The Tomb of Gustav Klimt

Level by semitonic (January, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start by sliding into a room. Go north to press a big button and the door opens above it. Go to the north wall and pick up red shotgun shells. Return to the first room and enter the open door in the south wall. Slide down the slope and loop to the left to go east into another room. Go to the south-west corner and climb on a ledge. Grab the crevice in the south wall and shimmy left to a crawl space. Follow the crawl space to a room to get secret #1 and pick up a shotgun and a large medipack. Exit from the crawl space and go back to the same ledge. Stand jump to the north-east to another flat tile. Safety drop into a pit and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of a door opening.

Exit the pit and climb the column in the middle of the room. Jump to the north-west to the open door. Shoot a skeleton off the steps and enter the door. Jump over the pit in the floor. If you fall down, circle around to get back to the door to try again. Go north down the tunnel and avoid the mummy. As you enter the door, the door closes and the mummy should be locked out. As you continue, Lara looks left to a picture and the blocks on the floor. Pay close attention to their location. Enter the next room and go down a ramp. Immediately back flip to avoid a falling spike ball. Go down again and hop onto the block in the corner. Grab the north wall to climb up into a room. Pick up the laser sight and get a flyby of another door opening. Go back to the ramp and go down another ramp in the west wall.

You are in the room with the picture but the blocks are not there. Go to the south-east corner and pull out the tower. Move the tower to the place where you saw the block. Get into the crawl space where the tower was located, and follow the corridor up to a floor lever. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of the other tower rising. Return to the room and move the other tower to the place where you saw a block. You get a flyby of the south gate opening and up a ladder into the next room. Before you go there, first return back into the crawl space to use the floor lever again. You get a cut scene of the floor dropping back in the other room. Return to enter the door in the south wall. Climb the ladder and enter the room. Use the floor lever in the middle of the room to get a flyby back to the hole where you lowered the floor.

Return down the ladder and go to the north-west corner, get into the hole and follow the crawl space to the open door. Follow the corridor to the end for revolver ammo. Jump to the east corridor and search it for the revolver and revolver ammo. Then return back to the room at the top of the south ladder. Go west to hop onto a short column. Jump east to pull up to a taller column. Shoot the vase for revolver ammo. Shoot the vase on top of the south-west column and the vase on top of the south column. Jump down and run to the south-east corner to find a place to pull up onto the upper ledge. Avoid the beetles while you are doing this.

Follow the ledge and jump south to a column to pick up the Ornate Handle. Jump back and continue following the ledge, At the top, monkey swing and when the camera view changes from a long shot to a closer shot, release to drop onto the top of the tall column. Pick up the Hathor Effigy and monkey swing back to the ledge. Make the Portal Guardian and use it to open the south door. Enter the room and do not shoot the vases or you awaken a skeleton. Climb the west structure on the north side. Slide down a slope and land on a balcony in front of a deep pit. Go to the north-east and find a path of descending blocks. Follow this path to the bottom of the pit.

Enter the small building and press a button on the north wall. You will hear water flow. Return back up the path to the balcony again. Drop off the south end of the balcony and into some water. Swim into the underwater tunnel. Go past an upper east opening and swim to the end to pick up a small medipack. Return for air and then swim into the upper east opening. Just follow the tunnel to pull up into a large room. Follow up a ramp and go into the south-west corner. Turn and pull up east into a corridor. Follow the ramp and be careful around the corners or you will fall off. Shoot a skeleton off the ramp and then pull up into a room.

Go south between the columns and then east into another tunnel. At the end, safety drop into another tunnel. Go south and slide down the slope backwards so you can grab the edge at the bottom. Release and grab again to pull up into a crawl space. On the other side, jump the columns over the deadly floor. On the north ledge, use the floor lever and get a cut scene of the pit filled with water. Use the columns to get back to the crawl space. On the other side, jump into the water in the pit. Pull up on the west ledge. Approach the door and it opens for you. Run down the tunnel and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.