The Mortuary Temple of Khafre

Level by Brad Casali

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in an Egyptian room, run forward to the closed door, it will rise up, proceed to the next room with burning water pool. Go to the left side, run jump to the ledge, keep running and jump to the next ledge. Jump forward, grab the high ledge in front of you, climb up the wall, move to the right and drop onto the ledge above, turn face to next ledge.
Run jump across the gap, grab the ledge and climb onto it, a flyby will show you the pool is empty. Make your way back down to the pool, use the ladder to climb down to the buttom and get The Timeless Sands.

After the flyby head to the open gate, at the end of the passage climb up the climbable wall into the passage above and run to next dark room. Go to the statue and put The Timeless Sands in its hands, it opens the door nearby. Turn face back to room, you'll see the guide with torch in his hand start lighting the torch wall, go through the passage and the guide will follow after you to the room ahead.

Look for hole in the left side wall, use Lara's hand in this hole to open the iron gate. Go through this gate to the next dim room, flyby will show five blocks with sunlight coming out. Go around the room to left side into a large passage with closed iron gate, drop down to passageway, pull the lever and screenie will show you the room with the five blocks are lighted. Go forward to the corner and climb up into the passage above, head forward, you see the gate in front of you opens, turn to the left and back to the room.

Take safely jumping onto each sunlit block, at the end flyby shows you the iron gates are open. Past the short passage and climb up, move to the right and drop in a dark passage above, run along the passage, turn left side into the room. Pull the lever to release a rope, turn face over the rope, run jump and grab it, swing forward and drop at the other side. Proceed ioto the next room and pull the lever to open a door. Back to the first room and drop down to the room below.

Past the open gate and follow to next room, get the Cartouche from the pool and the door in front of you will open. There're three levers in this room, two are releasing spiked boulders right behind Lara's back and the third not doing anything, definitely strange and not understood.

Head to the next room and take the left side, run over the closed iron gate, it will open automatically, in the room pull the lever, it raises block at the beginning of the room. Go over there, climb up onto the block and from there up onto the next large block, parts of the floor are burning so it mean that you need to walk easy and look forward to see which parts of floor are burning. When you get to the end, past the opening to left side and place the Cartouche at the receptacle, it opens the door nearby. Get in the short passage, take a few steps and finish the level.