The Long River Of China

Level by Xiao Yan Ping (Smallmoon)

Note from Moderator: This level was released several years ago, but I received two walkthroughs for it this week, one day apart! So they're both posted here, first the one written by Yoav, followed by the one
written by Dutchy.


Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: I found TWO BUGS IN THIS LEVEL. The first does not spoil the level; it makes it look more funny. The second definitely spoils the level and kept me from proceeding. At that point, when I was deep into the level I really did not want to quit, so I used DOZY to pass this part.

Start in a gray corridor, there is faraway black gate and few steps back there is a wooden trapdoor in the ceiling. Turn to right, run into the dark and pick up MEDIPACK, turn back and look for high crawlspace. Pull Lara into it, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO, climb up on the wall about half way. Do backflip, turn face to wall and climb again to top, stand and slide down to large lake. Two crocodiles come to bite Lara, so swim to right where you see the green wall, get out of the water, now you can shoot the crocodiles. Do short jump right and jump forward to catch the wall, climb up, pull Lara into crawlspace, turn and climb down and pick up SHOTGUN. When you get out from the crawllspace, catch the green wall, climb up and pull Lara onto cliff.

Short jump between bumps and more jumping forward onto the stone area, take running jump over the lake, catch the edge of the stone ledge opposite. Climb onto it, turn left, few steps run and jump toward the high column, do savegame, run and jump forward onto slope, slide and jump to next slope, land onto stone area, run and jump over the high column in lake.

From here you can jump to both sides, take the right way, run and jump onto small place, fall down and crawl inside. Shoot two wild boars, pick up UZI CLIPS, short running in corridor to end. Climb up wall to top and get inside the room, climb onto the block, pick up crowbar, get down and walk onto the tile. It will open the wooden trapdoor at the beginning, go to corner, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO.

Return to lake, climb onto column, run and jump to one in middle, from there run and jump to other side of lake and catch the column, follow the stairs, get in corridor, shoot crocodile and pick up Torch. Proceed in the corridor, turn left to slope, light the torch in the corner, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO, go to end of slope, light the rope to release the blocking boulder. Climb up, pick up MEDIPACK in dark corner, climb down through the hole in middle but not to floor, do backflip to avoid hidden spike trap, pick up FLARES. Don't slide down, otherwise Lara to be killed by hidden trap floor, instead do the (funny bug) ;smile: "monkyswing" to other side, stand and look down floor, jump exactly where you see the FLARES and crawl inside.

Turn right and pick up SHOTGUN AMMO, two skeletons come, go to left, light flare, crawl into second crawlspace, jump over the hole and pick up UZI and MEDIPACK. Crawl out, turn left and climb up wall about helf way, do backflip to Secret Place, pick up BIG MEDIPACK. Return to first crawlspace you entered, crawl out and climb on green wall, move left, stand and do short monkyswing to left doorway, climb down to the beginning.

Use crowbar to open the black gate, climb onto block and slide to stone area, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO from left, then climb into doorway, do save game. Take running jump to the ledge, run to end and pick up Token, get in the pool below, swim through the hole into corridor, turn left, pick up UZI CLIPS, turn back, keep swimming and turn to right, pick up FLARES and swim up to take deep breath, swim again and get out of the corridor, climb onto the small island. Shoot two crocodiles, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO, then climb onto block and jump to doorway, light flare, proceed running on the bridge, jump left and place the Token to open the black gate on other side.

Go through the open gate, flyby shows bridge from left and opening somewhere from right, first climb onto those small blocks to top and pick up SHOTGUN AMMO. Get down, turn to right, take running jump toward the cliff, slide down and catch the edge, shimmy left until you stop (you need to be hanging on the green wall). Fall and catch invisible crack, shimmy again left, fall down onto short slope to the opening, crawl inside to end, climb onto block to Secret Place, pick up REVOLVER and MEDIPACK. Get down, go few steps back, climb up onto block and from there climb to top ladder, take running jump over to the bridge.

Go left and pick up MEDIPACK onto the tile, proceed to other side of bridge, climb up, stay close to wall and run to end. Stand back to deep corridor with fire floor, catch the edge and shimmy left (again invisible crack), use crowbar and pick up Golden Star. Shimmy back and follow downstairs to death pool, jump onto those ledges to other side. Enter to large empty pool, run jump and to next ledge, do savegame, run jump and catch the rope, swing over the left opening into corridor. Shoot crocodile and put the Golden Star, flyby shows the pool full of water. Don't leave yet, turn and pull Lara into high crawlspace, it's Secret Place, pick up LASERSIGHT.

Shoot crocodile before you get into the pool, swim to bottom, pick up REVOLVER AMMO, there are two openings in the left, closed door, so swim to right into canal, get out of the water, in front of you there is hill. Go to left, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO, do short jump onto the hill and one more to top, pick up Gem. Long flyby shows you the way to...., never mind, slide down go to other side hill, two skeletons come, avoid from them and pick up Gate Key. Return to canal, swim back to pool and from there to second opening way, get out of the water, follow upstairs to closed black gate. Crawl into left crawlspace to Secret Place, pick up MEDIPACK, crawl out and use the key to open the gate, sliding down will finish the level.


And now, the walkthrough submitted by Dutchy.

The Long River of China

Level by Xiao Yan Ping (Smallmoon)

Walkthrough by Dutchy

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater, MP= Medpack, Jmp =jump. Have fun!

NOTE: You’ll need to have the Revised Coastal Wad installed before you compile the level.

River 1.

Go to the gate in front and turn R at the crossing, go straight at the next and pick up the ½ MP in the end, return and go R at the crossing, look for a hole up in the ceiling and go up R, get some Ammo at the ladder and go all the way up to backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind. Go down the slope backwards and grab the edge, shimmy L to the ledge and follow to the end, jmp to the rock pillar L and climb down the green plants, into the CS R of you to get the Shotgun out of that hole, return to the green plants and go down, go R and backflip to slide to a ledge, shoot the Crocs in the water and go swim to the SW corner for a MP, climb back out at the ledge and jmp/grab the plants to go up again, follow the path to the s wall and then to where you have to runjmp/grab to a ledge sticking out of the S wall, a short runjmp (with grab) to a NE pillar and then jmp/grab to the sloped pillar E, pull up and slidejmp to the R so you slide backwards from the next slope, grab, pull up and backflip/roll/grab to the rock behind you, go E and jmp over the pillars to the dark E wall and go into the CS.

The Crowbar.

Follow to a room with some Ammo L and 2 Wart Hogs come for you. Shoot them and find another CS in the back, go to a room with the Crowbar on a block and then step on the Tile in the corner to see a trapdoor open up (near the start, hope it is not timed).

Back to the Start.

Go back out to the river and go over the pillars to the W side of the dark cave, into the passage and roll to shoot the Croc behind you, then pick up the Torch in this dark passage and go to the sloped room, L around the corner and get some Ammo, then light the torch on the basket (not too close). Go up the slope to light the rope so the Boulder will fall and you can climb the ladder behind it. In the top room is a ½ MP on the mount in the corner, then go down the ladder, but go over to the R side before you get spiked below, grab the Flares and then look into the dark passage, the slope ends in a Spike-trap, so runjmp/grab the plants on the ceiling, stick your head in the ceiling and go to the crossing, against the R hand wall and drop/grab to climb down the plants. Get the Flares and duck into the CS, go R and into the corner for the Ammo, quickly turn L and run for the CS there, follow over a Spike-pit to the room with the Uzis and Ammo, return to your friends the Skeletons and try to get past them, run into the other end of that place and go up the ladder, backflip from the top to land into the Secret #1 alcove to get the MP. Go down and out of this place fast, up the plant-wall and L to the alcove, grab the MS again and go R into the dark passage, jmp over the ladder to that open trapdoor (yes you’re right back over the start of the level) and get the Ammo before climbing down, but be careful, only the side of the shaft you came from is climbable.

Dark Caves.

Down at the start you can open the gate with the Crowbar and climb to the block, jmp down into the Cave and look for the Ammo in the SW corner, then go up to the opening in the other side and drop backwards into the next room, grabbing the edge, wait for Lara to get her feet up and backflip to the ledge. Do long runjmps over the Spike-trapped lower parts of the ledge and go up to the Golden Mask on the opposite wall. Get the Token and the Ammo from the Tile and dive into the tunnel under the ledge. Go L at the 1st crossing, get the Ammo in the end and go back, L and to the R at the low crossing, get the Flares and swim up for air, then down and R at the crossing, follow to an Island with Crocs, look the place over for Flares, several packs of Ammo and then go jmp into the opening in wall and go over the bridge to place the Token in the stand, the gate opens and you can go out to the Long River of China.

River 2, the Bridge.

Climb the ledge to the L and turn facing N, when you sidejmp L you’ll land on a sloped ledge on the other side of the passage you came out of, slide and grab the edge, shimmy L and around the corners till you are at the end (if Lara gets stuck in the inner corner, shortly release the “Ctrl” and she will go further), drop/grab again to catch the edge of the rock with the plants and go L. Pull up over the sharp rock and slide into a hidden passage, crawl to where you can stand again and here you can get back out later. First go to the end of the CS to get Secret #2, the Revolver and a ½ MP. Go back to that point in the CS where you can climb back to the top of the rocks and standjmp back around the L corner to that ledge L of the entrance, keep on climbing to some Ammo, then go down to the bridge and stand on the Tile to get the ½ MP. Go over to the opening on the other side of the bridge, climb up to an upper passage and here is an upper passage to a Star and a lower passage to a room with a burning pool, drop backwards into that passage with the burning floor and shimmy L along the wall (yep that’s possible) and go over to get the Golden Star.

Finding your way Home.

Return to the other side and go down the stairs to the room with the burning pool, jmp the ledges to the other side and go out to the Big room with the huge pillar, runjmp/grab over and jmp/grab the rope, swing into the passage (with a grab) and be careful, there are Deadly Darts. Shoot the Croc that’s coming for you and go place the Star in the back to flood the Big room. Go back and shoot them Crocs from the entrance or from the pillar and dive into the water to get the Ammo, then swim into the SE corner tunnel and get out again, luring the Croc out, go shoot him and swim into the tunnel again. Up to a room with a giant Moll hill, blow the 2 Skeletons into the tunnel and go to the back SE to pick up some Flares and get the Gate Keys. Go around the hill and find some Ammo NE, from there it is possible to jmp on the hill and go into the hidden top ledge, where the Horseman’s Gem is, a flyby will show where to go next. Swim back to the Big room and into the NE tunnel, follow to an outside area with steps, go up and into the corner where the gate is, opposite the gate is a CS with the last Secret #3, a MP. Go out of the gate and slide out of the level.