Level by Rene Winkler (August 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

I could not find the keys or anything else in all the hills at the start. So forget the jeep and just run North into the canyon and slide down a slope. Go right to a pool of water with an island in the middle. Go to the North-East corner for secret #1, flares, small medipack, normal crossbow ammo and two shotgun shells. Into the water and swim down a hole in the North-East. Follow the simple underwater tunnel to emerge in an underground pool area. Swim to a ledge, pull up, and kill the crocodile in the water. Explore the area and find a room with water and a ladder and a dry room with an underwater lever. Go North into a doorway, go around a corner, and look up for a crawl space. Get inside and use a switch. Get out again and go to the dry room. Now is now filled with water so dive in and pull the underwater lever. Follow the open underwater door there to lure out a crocodile to kill. Then go back and search for an alcove in the South-East with secret #2, flares, shotgun shells, and revolver ammo. Then climb out and go to the room with the ladder. The room is dry now, so climb up the ladder.

Go to the right for two shotgun shells. Now go South to kill a dog. Go forward and go to the right down an alley. At the end, pick up the revolver and revolver ammo. Kill a dog that sneaks up behind you. Go back and straight into an open square with a fountain. Kill three ninjas that attack and pick up two revolver ammo. Go forward and go North to kill two ninjas and pick up Uzi clips and a large medipack. Notice a closed door in the West wall. Turn around and see a black gate in the East wall. Go South-East for some stairs. Pick up poison crossbow ammo from a corner and notice a door needing a key. Enter the doorway to kill a dog and pull a switch. Return down the stairs and the black door is open. Go in a pull the switch and hear a door open. Kill a dog and a ninja and go North to the open door. Enter and go up the stairs and watch out for the gap. Kill a ninja and pick up shotgun shells. Go through the door and kill a ninja on another balcony. He fell into the street so I had to go downstairs to get the shotgun shells he dropped.

Anyway, jump to the balcony he was on. Go inside and pick up flares and a large medipack from a ledge in the South-East. Get into an opening in the South wall and use the pole to get into an opening to the South in the next room. In the next room jump down to the left for poison crossbow ammo and the crossbow. Drop to the floor for flares and a small medipack. Shoot the lock to open the gate, exit the room and kill a dog. Return to the entrance to this room, jump to grab a monkey swing and get to the other side of the room. Push the movable bock to the right corner. Pull out the other movable block and shimmy to the left behind it to pick up a key. When you get back to the ground go North and enter an area with a pool. Go to the North-East in the water to pick secret #3, two Uzi clips, Uzi's and a large medipack. Now go back up the stairs to the closed door needing a key.

Use the key and the door opens. Enter and go up some stairs to face a rope. Kill the two ninjas who push you off the edge and get flares and Uzi ammo. Go up the stairs and use the rope to swing to the other side. The door is closed so shoot the window and get out. Safety drop into the square below. Go to the South-East corner for secret#4, shotgun shells, Uzi clips, and a small medipack. Go to the North door and go East to pull a switch. Exit and use the South door and tunnel to exit back to room with the rope. Swing over the room and go out the window again. This time go right and shoot the window and enter to kill a dog. Go up the stairs and kill a ninja and pick up grenade shells. Carefully jump the balcony to the right side. Enter the room there and hear the level ending music. The door to the right opens but you cannot go inside. I assume that this is the end but with no end trigger.