The Lost Coast

Level by Pregusia

Walkthrough by DJ Full

GRAB! Safety drop and pick up some explosive arrows. Advance E to kill a croc and find some more explosive arrows on the right of the locked door. Go E and behind the house to find the crossbow. Pick up a small medi from in front of the N passage and follow that path to shoot another 3 crawling reptiles on your way to the water channel. Jump in and swim along its right part to find a large medi far away on the left bank. Continue swimming and pull up on the bank in front of the gate. Go through it and grab a small medi from the pool between the two solid walls. Advance across the yard, in the darker place go left to get on the top of the first wall. Avoid a skeleton and find the Pharos Knot at the end. Go back to the darker place and check the opposite passage to get on the top of the second wall. Find a slot for the key at the end and open the exit in the familiar darker place. Go through the portal, pick up some flares from the corridor and climb a ladder to the top. Slide down a short slope and reverse roll to grab the ledge. Shimmy right till you can pull up for a laser sight. Continue shimmying until you can safety drop on a flat rock. Follow the wall in the same direction you were shimmying. Find a hole and jump down to fall into the water. Swim through the passage, pull up to the dry part, go upstairs for Gate Key and approach the gate. Wait a moment - it opens automatically, but requires some patience from you. Go outside, grab some flares and go left around the water channel to find the stairs with a gate on the top. Open it with the key you have found. Behind it, follow the grassy passage, shoot 3 warthogs and climb the ladder behind the dunes to fight another warthog. Approach the nearby slope and look down to spot Horseman's Gem on one of the rocks. Get it and backtrack to the very first yard. Open the last gate with the Horseman's Gem to reveal the passage leading to the large open space. Find a big medi on the left of the entrance. Advance a little bit and kill the last skeleton.

Follow the left wall to find a dark passage. Climb the blocks in there and jump on the pillar outside. Use the remaining columns to get on the top of the last one and trigger the end of the level.

Pull up directly on the last pillar. No need to platform at all.