the GREEN GRATED DOOR on the right has opened. Continue right, climb the stairs & kill the NINJA, turn right. Overlook the opening on left; continue straight and reach the hall with pool. Combine CARTOUCHE PIECE 1 & CARTOUCHE PIECE 2 to make BA CARTOUCHE, then use it in the NICHE in the Southwest corner. The GREEN GRATED DOOR in the south opens. Continue through it to the computer room, kill the NINJA then continue straight. Turn left, then right; climb up the stairs. Turn right & climb another set of stairs & enter the room with boxes. In the Northeastern corner, there is a door, climb up the stairs, turn left, another left & enter the control panel room. Kill the NINJA here and recover another BA CARTOUCHE from him. Go back to the room with boxes. Climb up the box in the Southeast direction (labeled M-12). ROLL & take a standing jump while pressing ACTION to the boxes on the opposite side. From there climb up the highest wooden box & pick THE HAND OF SIRIUS. Climb down the box, ROLL & take a running jump. You should now be atop a box with LARGE MEDPACK. Then go back to the control panel as you went before. SHORTCUT: There is also a bug here, go to the box from where you got THE HAND OF SIRIUS, from there take a jump towards the railing of the control panel room's window, she will grab it, then just climb up.

In the South between the bookshelves, there is a NICHE for THE HAND OF SIRIUS, place it there & a GREEN GRATED DOOR gets opened in the Southwest corner in the room with boxes. Continue through it, straight ahead there is an acid pool so turn right; at the end use the BA CARTOUCHE in the niche the GREEN GRATED DOOR opposite to it opens, also you receive another BA CARTOUCHE. Continue, climb up & then down the other side. Turn left & pull the LEVER at the end, the acid pool below gets dried (Another bug even if it doesn't disappear, just assume it isn't here, because sometimes it doesn't disappear but its effect goes away). Jump on the catwalk below in the Northeast & from there to where the pool was. There is an opening in the South, continue through it to end up in an open area, with a sub just ahead in water. Turn right, stand on the second texture on the floor, from the right wall. ROLL, then climb down the ladder, once at the bottom, approach the water & Hooray! you have finished another raid successfully.