Arctic Ship

Level by Raider of Tombs (August, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

down from the ledges and kill a guard in the south-west corner. Kill another guard in the south-east corner. Walk up to the door in the side of the ship and get a cut scene of the door opening from inside the ship. Enter the room and go through an open doorway and follow the ramp up to the deck of the ship. There are explosions to the north. You may see a helicopter and a sentry gun explode.


Stay on the deck of the ship and go east and drop down a hole. Go west and see a ledge with fires and floor levers behind it. The three floor levers just seem to start more fires on the ledges. Go west into another room and climb the ledge on the south wall. Use the floor lever and go east back to the entrance hole. A door has opened in that area so use the floor lever in the corner. Then go west again and into the small room. Enter the open door and climb a ladder. Pull up into a room and go east to use a floor lever. The door in the north wall opens.


Safety drop out of the door. Go west and loop around to climb a ladder. Pull up to a cargo loading area and kill a guard. Go to the north-west ledge and use the floor lever. Then go to the south-east corner. Kill the guard on the ledge and drop into the hole in the corner. Run up the steps and enter the opening in the east wall. Kill the guard on the far east ledge. Then jump to the nearest east ledge. Follow the ledges to the east and jump into an east doorway. Enter the room and use the floor lever. Crouch to pick up the crowbar on the floor near the lever. Go to the south-west corner and drop into the hole.


Drop into another hole in the corner. You land on a large structure. Go west to two similar structures and use the two floor levers on them. Safety drop on the north side of the structure. Go west, through the open door and up the ramp. At the top, shoot all the barricades. Look for a safe place with no fires and get into the trench. Pull up into the crawl space on the south side. Follow the crawl space to the west and turn north. At the end, climb the wall ladder and pull up back into the cargo loading area.


Go back to the south-east and drop into the hole. Go up the steps and into the east opening. Safety drop to the deck of the ship. Go north and follow the side ledge over to the area where the explosions were located. Get on the motorcycle and drive over two guards. There is no end trigger so just drive around and exit the level anytime.