The Library of Hamunaptra

Level by Sir Caledor (February, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Slide down the slope and enter a small room. Shoot the three vases and pick up the crowbar and a small medipack. Go north and follow the stairs up to a room with library bookcases. Turn left at the entrance to pick up the shotgun from a pedestal. Go to the south-east corner and pry a Golden Star off the south wall. Go west and use the Golden Star to open the west gate. Enter the gate and go up both ramps to pick up two red shotgun shells. Then go down the central stairs. Go up the stairs at the library entrance and get a flyby of the area displaying many blue doors.

Go north and the right and middle doors do not open from this side. Go to the north-west and open the blue doors. Follow the tunnel to shoot vases for red shotgun shells. Continue to a closed door and notice that you need three items. Exit back to the main room.

Go south and open the middle blue doors. At the end of the tunnel climb down a ladder. Go to the end of the new tunnel and dive into a water hole. Swim south and swim up at the end to pull up into a room. Go east to pick up blue shotgun shells from a shallow water pool. Go to the south wall and pull a jump switch. Go north to enter an open gate. Go west and the gate opens for you. Enter the room and the gate closes and you get a cut scene of a horseman mounting his horse. Kill the horseman and pick up Horseman's Gem #1. Go to the south-east corner for two blue shotgun shells. Go to the south-west corner for blue shotgun shells and red shotgun shells. Go to the north-west corner for two red shotgun shells. Go to the north-east corner for a shotgun. Follow the tunnel in the north wall. Push open the blue doors and you are back in the main room.

Go to the south-east corner and open the blue doors. Enter and go up the stairs and follow around to open another set of blue doors. You emerge onto the second floor balconies. Go to the center and shoot two empty vases but look west to see a place for another item that you need.

The south balcony blue doors are closed so go to the north balcony. Go to the north-east corner and open the blue doors. Enter and shoot a vase for Uzi ammo. Continue north up a ramp. At the top go west and dive into water for two flares. Get out and continue to the west. Enter a room with four statues and pick up two red shotgun shells from the corners. This is a maze and you have to use four switches to raise a block in the middle of the room. In the diagram below, F is a fire dragon with a switch, D is a non-fire dragon, and B is the block that is raised.

When the block is raised, climb on it and pull up into a hole in the ceiling. Shoot the vases for Uzi ammo. Go west down a corridor and fires start in the side alcoves. A horseman appears so kill him now. If you wait to later, you will have to fight two of them at the same time. When he is gone, follow the corridor to enter a room with two large wheels. Kill another horseman and pick up Uzi ammo by the east wall. Go to the north wall and lift up the two copper trap doors. Drop into the hole at north-west trap door to pick up Horseman's Gem #2.  The other trap door is just a death trap. Exit this area and go back to the main room.

Turn west and open the middle north blue doors. The blue doors straight ahead cannot be opened from this side. Return and see a corridor to the east just near the exit back to the main room. Follow the east corridor to a T-junction. Look east and the first north corridor will lead to the blue doors that open back to the first floor of the main room. The second north tunnel leads to a closed door. Go east and turn south to see a library-like area ahead of you. There is an opening in the north-east behind you for later. First go south and search the area for vases to shoot. Pick up flares, red shotgun shells, large medipack, and two Uzi ammo. Then return to that north-east opening.

Get onto a ledge above a room. It is possible to jump into an alcove and follow a tunnel behind all the upper openings, but I found nothing there. Drop down into the room and pick up the Uzi's from the pedestal. Exit through a tunnel in the north wall. You enter a room with fire everywhere on the floor. The only way I got through was to run through the fire and fall into one of the water pits on the other side of the fires. There is also a fire wraith to annoy you. Go west into an alcove and pull up to the south side. Look west and see two horses. Enter and two doors open and two horsemen emerge. Use the wide shot shotgun shells and you can kill the horseman from the east gate before he can get to his horse and he drops Uzi ammo. Then kill the horseman from the west gate and he drops Horseman's Gem #3. Then go back to the alcove and climb a block to the south. Open the blue doors and follow the corridor back to open blue doors and enter the main room.

Enter the north-west blue door and follow the corridor to the end. Use the three Horseman's Gems and the gate opens. You see something floating in space. Cross the invisible floor and pick up the Music Scroll. Exit this room and return to the main room. Go the south-east to enter the blue doors. Follow the steps back to the second floor balconies. Go west to use the music scroll and the big doors open. Hop over the balcony and enter the big doors. Run to the back and the level ends.