Level by Rene Winkler (seven125)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: Use the script files that come with the level editor and select the
City of the Dead from the start menu

You start the level with Lara standing on a raft somewhere in the middle of the ocean, with the body of a big ship in front of you. Jump into the ocean and let the water current push Lara up toward the underwater hole of the ship with your swimming help, then climb into the first room of the ship. Since Lara is infiltrator in this ship, you might want keep a cautious silence! Notice that it is not necessary to shoot on those "friendly soldiers;" as long as you do not shoot on any soldiers they will stay cool, but it's up to you. Anyway, I had choice not to deal with them and from now on I will only mention in which room you are going to meet one of them, but feel free to do whatever you want.

Head toward the short passage and get into the room from left side, you'll meet the first soldier! Pick up the medipack and grenade ammo, then get out of the room. Head to the closed door, meanwhile the way back to room you come from is closed by a brown block.
Kick in a door and pass to next room, soldier is standing at the middle of the room, ignore from the right passage and head to left side darker corner. Light flare, then jump/grab the ceiling trapdoor, turn around, go one step forward and once again jump/grab the edge of metal crawlspace. Crawl forward, then turn left into the nook, reach the SECRET PLACE, light flare and get the revolver ammo and medipack. Turn around and proceed crawling ahead down the low slope, get some shotgun ammo on your way, then later drop through the hole down to the kitchen.

Take care of bunch of flies attacking, then short looking around you'll see that except for the burning stove and uzi clips that you get later the kitchen is empty. Head toward the door and kick in, pass to next room, I guess it's the dining room, you see two soldiers are walking around. Get some more grenade normal ammo behind the right table and later climb onto the left table get the uzi clips. Drop down where you see the soldier lies down and pull him from his shoulders, get the REVOLVER that he left behind. Go forward to the last room ahead, get the flares and the medipack, then go and stand onto the low ramp at the left corner and jump/grab the crack, shimmy right till you reach the alcove.

Pull Lara inside, go few steps forward and push the lever floor, flyby will show you double grate trapdoor is open in the room right above the kitchen. Since you've not turned off the burning stove you cannot climb there, so do your way back to the first room you came from.

Enter the short passage you ignored earlier, there is a closed brown door in front of you. Follow the passage from the right, when you get to the door just kick in and pass to next passage, turn left into the cargo boxes room. Some rat crosses in front of you, oops he is out from the killing enemies, but the bats are not. Go left and then right between the boxes ahead, pick up the shotgun and ammo, turn around, go forward and climb onto the boxes, get the flares. Turn to face left side and jump forward, grab the box, climb onto it, turn to the right in front of the highest boxes. Take an angled jump, grab the boxes and pull up, then run and jump back to other side and grab again the boxes, pull Lara into the space between
the ceiling and the boxes. Get the LASERSIGHT and quickly drop down from there, as a bunch of flies are attacking again, get out of the room then turn left toward the door, kick it in and pass to next passage, enter the last room at this side. There are two sentry guns, the busted one you can see in front of you and the second is right beyond the corner so watch your step. Take a good look toward the east side, you'll see in the highest alcove a red barrel gas, shoot over there with your revolver, it will turn off the stove.

Make your way back to the kitchen and climb onto the stove. Crawl forward past the stove, turn right then get the uzi clips, crawl back the corner before you back the stove and stand up. Jump/grab the metal crawlspace, pull Lara inside, turn and drop down to a new room. Three ghosts are flying around the room, quickly jump into the pool nearby to get rid of them. Get out of the pool then climb to next room ahead, first pick up the flares and grenade super ammo from the left. Now pull the soldier from his shoulders to clear a space so you can take a standing
jump and pull the jumpswitch that opens the brown door you saw earlier.

Pass the brown door and first head up the left passage, run up along the slope, and reach the empty pool. At the opposite side of the pool there is control room guarded by two soldiers, turn and back down over the brown door but this time head to the cargo square. Take the left side pass the cargo right into the alcove with the lever floor, push the lever and screenshot will show you the pool is full of water. Get back to the pool and swim toward the bottom, pick up the flares and medipack, then swim to other side of the pool and get out of the water. Enter the control room, there's only jumpswitch that will raise up brown block at the cargo square.

Once again back over there and now take a look around between those cargo, pick up more flares then head to the brown block. Climb onto it then jump/grab the edge of the pillar, pull onto it, now jump/grab the edge of the metal slope and start to shimmy left till the camera shows you that you can drop onto the other pillar. Stand in front of the double pillar, take running and jump to land onto them, get the medipack. Turn to face north, then take running jump and grab the pillar there, climb out and find yourself at the deck.

From your right side on the high place you can see the busted sentry gun. Head forward and you pass near closed blue door and right after, in front there's the second busted sentry gun. Turn to face over the opposite faraway side of the deck, you'll see closed brown door with working sentry gun above. You can sneak and stand from the back, then shoot and blow him up. Back where the second busted gun is and light flare, then get under it and crawl into the crawlspace, you reach the SECRET PLACE, pick up the uzi clips. Proceed to the room, turn left side and climb into the alcove, get the uzis, go toward the lever floor near the
soldier but leave the soldier and do not pull him like you did at the last time, as he will not give you anything. Just push the lever floor and it opens the blue door nearby and the brown door outside at the opposite side of the deck.

Go through the open blue door over the brown, enter the passage, from the left side another brown door. Run up the passage then enter the room from the right, there is double gate in front of you, turn around you see tin in the alcove. If you shoot this tin you release a bunch of flies! but you also can pick up revolver ammo.

Back to the passage and keep running, turn left then kick in the door, enter the room. Head left toward the lever floor and get the flyby, it shows you the double gate and the brown door are open, also two ghosts show up from the cargo square. The ghosts are very fast and they are right next to you, what you are need to do is go back to the pool. Take the shortcut through the broken windows and drop down back to the deck, run forward and drop again this time back to the cargo square and from there the way to pool is short.

After you get rid of the ghosts and go the all way back the deck, back up the passage and enter the room from left, climb onto the half boxes and drop between them, get the grenade. Get out of the room and run again up the passage back the room where the double gates are open, head toward the helicopter and finish the level.