Level by Richard Leedy

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by sliding down a slope. Run forward and drop to a big place with an empty pool and three other pools. Go west, enter the opening and get out the next. Follow around the pool and enter the north-west opening. Pull the lever to flood the empty pool. Back to the pool you flooded and jump into the water. The gate that you see I didn't manage to open. However, swim south into an underwater passageway and at the next room find the exit ceiling hole. Pull into a room and pick up the shotgun, then light a flare and look for a hole right above Lara's head. Jump up, grab the wall and climb into a short passage. Step over the opening and you are above the pools. Take an angled jump, grab the west block and pull up. Drop onto a ledge and follow the next ledges over the north wall. Climb the block and jump/grab the ceiling, then monkey swing over the great ledge. Drop down and pull the lever to open a west grate. Pick up the shotgun ammo and run/jump to the west slope and climb into the opening.

Follow the passage and the gate opens at the end. Enter the room and another gate opens. Get the Cartouche Piece #1. Kill all the scorpions and go through the west opening gate. Crawl and you come to a grave and a pit in front of you. The south gate you see I also didn't manage to open. Run and jump west across the pit and grab the ladder. Climb down to the bottom and head to the north passage. Push forward the statue to enter the Egyptian room. At the center of the room get the Cartouche Piece #2 and all the torch wall around the room will burn. Also a gate opens behind the west statue. Pull back the statue and enter inside the alcove. Jump up, grab the west wall and climb up. Run and jump forward over the great ledge, combine the pieces and place the Cartouche at the receptacle.

Get a flyby of the west and south gate opening and some walking ninja. Climb the south opening and kill the ninja, get his crossbow explosive ammo. Follow the passage and reach the west opening. Head west, kill the ninjas, turn right and left, see the opening and the water below. Don't drop yet into the water, just go left and light a flare, then drop into the west passage. Avoid the mummy and turn left, run to the end for shotgun ammo. Climb back to the passage above and go left to drop into the water. Surface and swim around the structure, climb the east ledge. Keep climbing to the top of the structure and get the laser sight. Head south and jump onto a great ledge. Keep the structure and kill the ninjas then climb to the top for revolver ammo. Back to the great ledge and head west, jump/grab the block and pull up. Enter the passage above and run forward to end this level.