Levels by Tanne

Walkthrough by Jenni

STORY: Laraís Aunt Blaire has died and she bequeathed everything to Lara. Although Aunt Blaire was kind to Lara and loved her like her own daughter, rumour has it that she was an evil witch with a huge stash of gold located somewhere on the property. So Lara goes in search for it and in her travels (which includes going to the depths of hell) discovers that the rumours may be true after allÖ

Important: revised wads are required to play these levels.

LEVEL 1: Das Anwesen (The Villa) (Aunt Blaireís home)

Items: 45 (including 2x canopic jars, guardian key, golden vraeus, crossbow and the lasersight)
Kills: 32 (this is approximate as scorpions are triggered depending on where you go, so you may have more or less kills)
Secrets: 3

Objective: To obtain the Golden Vraeus to gain access to hell.


You begin this level in the middle of a large room with a doorway in front of you. Donít head forward through the doorway as itís a blade trap. Instead, go around it and pick up revolver ammo on the other side of the doorway and note the two sets of closed gates accessing outside on the W wall. Get the grenades on the sloped ledge at the base of the ramp in the NW corner. Head E in to the next part of the large room and notice the steps on the left and right side (S & N) leading up to a statue above. Go up there to push the button on the base of the statue to open the back set of gates. Turn to face W and note the Golden Vraeus on the pedestal on a ledge on the other side of this room, which you cannot access just yet. Go back down the steps and continue E in to the next area. Shoot the urns on either side of the doorway to collect: small medipack, uzi clips and shotgun shells on the right side (when you collect the goodies from the right side, a ninja appears so kill him quickly before he steals the small medipack); and uzi clips, flares and small medipack from the left side.

Continue E through the pillars (ignore the steps going N and S for now) and turn right in the next room and go forward to see the door which requires the Golden Vraeus to open it. Just before the door and to the left (E wall) is a dark star passage, follow the dark passage to emerge in to a large room with a large window separating you from the crossbow on the other side. On your side of the room opposite where the crossbow is, is a button Ė so push it to open the first set of gates allowing you access to outside.

Head back out of the star passage, but on your way out first turn in to room on the right (N) with columns for some goodies. Head along the right side of column room (E side) of the columns and turn left at the end to pick up shotgun shells from an alcove in the N wall. Go back out to the columns and take the first right in to a yellow room. Pick up small medipack which is beside some unbreakable urns and go through the W doorway to make your way back to where you started.

Head outside and climb over the block to the right (N) and go around the other side of the window to shoot some urns containing: grenades, uzi clips and a scorpion. Jump on the slope in NE corner to drop in to hole to get a large medipack. Shoot two scorpions which have appeared as you emerge from the hole.

OBTAINING THE LASERSIGHT: (note: itís not important to collect the lasersight as you donít use it at all in this game, but it can come in handy for shooting some skeletons in the final level. However, you do collect another one in the next level anyway so this part can be skipped)

Drop in to the nearby pool and swim through to another pool in the SE corner. Head to the S wall to locate some crossbow ammo in a small room. Two crocs appear as you emerge so climb out to the side to shoot them. Swim to the ledge on the E side (if youíre not already there) and climb on the block to push the button to open the door to the small room in the middle of the pool. Shoot another croc which was triggered by the button then swim to the ledge on the other side (W), climb on the block to access the monkey swing. Monkey swing to the right around the small room to drop down on itís E side. Collect the lasersight from the pedestal in the small room which triggers another croc so shoot it and swim back out to the first pool and climb out.

Still in the top area: head left (N) and locate the urns locked in a small room. Go around the W side of the small room and climb on to rocks to jump to the roomís roof. Drop down the hole in to the room to get SECRET 1: the shotgun (you can shoot the urns if you like but they donít contain anything). Climb out of the hole and shoot 3 scorpions which have appeared. From the roof of the small room, climb the rocks and head N until you come across a large medipack. Make your way back to the small room and drop down to top level again. Face the tree in the W and jump to the sloped ledge (it doesnít slide). Head around the right (N side of the tree) to get the flares. Head around the S side of the tree and hang-drop down to pillar below with small medipack at half way along tree branch. Collect the small medipack and hang-drop to the ground.

If you wish to get the second secret then continue the walkthrough, otherwise pick it up again at the *. Head S towards the left side (E side) of the mountain of rock (see screenshot for direction):

(The pillar which had the small medipack is behind Lara).

Note the crevice in the tree on the left as you climb past it, that is secret 2 but it cannot be accessed from the crevice. Keep climbing S heading towards SE corner.

Locate the dark hole in the SE corner and drop down in to it and follow the passage. When the ceiling becomes too low that Lara must crawl, turn around to shoot the scorpion that has snuck up from behind. Crawl through and continue to the end to get SECRET 2: flares and the uzis. Head back out killing 2 scorpions on the way.

Make your way to the top of the N side of the rocks and locate the hole in the rock mountain (itís too difficult to describe how to navigate the mountain of rock, but if itís too difficult to do, then backtrack to the ground where you got the small medipack from the pillar).


(pick up walkthrough from here) * Head over to the W side of the mountain of rock (head to where the forest is) and make your way up and around to the left to the top of the rocks and locate the hole up there (see screenshot for direction, the ďXĒ is where the hole is).

Drop down the hole to see a pool under the rock mountain. Shoot the
croc before you hop in and swim to the ledge on the other side to get some revolver ammo. Note the holes in the ceiling above the pillars. Swim down to the east wall to get the guardian key beside the pillar. Swim back to pool entrance and climb out. Make your way down to the ground collecting the small medipack in NE corner on top of the rock mountain on the way.


Head N and go behind the large pillar steps to where the rocks are on the right and collect a small medipack in the dark alcove between the the high end of the steps and rocks. Continue N to the other side of the pillar steps and turn left (W) and head over to the urns and blocks, shoot the urns for: uzi clips, crossbow ammo, shotgun shells, large medipack, revolver ammo and a scorpion.

Continue heading W in to a large desert area. Just as you enter, look for a dark block in NE corner (see screenshot for position)

Climb on to it and jump forward (N) over sloped part of block to land in a hole. Crawl forward for SECRET 3:
2x crossbow ammo, flares and large medipack. Before you pick the goodies up, immediately turn around to shoot the scorpion that snuck up behind you. Crawl back through the crawlspace to the E side this time, stand up and turn to the right (S) and climb out.

Head W until you come to water (possibly meeting a scorpion on the way). Jump in the water and get uzi clips at the S side of the pool, some more uzi clips on the W side and a small medipack in NW corner. A croc will appear while collecting the goodies so swim to the side to shoot it. Hop back in to the water and swim under the rock overhang on the E side to get the 1st canopic jar in the alcove. 3 crocs will appear as you emerge so swim to the side to shoot them. Head over to the island that the statue with the pipe is on, and use the guardian key to drain the water under the rock mountain. But first youíll need the 2nd canopic jar before you head over thereÖ


Head E out of the desert area (possibly meeting a scorpion or two on the way out) and go up the large steps, note the 4 pillars to Laraís left: use these to get to the top of the wall surrounding the desert area to do some tree hopping. So run along the top of the wall to the S side and jump to the first tree. Head SW picking up a large medipack on the way. From the ledge where you got the large medipack, face W and jump to the flat ledge behind the sloped one which is forward and to the right slightly. Turn to face S and run-jump to sloped ledge and grab the edge as Lara slides back. Shimmy right as far as you can and pull up to back jump to the sloped ledge behind you, keeping your finger on jump and the right arrow key, Lara will jump back and forth from sloped ledge to sloped ledge to eventually land on the flat ledge to the right (be careful not to jump in to overhang on the tree on the right as you land). Shoot the ninja on the ledge at the S wall and press the button at the ledge the ninja was on to open a second set of gates in a room in the underground rock mountain area. Jump over to the ledge at the W side and head N to the end of the ledge to spot an urn on mesh in the trees to the right (E). Run-jump over to the urn and shoot it for the 2nd canopic jar. Collecting the jar triggers 3 ninjas to appear on the ground so make your way down to the ground to take them out. Crawl to get the flares under the tree overhang in the SW corner.


Now you can head back over to the water area under the rock mountain killing any scorpions you may come across on the way. Climb down in to now empty pool and climb on the ledge in the middle of the pool. From there, jump to the pillar at the E wall and climb through the hole in the roof. Head over to the NW corner and the gate will open (the second gate is already open as you used the button in the tree, though youíll still get the cutscene to show where the button is). Go through the gate and use the niche in the N wall to turn the ledge on the S side of empty pool in to steps. Drop down the hole and head over to the S side of the empty pool.

Climb the steps and go up through the hole in the roof to emerge in to a dark room. Shoot the urns to go behind the statues to the W wall and place the jars in niches at the back of the statues to open the gate on the E side of the room. Go in to the small room and push the button, a cutscene will show the Golden Vraeus on the pedestal back in the huge hall at the beginning of the level which is a clue to head back there, so head back there.

In the Golden Vraeus room, look up to see that blue glass ledges have appeared, so run up to them via the N stairs and use them to get the golden vraeus. Head back down to the ground and make your way to the door that requires the vraeus to open it (head E then turn right (S) at the end). Go in to the small room that the vraeus opens and shoot the urns for crossbow ammo and a large medipack.

Push the button to gain access to the crossbow. The access to the crossbow via the path to the right of the room youíre in now has been blocked off so youíll have to go the long way around.

The music indicates youíre going to have some fun on the way, so head out of the small room and head N towards the entrance of the next room and a ninja will appear from the alcove in front of you as another ninja sneaks up from behind so kill them both. Go up the stairs (N) towards the column room to meet another ninja and meet another ninja as youíre half way up the stairs. Continue in to the yellow room to kill another ninja. Head in to the column room and turn right (S) to meet yet anotherninja. Continue past the columns to shoot another ninja near the end. Head in to the dark star passage and in to the room with the large window, go through the window to get the crossbow and continue in to passage on crossbow side of room (head S) and go up the stairs on the right to emerge at the ramp that slides down in to the darkness, slide down in to the next level.

LEVEL 2: Der Vorhof (The Forecourt) (to hell)

Items: 29 (including the mechanical scarab and winding key, 4x Horseman gems, 1 black beetle, ornate handle, hathor effigy and the crowbar)
Kills: 8
Secrets: 3

Objective: To find Aunt Blaireís tomb.


You begin this level by sliding down a long ramp where you will see cutscenes of this level as you go (and showing some items to be collected). When the cutscenes finish, be ready to jump to a ledge that comes in to view to collect SECRET 1: the shotgun. Lara will slide backwards at one point and then will turn to face forward again, when she faces forward again, thatís when the ledge will come in to view so you should be ready to jump to it. From the 1st secret, jump to the plant alcove in the E to collect shotgun shells from the middle plant and crossbow ammo from the plant on the S side. Walk to the edge of the ledge to see a skeleton ambling around on a small ledge with a breakable box (the skeleton is awoken when you collected the goodies). The box contains the lasersight, so if you got that from the the first level then simply ignore it and hang-drop over the side to finish your slide to the bottom. (Note: if you missed the jump to the 1st secret and slid to the bottom. Then from the bottom of the ramp: simply turn to face right (W) and jump up to the ledge that the sleeping skeleton is on with the breakable box. From there, you can jump to get the other goodies and the secret).

At the bottom of the ramp: take 1 hop back and stand-jump to the ramp to slide and jump forward to grab the doorway and pull up. As you walk forward, a blade trap will start in the doorway of the next room, so turn Lara around so her back is to the blade (facing N) and crawl backwards under the blade to the edge and drop down to the ground in to the next room (keeping your finger on the ďcrouchĒ button so Lara doesnít stand up in to the blades).

Note that only 4 tiles are safe to stand on in this room as Lara will catch fire if she attempts to jump to any others. So jump to the tile at the W wall and use the jumpswitch there to open the door in to the next area. Using the jumpswitch will also activate a dart trap so be careful when jumping to the doorway.
Note the holes in the floor and the monkey swing above. Jump up to monkey swing to the other side avoiding the
spikes that pop up as you go. The floor is safe in the next big room regardless of the spike holes so run around to the SE corner of the large central pillar and jump up to the monkey swing to spiral your way up to the top (note the closed grates in the alcoves in the N wall, this is the way to secret 2 but we must open the grates first). Drop down at the first level of the central pillar (note the 4 fires burning on grates on the ledge on the N side) and use the jumpswitches in the SE and SW corners to trigger the spike trap and complete the monkey swing further up. The jumpswitches also make the 4 fires safe to stand on, so head over there and hop on each one to open the grates in the alcoves on the ground level (note: jump from grate to grate and do not run across them as the tiles in between make the fires lethal again). Hang-drop down there sustaining some damage and head in to the alcoves and make your way to the NE corner and follow the path to to the left get SECRET 2: uzis, large medipack and revolver ammo (thanks to Val and Tanne for help with this one). Make your way back to the monkey swing and continue monkey swinging to the top.

Beware of the blade trap which starts up as you emerge to the top. Two skeletons will awaken so shoot them over the edge with your shotgun (or use crossbow equipped with explosive ammo). Use the niche to open the door in the S wall and go collect the small medipack in the NW corner. When you pick up the medipack, scarabs will come running out of the niche so run and jump to the open door quickly.

Enter the funky, green leopard print tunnel and head to the pillar at the end. Note the jumpswitch on the pillar and the door to the left (E) and crawlspace over a fiery hole to the right (W). The jumpswitch opens the door to the left but you want to go to the crawlspace first so head over there.


Check the map for directions to navigate the crawlspace maze and to get 2x shotgun shells and the shotgun if you wish.

Run into the large room with a pool and fountain and jump over to the fountain as a skeleton emerges, shoot the skeleton in to the pool as it jumps over to you at the fountain. Jump in to the pool and swim through the crawlspace into a small room at the N side, collect the 1st horsemanís gem from the NE corner of the small room and exit back out to the pool. Climb out and head over to the E side of the pool and open the coffin for the revolver. Head N and go down the small alley in the NE corner and use the niche to open the door in the small alley at the pool on the N side. Head over to the pool on the N side and go in to the small alley in the SE corner of this pool, note the gem on the burning grate in the open door. Use the jumpswitch to open the door at the previous alley and head over there. But first, collect some goodies: the crowbar in the coffin at the N wall and some uzi clips in the pool.

At the other alley, climb up to the alcove and face N before you get to the black beetle there, look up and use the jumpswitch to turn off the flame with the gem. Now use the crowbar to pry off the 1st black beetle and immediately run in to the nearest pool as scarabs come pouring out of the niche the black beetle was on. Now go back to the alley on the other side to pick up the 2nd horsemanís gem and use the jumpswitch on the W side to open the large door above and between the two pool areas. Head up there and shoot the harpy which attacks as you reach the top (try standing in a corner when shooting it as itís wingspan prevents it reaching you to attack). Collect the uzi clips hidden in the plant in the middle of the ledge but closer to the S end.

Head N in to another funky, green leopard print room and locate the hole at the N end, hang-drop down to the pillar below (youíre back in the first funky, green leopard print room) and collect the
large medipack from the pillar, then drop to the ground.


Use the jumpswitch on the N side of the pillar to open the door to Laraís left (E). Head in there and hang-drop to the ground. Use the niche to drop a rope in the middle of the room and use the W pillar to jump to the NW pillar to jump to the rope. Swing to the E ledge and head S to a water hole.

Take a deep breath as itís a long swim: swim under and over ledges until you turn left (S) in to a long passage with a grate overhead, pick up the 3rd horsemanís gem half way along, then turn left (E) and down at the corner with plants and head in to a red tunnel, keep swimming up and over some ledges again and look for the breathing hole at the top of the tunnel. Look through the grate of the breathing hole in to where youíll be heading soon. Take a breath and continue swimming down the tunnel and emerge in to a large maze with a moat around it (though you cannot see the maze yet, only the outside wall). Swim straight through (keep heading E) in to blackness with some underwater fires. Collect shotgun and small medipack from the single fires standing alone (you shouldnít be hurt when collecting the items, but can be if you approach from above so itís best to approach from the side). Collect the ornate handle from the middle fire surrounded by four others. In case you hadnít noticed, you are under the large maze, so use the breathing holes where the grates are to catch a breath. Collecting the handle opens the grate back in the breathing hole of the red tunnel so swim back there.


Climb out of the breathing hole and slide down in to the pool to collect the 3rd horsemanís gem from the NE corner and the mechanical scarab right beside it. Climb out of the pool and use the niches in the NW and the NE corners to drop a rope above the middle of the pool. Go to either the E or W side of the pool, climb on to the block and run-jump and grab the rope. Swing to the pillar on the S wall (or land on the ledge just above it). Run-jump (and grab if necessary) to the ledge in the SE or SW corner and run-jump to the central ledge. Collect the small medipack from the NW corner beside the fire. Then jump up to the highest middle ledge and use the monkey swing to monkey swing to the doorway in the S wall. (A skeleton will appear on the central ledge in the pool room as you monkey swing in to the hall but canít follow you to the hall so ignore it).
Continue monkey swinging through the large hall with
spikes popping up underneath you. At the last intersection of the monkey swing, turn left (E) and drop down to the ground to land on the winding key. Combine the key with the mechanical scarab and use it to activate the spikes to the SE corner. Run along there and pick up the scarab if you want to (you donít use it again so can leave it) and climb the S wall to the top of the doorway and move right above the doorway to activate the spikes at the base of the doorway. Climb back down and enter the door.

Enter a lava room, run-jump and grab to pull up on to a ledge in the SE corner. Jump up to the crawlspace and crawl forward to drop down from the W side. Land on the sloped ledge below to jump to the sloped ledge in the middle of the room, to jump again to another sloped ledge and grab the sloped ledge on the S side. Shimmy right until youíre under the monkey swing, then pull up and back-flip to the sloped ledge behind to jump forward again to grab the monkey swing. Monkey swing N until you reach the other side, let go and grab the shimmy ledge below and shimmy left (W) to the doorway.

Enter another hallway with sloped ledges on either side of a lava pit. Use the slopes to jump back and forth and use left or right arrow (depending on which way youíre facing) to move Lara along to the safe blocks. Youíll come under attack by a harpy so either kill it before you start jumping or shoot it mid-jump (itís quite fun shooting it as youíre jumping, not to mention that itís less likely to be able to get you as youíre jumping back and forth). Do the same jumping technique to the next blocks and the same again to the next until you get to the end.

Enter another lava room with flaming pillars and head along the walkway to the climb on to the pillar in the SE corner. Run-jump and grab to the pillar in the NE corner then run-jump and grab the pillar at the N wall behind the flaming pillar. Jump and grab the pillar in the NW corner then face N and jump up to the crawlspace above.

Crawl right (E) to collect the Hathor Effigy from the grate. Head left past the grate and stand up to climb the ladder on the W side. When you get to the top youíre attacked by another harpy, so run to the corner on the W side, crouch down and shoot it where it canít get you. Pick up the uzi clips there and slide down the slope backwards in that corner (SW) to grab the edge and drop to the ground sustaining as little damage as possible to get back to the ground. (You can collect a small medipack from the E side by jumping to the ledge where the top of the ladder is before you slide down to the ground).

Youíre back in the area above the two pools room. So head over to the funky, green leopard print tunnel again, locate the hole and drop back down to the top of the pillar again. Head over to door in the E again, use rope to get to the top and go through that long swim back to the huge maze room where you got the ornate handle from.
This time, donít go in to the dark area with the fires but emerge at the side of it, pull up and head to the SW corner of the outside wall of the maze. Combine the ornate handle with the hathor effigy and use it on the stand there to open the door and in to the maze you go!

The objective of the maze is to make your way to the middle to locate the ladder so you can climb to the top of it, but you will travel through the whole maze to get there.

So head in, take the 1st right, then the 2nd left through an archway. Follow for a while then take the 1st left and left again at the T-intersection. Go left at the 2nd T-intersection and then the 1st right at the next T-intersection. Take the 4th right along this part then turn left at the T-intersection. Shoot the breakable box (thereís nothing inside) if you like and keep going. At the next box, turn right then take the 2nd right.

Follow the path and climb over the block at the end of the path and climb the ladder on the S wall to the top Ė nothing to it!


You emerge from the maze directly below the gem receptacle, also note the blue glass ledges that youíll be hopping to, to get to the receptacle. Shoot the harpy which attacks from the S. Head over to the NE corner, note the rectangular hole which isnít joined to the rest of the maze, locate the ladder on the inside of it and climb down for SECRET 3: the grenade launcher.

Now head over to the W wall of the maze. On your way there youíll be attacked by another harpy so kill it quickly. Climb up to the black block in the middle of the S wall and use the jumpswitch on the right side of it to drop a rope back in SW corner (this also triggers a skeleton to emerge at the top of the maze but it canít get you here so ignore it). Use the rope to jump to the pillar, then run-jump and grab the first blue glass ledge. Turn to the right (face S) and a rope will drop from the high blue ledge so you can run-jump and grab the sloped ledge, slide and jump forward to grab the rope to swing to the next blue ledge. Jump to the next two ledges. From the last ledge, face the sloped ledge in front of you. Run-jump to that sloped ledge to slide forwards and jump to the next sloped ledge in the W, slide again and jump to grab the smaller sloped ledge to the N. Shimmy right so youíre in the middle of this ledge, pull up and back-flip with a twist to grab the rope which has appeared from the higher ledge above.

Face W and swing to grab the monkey swing. Monkey swing to the next ledge and let go to be attacked by another harpy. Make your way around the outside of the maze using the ledges, then when you face S again, run-jump to the first sloped ledge, pull up and jump to the next, then jump to the next and so on until you can grab the black gem receptacle block. Place all 4 gems (2 in SE corner and 2 in the NW corner) for the floor to give way under you where you fall to your death??

LEVEL 3: Das Grab (The Grave) (Aunt Blaireís tomb)

Items: 59 (including 3x black beetles, music scroll, Aunty Blaireís broken spectacles and horsemanís gem)
Kills: 53 approximately
Secrets: 2

Objective: To save Lara and find the stash of gold.


Slide down the long ramp screaming all the way to the bottom. Donít go on the black ground as itís lethal. Head E in to the lava room with the pool with what looks like red flaming water (the water is safe) and collect the goodies: shotgun shells from NW corner and more shotgun shells from NE corner. Now head over to the hole in the SE corner to go swimming. Swim to the SE corner to get some crossbow ammo, just to the left of that on the E wall is a hole, so swim up. Keep swimming up to the top and surface through the black-green hole in the N wall and climb out. In front of you is some shotgun shells and a hole, but before you collect the shotgun shells, jump over the hole and run forward to the corner at the end of this passage to shoot the 2 harpies which fly up through the hole. Now you can collect the small medipack at the end of the passage and the shotgun shells. Hang-drop from the hole to the block below (look through the pink window to see the red area you just swam up through before). On either side of you is some goodies: large medipack in NW corner and shotgun shells in NE corner. Light a flare and head in to the dark blue passage and note the sleeping skeletons lying in each of the alcoves. Half way along the tunnel, pick up a large medipack. In the next alcove on the left just after where you got the large medipack, look E past the sleeping skeleton and note the ramp. (Note: If playing the revised version, this ramp with be blocked with a block so continue the walkthrough. If playing the unrevised version: the ramp will not be blocked so you may proceed down here now, but you will miss a secret and some goodies if you do.)

In the next alcove on the left (E) collect some shotgun shells. Run forward in to the dark blue room with blue glass ledges as the 11 skeletons behind you all wake up and chase after you. Either jump to a ledge and shoot them with the shotgun as they try to jump over, or equip grenade launcher or crossbow with explosive arrows and let them have it or equip the revolver with the lasersight and shot their heads off so they can no longer see Lara to attack her. Or simply ignore them, they seem to mill around one large block in the NW corner and donít necessarily follow you all the way to the other side.

Enter the room and:
(if playing the revised version) head to the large black block on the S side and locate the jumpswitch in the middle of it, use it to lower the block blocking the ramp in the dark passage.
(if playing unrevised version) ignore the jumpswitch, if you use it the ramp will be blocked by an invisible wall.
Collect the
lasersight (if you donít have it already) from the ledge on itís own in the SW corner, and the revolver ammo from the ledge on the E side. Head over to the SE corner, note the ledges in the black rock on this side of this room near the doorway in to this room, and use them to make your way down to the doorway below for SECRET 1: large medipack and grenade launcher and just to the right: another large medipack and crossbow ammo.

Head back to the dark blue passage and slide down the ramp to fall in to another red fiery pool. Get the crossbow ammo from the E side and shotgun shells from the W side. Climb out of the pool on the NE corner to collect the uzis, then go to SE corner and get the uzi clips.

Now head down another blue, dark passage in the NW corner. Note the sleeping skeletons in the alcoves on both sides of this room (more fun and games with them). You can head upstairs and wait for them and more upstairs to awaken, or take them out now while they sleep by equipping the crossbow with the lasersight and explosive ammo.
8 skeletons in the bottom awaken when you head up stairs, and the 7 skeletons at the top awaken when you get to the top of the stairs. You can head to either block in the NW or NE corners with the lightning, to take them out from there so you can get as many as you can with one shot.

Collect the crowbar from the NE corner beside the block with lightning (you should still have the crowbar from the first level so itís not necessary to take this one). Get the small medipack from the breakable box in the SE corner, and crossbow ammo and grenades from the breakable boxes in the SW corner. Get the goodies the skeletons dropped: shotgun shells, 2x uzi clips and small medipack.

Head back up the stairs and in to the next room: more skeletons come up from the floor and 2 harpies attack so take them out. Get 2x large medipacks and 2x revolver ammo from the coffins on the E side and 2x small medipacks and 4x shotgun shells from the coffins on the W side. Use the crowbar to pry off the 2nd black beetle from the W side but leave the one on the E side as scarabs come pouring out and kill Lara before she can successfully take it. (Note: If you missed the 1st black beetle in the first level you can collect this one last when you exit this room Ė get it, and run fast before the scarabs finish you off!)

Head in to the next room and kill
2 harpies which attack. Go to the E side and prise the 3rd black beetle off, then run along the passage and use the jumpswitch at the end. Then do the same on the W side to get the 4th black beetle and second jumpswitch to open the doors in the N wall.


Head through either door and time your climb on the block with the fires when theyíre out, to climb up to the ledge on the S side. Make your way to the top. When you get to the sloped ledge, pull up and shimmy to the middle and pull up to the flat part there. Locate the shotgun shells on the SE corner at the top, and the revolver ammo in SW corner on the same level. From there, face N and run-jump to the central ledge to emerge in to a large blue hallway. Note the water hole in front of you, itís to shoot skeletons in to should you use the shotgun. Run to the doors at the end of the hall and roll readying your grenade launcher or crossbow to shoot about 15 skeletons which will emerge from the alcoves. Collect 2x revolver ammo and the small medipack they leave behind. Use the niche in the W wall to open the double doors. Follow the passage and shoot the box in the alcove for uzi clips. Open the door in the E with the crowbar and enter a large square room. Note the 4 gates in this room requiring a jumpswitch on each side of them to open them. The objective here is to activate a jumpswitch in each of the closed rooms which will raise the wall surrounding the pyramid in the middle. Use the jumpswitches to open the door in the N gate and shoot the demon in the passage, collect the uzi clips it leaves behind. Continue along the passage, collect the small medipack and use the jumpswitch. Make your way out and go to the next gate on the NE side, kill the demon waiting inside behind the pillar, get the uzi clips he leaves behind then use the jump switch on the E side of the pillar. Head out to the next gate on the SE side and use the jumpswitches there to open the gate, kill the demon inside, get his small medipack and use the jumpswitch on the pillar. Finally, go to the final gate on the S side, kill the demon and head to the end of the passage to get the uzi clips and use the last jumpswitch to lift the wall surrounding the pyramid in the middle of the main room. Use the 4 black beetles in the 4 walls surrounding the pyramid to raise the pyramid so you can access the music scroll, take the scroll and place it on itís receptacle at the end of the passage in the E wall.


Lara falls into fiery water. Swim SE past the central square platform above and all the red rocks around it, and head to a single red rock out in the distance (you wonít see it at first but keep swimming and it will come in to view), pull up to get SECRET 2: 2x large medipacks, the grenade launcher, grenades and crossbow ammo.

Hop back in to the water and swim back to the central square platform with red rocks around it Ė head over to itís NE or SE side and surface. Pull up on to the ledge on the E side of the central square platform and climb up on to the block in the middle of it, but donít climb on to the higher block as Lara will miss the jump to the central square platform. Run-jump and grab the central square platform as a statue of Lara there is under attack by 2 harpies! So kill them quickly before they finish her off (and you). There is also a demon there too but he will only attack you and not the statue of Lara so try to get him last if you can. Careful of the spike traps as shown by the holes around the platform. Also be careful that Lara doesnít shoot the statue of herself as she will target it. (note: more harpies can be triggered depending on where you go on the platform so watch out for them). Pick up the horsemanís gem that the demon drops after you kill it, and Aunt Blaireís broken spectacles which are on the platform beside the Lara statue (which Aunt Blaire dropped).

Head over to the ledge on the E side and locate the door there, use the horsemanís gem to open it and go in to find the stash of gold that Lara has inherited and a flyby will show the painting of a young Lara with Aunt Blaire (note the broken spectacles on the table in the painting), head over to the painting to end the level.