Secret Operations

Level by Rene Winkler (seven125) (February, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start in a prison cell. Go into north-west corner to pick up a small medipack. Go into the dark south tunnel and use the floor lever to open the gate. Exit and room and go south up the stairs into a control room. Kill the two ninjas and use the floor lever. Exit the control room and see that all the gates are open. Kill the two ninjas at the large open gate to the north. The first cell to the west is the cell that you escaped. Enter the second west cell. Drop into a north-west hole and get into a crawl space for secret #1, large medipack, and revolver ammo. If you continue into the crawl space you can get outside and see a water hole for later. Go back inside the building. The third west cell has nothing. On the other side, the east cell near the stairs has flares. The other two cells have nothing.


Go outside and go north over the hills. Pick up crossbow poison ammo beside a tree on a hill. Pick up flares and see a hole and a closed grate. Kill the ninja sneaking up from behind you. Go east to see a fence and turn south and go into the structure behind the trees. Kill the ninja and use the floor lever. You hear an explosion. Go back north to the closed grate but now there is an open hole instead. Get into the hole and run down the ramp. At the end, jump to grab a pole and slide to the bottom. Go to the east wall and fall into a hole to the floor below. Pick up revolver ammo and enter the north tunnel. You get a flyby of the area and notice the closed circular door.


Kill the ninja attacking from the west corridor. Go to the east corridor and pull up into a dark corridor. You see a ninja running and the door closes. Get into the crawl space in the east wall. On the other side, swim and pick up flares. Continue swimming and pull up and drop down on the opposite side of the closed door. Kill the ninja who is shooting you in the back. Go west into a storage room. Shoot a vase on the floor for Uzi ammo. Shoot a vase on a shelf for the Hand of Orion. Go west and climb the ladder on the south wall. Pull up into a red-lit room. Kill the ninja and pick up a small medipack from a south platform. Use the floor lever and exit the room to see the east doors open. Enter and use the Hand of Orion in the east wall. You get a cut scene showing electrical arcs at the circular door.


Go back and see that the circular door is still closed. Enter the west corridor. The north stairs end in a closed door. Go up the east stairs and keep going until you see a small opening in the east wall. Pick up blue shotgun shells and a small medipack. Light a flare and drop into a hole at the south wall. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a gate opening in a tunnel. Exit and continue up the stairs until you reach an outside area.


Slide down a slope and go west to kill a ninja. Stop by a tunnel and you can shoot two ninjas to the south before they get a chance to shoot back. Get into the tunnel and run south to the gate that you opened. Get secret #2 and pick up a large medipack. Continue running down the tunnel and pass a window with an underwater view. Continue and pull up into a storage room. You see a receptacle for an item that you do not have yet. Use the floor lever and you get a cut scene of a door opening. Exit the room and kill the ninja outside the doorway.


Kill a ninja to the east and another ninja on the other side of the pool. Dive into the pool for the Ba Cartouche. Pull up next to the windows to exit the pool. Go back to the room and use the Ba Cartouche in the receptacle. You get a cut scene of two underwater gates opening. If you run around the area, you can kill two scorpions but there is nothing to find. Dive into the pool and swim into the hole at the bottom. Follow the underwater tunnel for secret #3, shotgun, red shotgun shells, and blue shotgun shells. Continue following the tunnel and surface back near the starting prison.


Go north and back into the hole and slide down the pole again. Go back to the room with the circular door and enter the west corridor. An alternate route is to swim back to the desert and go back to the stairs and slide down the pole. Go up the north stairs and enter the open door into the control room. Kill two ninjas and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of the circular door opening. Go back to that room and up the circular gate. Jump into the open circular doorway and swim forward as the level ends.