Level by SUREKILL 107
Released October 2001

Unauthorised walkthrough by Kris.
There are three secrets to find.

(Note: There is a bug almost at the end of this game, but Iíve posted the walkthrough anyway, because it doesnít happen all the time. Iíve emailed the author, and his reply is posted here as an appendix.)

You start the level in a very dark room with a central pink pool surrounded by blocks, one of which has a face tile on it. There are three closed doors in this room and also a face tile on the outside wall. Light a flare, and head for the wall switch with the face on it on the east wall and push it. A door on the same wall will open.

Before going through the entrance, locate the face block by the side of the pink pool and climb up onto it (for a secret later). Now walk to the opened door on the east wall, and walk to the end of the platform. Ahead and to your right is an opening in the wall and youíll return here later. To your left is an opening on the north wall. Line up a diagonal running jump with grab to this entrance, turning slightly to your left, and land safely in the entrance.

In the room at the end of the passage push the two floor levers on the north wall. A camera shot will show a door opening back in the room with the pink pool, and a skeleton lying in wait for you. The green door next to it will also open. Leave this room and walk back down the passageway to the ledge. Standing far right at the entrance, line up a diagonal running jump with a slight turn to the right back to the platform on the west wall. The skeleton will come out to meet you, so jump over him because you have nothing with which to fight him at the moment, and run quickly to the green door on the south wall.

As soon as you go through the door, shoot the first white pot on your right and pick up the HORSEMANíS GEM. Thereís nothing in the other white pot. Move down the end of the room and shoot the red vase, pick up normal crossbow ammo. Quickly pull up onto the block next to the ammo. Turn around to face north and do a diagonal running jump to the block in front, followed by a running jump with grab to the tallest block on the north wall.

Roll and jump up with grab to catch the monkeybars and swing across to the crawlspace on the opposite wall. At the edge, drop and grab the edge and pull up into the crawlspace, crawl to the end and enter the new room. Inside youíll see closed doors to the left and ahead, a floor lever on the right, and a pushable pillar in the centre of the room. Push the pillar to the end of the trench (east). The door will open on the east wall behind it. Go through the door and push the floorswitch. (Note the closed door in this room). Return to the pushable pillar room and youíll notice that the door on the north wall has opened, but you canít get to the receptacle because of the flames.

Push the floorswitch in this room to open the far door on the east wall. Go there next. Pick up the medipack and the crossbow ammo. Thereís nothing in the white pots, but you need to shoot them so that you can push the movable columns into the corners. Push/pull the columns to the opposite side of the room into the corners. Climb up onto the face block. This opens a door back in the pink pool room for a secret.

Return to the first room and push the floorswitch again to turn off the flames in the middle trench. Go to the trench and pull back the moveable pillar once, then push it back to where it was towards the east wall. This will close the door with the receptacle. Return now back to the room ahead in the east wall and push that floorswitch again to open the receptacle door. You can now go there and place the Horsemanís Gem. Youíll get a camera shot of the door raising in the room with the two floorswitches.

Go back through the crawlspace, being careful of the flames. Safety drop out of the crawlspace, hitting the roll button before you hit the floor to cushion the fall. Outrun the skeleton, and run into the newly opened door on the west wall in the pink pool room to pick up SECRET # ONE Ė flares. Now return to the ledge through the opening on the east wall. At the end turn left to do a diagonal running jump with grab to that opening on the north wall. Pass through the room with the two floor switches, and run through the now open door, down the ramp into the next area.

Turn left and go through the entrance on the west wall. Shoot the pot at the bottom of the stairs and pick up explosive crossbow ammo. Go up the stairs, turning left immediately at the top to push the floor lever, whilst avoiding the skeleton. Quickly run back down the stairs and straight across the room to the open door on the east wall. Pick up the CROSSBOW and the SHOTGUN and blast the skeleton with explosive crossbow ammo. Pick up the LASERSIGHT he leaves behind.

Return to the main room. A door has opened on the north wall revealing a green area. Run ahead to the central part of the green area and climb up the block into a crawlspace, drop off into a room with a closed door ahead and a wall switch (east). Push the switch and watch the flyby (take special note of the opening in the main room above the green area).

Exit this room and return up the stairs through the entrance on the west wall to the roof. Go to the right of the roof and facing east, look up to the hole in the ceiling, and jump up with grab to catch the edge. At the end of this small passageway is a face tile on the floor. A boulder will drop as soon as you land on it. Walk up the small slope and jump over the gap. Turn to face west and hop back once. The next time you hop back, the boulder will drop, so hop back again and immediately run forward, jumping over the gap to safety leaving the boulder to fall. Roll and return up the slope to the face tile on the floor.

Return to the roof and go to the other side. Light a flare and go to the northeast corner, youíll be able to see the crawlspace high up on the north wall. Line up a diagonal running jump with a slight turn to the left. If Lara starts Ďjudderingí hit control and she will grab the edge. Crawl to the end and pick up SECRET # 2 Ė shells. Leave the crawlspace and safety drop to the ground.

Return to the green area (north) and climb back over the block, drop down and go through the newly opened door on the north wall. Pick up the PHAROS PILLAR from the pedestal. Time to leave this area now, go back to the main room and run up the slope on the south wall. Back through the room with the two floor levers to the entrance. Do a diagonal running jump with turn to the right back to the platform on the west wall. Now you can take your revenge on that skeleton, lure him to the ledge, jump over him and blast him into the pit.

SAVE YOUR GAME. Walk back to the end of the platform east and from the edge at the right hand corner, line up a diagonal running jump to the slope on the east wall. (This sequence requires split second timing.) If you can make a diagonal running jump with grab itís much better, because you can shimmy to the right and this will leave you in a better position at the bottom of the ramp. As soon as you hit the bottom of the slope, you have to place the Pharos Pillar on the right hand wall to open the door to your left before the boulder flattens you.) So hop back and do a running jump to the slope, as soon as you land use the right direction button to get as close to the right wall as possible.

Press action as soon as you land, to place the Pharos Pillar, and have your fingers on the buttons to immediately sideflip to your left. It doesnít help that you get a camera shot during all this process. Unless you are very lucky, I can guarantee that this will have you pulling your hair out before you finally do it, or you may be extremely lucky and manage to land right in the corner by the closed door when the boulder falls, giving you just enough room to place the Pillar. Good luck, youíll need it.

Go down the small slope and turn to your left (the right corridor, south, has flames around it) and follow the passageway round past two closed doors to a crawlspace on the north wall. Notice the stand on your left for the scroll which youíll pick up later, and the door to your right, thereís a secret in there. Go through the crawlspace right to the end, and crawl onto the face tile. This will extinguish the fire in the south corridor. Exit the crawlspace and return to the south corridor. Run through the gate which opens as you approach.

At the end of the corridor, climb out into a dark mist enshrouded room. Ahead is a huge room with blue pillars down both sides, a large face at the far end (east) and in the centre of the room a slightly raised floor tile in the middle of the water, there are also overhead monkey bars. As soon as you stand on this tile, two things will happen, scarabs will attack you, but on the plus side, the arena will be flooded with light.

Quickly run over the tile and as the room lights up, run to the left and climb up any of the blue pillars out of reach of the scarabs. Look for the overhead monkeybars (about midway in the room) and save your game. Jump up with grab and go forward, at the junction turn left towards the face, and swing to exactly FIVE rungs before the end of the monkeybars (use the look button to count them). Youíll hear spikes underneath you. Drop off safely into the pit under the face. Youíll see that the rest of this small floor area is covered in spikes, so its important to count the number of rungs before you drop.

Go through the crawlspace and pick up the MUSIC SCROLL. Exit the crawlspace, and top up your health. As you climb out of the pit, you will take some damage from the spikes, walk slowly through the spikes, then when you are safely through them, sprint past the four mummies and back to the pit at the other end of the room where you entered this area (west). Avoid the central floor tile so that more scarabs wont be released.

Follow the path north till you arrive back at the stand for the music scroll and place it. A door on the east wall will open, go through it. At the junction go left (north) to a room with two rows of tall spikes on two levels in the pit infront of you. At the far end of the room are two red pots and the Hathor Effigy inbetween them. Shoot the pots, and the row of spikes in front of the far ledge retract.

Do a running jump off the slope over the first set of spikes to land on the ledge underneath the far platform. Climb up and pick up the HATHOR EFFIGY. Drop back to the ledge, and do a running jump back over the spikes to the entrance. At the junction turn right (west), and return to the place where you put the music scroll. Ahead of you on the north wall, the other door has opened, so go in and pick up the medipack - SECRET # 3.

Roll and go back to the east entrance, at the junction turn right and walk to the end of the path. Look down into a huge pit with a tiny pool of water at the bottom. Yep you guessed it, thatís where youíre going next. Stand at the edge, about in the middle, and turn to face southeast (more south than east). I thought the yellowish ceiling was a monkeyswing so found this quite by accident. Jump back and do a diagonal running jump with grab as if to catch the Ďmonkeybarsí and miraculously you will fall into that small pool. You may have to slightly adjust to get it exactly right.

Turn to swim west, almost immediately there is an opening going down, but ignore that and swim up, ahead, then up at the end. Climb out into a pink corridor. Sprint down the central path, stepping on all the trigger tiles on both sides of the path, then shoot the red vases. Pick up the PHAROS KNOT from the vase to your right . Now go to the pedestal and pick up the ORNATE HANDLE. As soon as you do you will come under attack from two skeletons, scarabs will drop from a face tile in the ceiling and a wraith will appear.

Dispose of the two skeletons and race back to the water, the scarabs will follow you, as will the wraith. Swim down and then down again, then swim west and up to the idol, and crouch infront of it till the wraith explodes. Keep an eye on your health, because the scarabs will still be after you. Quickly jump back in the water and swim east to the other end and pull up onto the ledge. Place the Pharos Knot.

Jump back in the water and swim upwards as soon as you can and turn to face east. Continue to swim up until you return to the pit which is now full of water. Swim north and climb out onto the ledge. Donít save your game on the ledge as you climb out but run further down the corridor, because if you reload at the edge, youíll find that you drop down into the pit which is now empty.

Note: I think there is a bug here. Iíve replayed this part several times, and sometimes the pit is full of water, and sometimes it isnít, other players have said the same. Its really annoying because the end of the game is literally minutes away. The only thing I can suggest is to 1) reload after placing the Pharos Knot, or 2) as a last resort enable DOZY to get out of the pit.

Run down the small passageway and turn to your right (east). Enter the last room and climb up the pole, backflipping to the ledge behind you near the top. Go to the pedestal on the east wall near the door, combine the Ornate Handle and the Hathor Effigy and place the PORTAL GUARDIAN to open the door. (Make sure you have your volume turned up, lol.) Go through the innocent-looking door and watch the flyby as the room turns pink. The door closes as you hear Lara screaming from the inside with no means of escape. This is where the level ends.

After this walkthrough was posted, the author responded to the bug issue by stating
"first you have to jump into the small hole at the bottom of the pit, so at this moment the pit should not be filled with water. The trigger is under the hole where you put that thing in afterwards... ahem, you know what I mean?! Then the pit should be filled with water. BUT there is a bug. When you swim up, you see two water surfaces, so it looks like the water didn't rise, but it did."