Mummies in the Arctic

Level by Sergy Bondar (March, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

down a slope into a small room. Shoot the brown vase in the north-west corner for the grenade gun. Climb the blocks at the south wall to get into the south-east corner. Monkey swing north into a tunnel. Go north and jump over a pit. At the end, slide down into another tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a room and dive into the water. Swim into the south-west corner and pick up the Horseman's Gem. Swim into a north-east tunnel and swim up a shaft. Pull up to the ledge and slide down to a platform over the water. Jump south over the water to another platform. Enter the south room and two mummies appear. Destroy them and pick up three small medipacks and Uzi ammo. Use the Horseman's Gem to open the door.  You should avoid the mummies if you can, as your grenade ammo is limited. Only destroy them if there are too many to outrun or if they can push you onto a deadly area.


Enter the room and avoid two mummies. Pick up a large medipack, small medipack, and Uzi ammo. Exit through the tunnel in the south-east corner. In the next room, be careful, of the deadly floor tiles. Carefully stand jump onto a short block in a west corner. Stand jump and grab the climbable column to the south. Climb to the top and enter a room with a snow floor. Destroy two mummies and enter the tunnel in the south-west corner. Run down the slope and then run to the left to avoid a falling spike ball. Go down the ramp and jump into the water and swim to the bottom. Enter a south crawl space and pick up the crowbar. Swim up a little and swim into an east underwater tunnel.


Surface into a room where the flares are useless. Pull up to an east ledge. Many of the floor tiles are deadly. Run to the east and pull up onto a block. Jump north to a column. Jump west and slide down a slope. Pick up the Music Scroll and stand jump back to the south and into the water. Swim back to the room with the ramp. Jump around the spike ball and follow the tunnel to the room. Go into the east alcove and use the Music Scroll to open the door. Enter the door and run around the small maze to collect and destroy three mummies. Go back to the entrance. Go east, north and take the first east. Look up for a darker section of wall near the ceiling. That wall is climbable. Climb the wall and back flip to a high ledge. Jump the ledges to collect crossbow poison ammo, red shotgun shells, blue shotgun shells, crossbow normal ammo, Uzi ammo and crossbow explosive ammo. Safety drop in the south-east section of the ledges and avoid the two mummies.


Go to the south-east corner and drop into a hole. Go east and pull up into a room with a closed door. Enter the east tunnel to avoid a mummy and pick up a revolver.  Then pull up into a north tunnel. Avoid the mummy and at the end of the tunnel, pull up into a room. Go east into a tunnel and follow it to a room with four mummies stuck on a slope. Slide down the slope and into the water. Swim down a hidden opening in the north-east corner to pick up the Pharos Knot.


Swim into the south-east corner and follow the underwater tunnels to pull up into a room. Most of the floor tiles are deadly fire traps. Jump to the platform in front of the door. Run and jump to the central platform and three mummies appear. Run and jump to the platform in the north-east corner and enter the room. Climb the opening in the north-east corner and follow the room to a floor lever. Use the floor lever and avoid the two mummies. Jump back over the safe platforms and into the open door in the south wall. Pick up the Pharos Pillar and jump back into the water. Swim back to the room with the slope and use the steps at the south wall to get back to the top. Return back through the west, south, and west tunnels to the room with the closed door.


Use the Pharos Knot to open the door. Enter and climb the east wall and shimmy to the left. Release and drop into a tunnel. Go down the north tunnel and into a room.  Run to the end and use the Pharos Pillar to open the door in the east wall. Destroy the three mummies before they push you onto the fire traps. Carefully jump over the fire traps and enter the east door. Run down the tunnel and a wraith appears. I never found a way to get rid of the wraith. In the next room, destroy the thirteen mummies before they push you onto a fire trap. Hop onto all the safe platforms to open the door in the north-east corner. Enter the open door and the level ends.