The Realm 0f Ramses

Level by Sweetheart (August, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start
with a flyby of the cave where you are standing. If you enter the crawl space behind you, you catch fire and die. The large medipack in the north-east corner is a spike trap. Go north to the slope but do not side down. Climb the west wall and get into a crawl space. Crawl to the end and get secret #1, flares and Uzi ammo. Climb back down and slide down the slope. Go to the north wall and pull out the tower. Hop onto the blocks for shotgun shells and a large medipack.


Drop behind the tower and into the crawl space. Near the beginning of the crawl space, you are attacked by beetles. After annoying you for a few tiles, the beetles disappear. Exit the crawl space into a large room. Use the ladder on the south wall to climb up to a ledge. Hop onto a block and use the monkey swing to get to a ledge at the west wall. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a door opening. Jump to the north ledge and enter the open door. As you run into the room, beetles pour from the ceiling. Run to the back and pick up the Pharos Pillar from the pedestal. Turn and run down the slope in the east wall and the beetles disappear.


Follow the slope and tunnel into a room. You get a flyby of two skeletons near a receptacle. Enter and pick up a large medipack from the floor. Hop onto the south ledge and go west and find an alcove. You get secret #2, red shotgun shells, blue shotgun shells, and the shotgun. Now go the east ledge and get rid of the two skeletons. Use the Pharos Pillar and the door opens. Run down the tunnel to face a rope over a deep pit. Use the rope to go to the south ledge. If you just jump to the far side and try to shimmy, spikes pop up and kill you. Go up the stairs and pick up a Pharos Pillar. Use the ropes again to get to the north ledge.


Go up the stairs and turn east and enter a doorway. Go up the ramp but be careful of falling spike balls. At the top you enter a large room with many pillars. In the south-west corner you can see a closed door. This door is timed. Go east to find a pool of water. Dive in and follow the underwater tunnel in the south wall. You may see a bird statue in the south-west corner. Swim and turn west into a diamond shaped tunnel. Pull up to a room and pick up a large medipack. Use the Pharos Pillar to open the door. Enter the room and go south to pick up a Horseman's Gem from the pedestal. A wraith starts to attack so swim back to the bird statue. You may have to swim to the pool for air and then return to the bird statue before the wraith dies.


Exit the pool and go north. You will find an empty pit. Throw a flare into the pit and see a crawl space in the north wall. This is the only safe place to enter the pit. The remainder of the pit floor is deadly spike traps. Enter the pit and enter the crawl space. At the end you get secret #3 and a small medipack. However, beetles drop in and take so much health from you that the secret is not worth getting. Get out of the pit and go to the north wall.


Go up the stairs in the north wall. At the top of the stairs go west. You enter a room and the camera view changes. Pick up some flares from the floor, although the flare bug has started. Run towards the camera and darts shoot from the walls. Near the end of the room, a skeleton rises from the floor. Go west into another room. In the south wall is a doorway that leads to a ledge from where you shoot off the skeleton. Go back and enter a north room and find a big button on the north wall. Save at this point as this button opens the timed door and it cannot be reset. Press the button and get a cut scene of the door opening at the ground floor in the south-west corner. Run and safety drop off the ledge. Run to the south-west and enter the room. From the right pedestal, you can pick up a large medipack, two small medipacks, red shotgun shells, and Uzi ammo. From the left pedestal, you get secret #4, and pick up two blue shotgun shells, two red shotgun shells, and Uzi ammo.


Go back up the north stairs and through the darts back to the ledge in the south doorway. Jump over the ledges on the columns. On the last ledge, you can pick up a second Horseman's Gem. A skeleton arises but you can shoot him off the ledge. Safety drop to the ground and go back up the stairs in the north doorway. This time go east onto a ledge over a spike trap and fire trap pit. Use the two ropes to swing across the deadly pit. Go south and use the two Horseman's Gems to open the door in the east wall. A skeleton will sneak up behind you so shoot him off the ledge. Notice a bird statue further to the south. Run down the tunnel and the camera view changes. Run down the stairs into a room and get a flyby of the area. A wraith appears so run back to the bird statue. Another skeleton is also there so shoot him off the ledge.


Go back to the room and use the floor lever at the east wall. A tall door opens in the west wall so go there. Follow the room south down the stairs and then east to a large deep pit. Go to the south-west corner and use the floor lever. You get a cut scene of the other tall door opening in the east wall. Exit back to the first lever room and enter the tall door to emerge into a large room. Go to the south-east corner and press a big button. You get a cut scene of the deep pit filled with water. Go back to room with the pit that is now a pool.


Go to the north-west corner and save the game for a timed run. Use the floor lever and you get a cut scene of a timed door opening beside a mummy. Dive in and swim over the bottom face pictures and the tall door in the south wall opens. Swim in and just follow the underwater corridors until you can pull up to a large room. It is not a maze, just a very long swim. You see the mummy and an open door. If the door is closed, swim back and use the north-west floor lever again. This will reset the door. Use the floor lever a third time, jump into the pool and start swimming. At the end pull up and jump into the shallow water and wade to the other side. Run into the open door and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.