Pyramid of Course

Level by Robin van Dijke

Walkthrough by DJ Full

TIP: Red ninjas can't cover from your bullets when you shoot in manual targeting mode.

Light a flare, pick up some normal shells and slide down, out of the dark. Find a shotgun and one more shell pack of both kind. Approach the door and watch the wackiest flyby ever. On your way for the shown key, when you'd better follow the left wall, kill 2 ninjas, 2 crocs and several dark scorpions. Getting the key opens another door - go back to the starting room, climb the W blocks and drop to the S side. Switch to manual. Behind the passage, kill 2 red ninjas. Switch to automatic, go around the central platform and kill 2 crocs.

Place the Guardian Key in the slot to raise a block (and yourself). Now you're able to kill a ninja on the platform and pick up Golden Vraeus and Canopic Jar 1 from it. Descend to the ground, place the Golden Vraeus in the W wall of the platform, and the Canopic Jar 1 in the SE corner of the room.

Just climb the block on the S of the Guardian Key slot and runjump/grab/pull up on the platform to kill a ninja and grab the items. Place them in the corresponding slots described above. This way you don't need to use the Guardian Key.

Go through the open door in the SW corner and go through the next maze, following the left wall, killing a ninja, grabbing his Canopic Jar 2 and picking up 20 explosive and 20 poison arrows from a block of ice. Use the jar to open the exit. Behind the maze, watch the next flyby, pick up the revolver and some ammo for it. On the left of the burning floor marked by crossed tiles, there is a block you can climb. Find 2 small, 2 large medis, flares and normal grenades on it. Descend, but not on the burning floor, and jump over this trap. Go around the central pillar and grab the crack in it. Shimmy left around till you can pull up and get inside the empty block. Going downstairs, pick up some explosive and normal arrows. And the uzis. Jump into the water and find the grenade gun in the SW corner at the bottom. The underwater exit opens, allowing you to pick up another Golden Vraeus from just behind the portal, on the left of it. Now enter the corridor on the right of the entrance and find 240 uzi bullets there. There is another Golden Vraeus behind the following underwater block. Having it, backtrack to the empty pillar above the water. Re-enter the external room and kill a scorpion on the floor. Jump back on the other side of the burning tiles and place the vraeus in the slot. The exit opens. Jump over the trap again. A block in the SE corner has a laser sight on it. Pick it up and swing on the top of the other block to get the crossbow, some poison arrows and leave the room. Another camera shows you death awaiting you at the bottom of the pit. Platform across, picking up Guardian Key and killing a scorpion on your way to the next corridor. In there, kill 4 ninjas, proceeding to the end, what results in getting you outside the "pyramid". The last camera shows you ultimate destination slot. Place the Golden Vraeus in the S puzzle hole to open the gates (it may seem to be not necessary, as you can just use a slope to get behind these doors, but keep in mind that slope is a death zone, so you need to put the Vraeus in its place anyway) and jump over the N part of the ramp. You can shatter 2 of 3 vases in the valley, but it's for nothing, so just insert that remaining Guardian Key where you need to and consider this game completed.