Maze of Abu Simmo

Level by Steve Simpson (April, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Go behind the south-east pillar for flares and behind the south-west pillar for a large medipack. Go behind the north-west pillar for revolver ammo and then approach the north door that opens for you. Enter the next room and you can shoot four empty vases. Hop to the north-east ledge for red shotgun shells. Hop to the north-west ledge for Uzi ammo. The opening in the west wall is for later. Go north and the doors open for you. Enter and hop on the platform for Uzi's and a small medipack. Kill a blue ninja at the east wall. Follow the wall ledges to find four large medipacks and three Uzi ammo. Exit this room and now go into the west wall opening. Go north to find Uzi ammo. Go south to find crossbow explosive ammo, crossbow and revolver ammo. Enter into the south tunnel.

Follow the tunnel and destroy a mummy and kill a blue ninja. Enter a room with darts shooting from the wall. Run/jump to grab the rope and swing to the north-west corner. Shoot the vases and kill a scorpion. Pick up two Uzi ammo and kill another scorpion behind you. Use the floor lever and a gate opens in the water pit. Dive into the water and swim into the underwater tunnel. Just follow the tunnel and swim up to pass a closed gate. Then pull up into the 3-lion statue room. Kill a scorpion and shoot another empty vase. Go around the room and kill the three scorpions that appear out of nowhere. Pick up a large medipack from a platform. Them destroy a mummy that appears. Go north and enter the tunnel to pick up Uzi ammo. Follow the tunnel to a room and destroy a mummy. Kill a blue ninja standing on a block. Pick up a large medipack from another block. Go north to a block for more Uzi ammo. On the floor pick up Uzi ammo and a large medipack.

Go grab the pole and then release it to kill a blue ninja on the floor. Climb the pole and  back flip north to a column and kill another blue ninja on the floor. Monkey swing east to drop on another column. Pick up a large medipack and kill another blue ninja on the floor. Monkey swing south to the column with a crawl space in the east wall. Follow the crawl space and drop into a tunnel. Kill a scorpion and pick up a compass. Follow the tunnel to a room. Jump on the central structure and pick up an Eye Piece. Kill the three scorpions and the two blue ninjas that appear. Now run around the pool area and kill the two scorpions and the three blue ninjas that appear. Dive into the pool and swim east into a tunnel. When the tunnel splits, take the left branch. Follow this tunnel to pick up the other Eye Piece. A gate opens so follow the tunnel back to the pool and pull up back into the room.

Go back to where you entered this room and go behind the east wall. Destroy a mummy and pull out a statue. Use the floor lever behind the statue. Go north to destroy a mummy and pull out another statue. Use the pole and drop into the hole in the floor behind the statue. Go east to shoot four vases. Pick up two large medipacks, Uzi's and Uzi ammo.  Get back to the pole and kill two blue ninjas. Exit the room with the pole and go back to the room entrance in the south. There may be another blue ninja to kill. Go back through the tunnel and the crawl space. Down into the room with columns and follow the tunnel back to the water hole in the 3-lion statue room. Dive in and notice that the underwater gate is now open. Swim west and follow the tunnel. Pick up a large medipack and flares. You should find two Uzi ammo on the floor to the right. Then pull up into an alcove with a pole. Climb the pole and at the top back flip west into a tunnel. Follow to a room to shoot four vases and pick up three Uzi ammo. Go south-east into a tunnel to step on a tile to open the gate in the north wall.

Enter the open gate and you are now in the maze. Rather than write a confusing list of turn left, right,..., I drew a sketch. Just follow the patterns starting at T1. T# is a trigger and G# is the gate it opens. Some floor levers cannot be activated but is seems that just stepping on the face tile is good enough to open the associated gate. The entrance is at the bottom of the sketch.

During your travels you meet and kill five blue ninjas and destroy a mummy. There are many empty vases to shoot as well. Enter the final room, at G6, and find a water pit. Dive into the water and pick up two large medipacks and two Uzi ammo. Swim into the south tunnel and follow it to pick up the Hand of Sirius. Go back and exit the maze.

Go down the tunnel and swim back to the 3-lion statue room. Go north and go back to the pole to back flip to a column. Monkey swing to the crawl space and go through it. Follow the tunnel back to the room with the structure and the pool. Go to the west wall behind the pool and climb the pole. Back flip into an opening and drop into a small room. Use the Hand of Sirius and a gate opens in the north wall. Enter the tunnel and the next gate opens. Follow the tunnel and slide down. Continue to the closed door. Make the Eye of Horus and use it to open the door. Enter the room and throw down a few flares to see where the bottom level is at. Start to slide and try to jump over some tiles at the bottom of the slope. The tiles cause you to catch fire. There seems to be no end trigger and if you make the jump you are at a dead-end. Or if there is an end trigger it did not work for me.