Level by Alessandro Licata

Unauthorised walkthrough by Colin (aka TheAussieAdventurer)

We start off with a quick cut scene of the building ahead of us. First of all, head to your right and pick up the NORMAL SHOTGUN SHELLS and the SHOTGUN. Beside that, pick up the WIDESHOT SHELLS and beside that again pick up the WIDESHOT SHELLS and the NORMAL SHELLS. In the darkened area to the right are some more WIDESHOT SHELLS. Head around the outside of the building to the back where you will find the CROWBAR and take it. Just north of the crowbar is a ledge which Lara can drop down from. Follow the path east until you get to the end where you can take the PHAROS PILLAR.

While youíre here youíll be able to find the author's signature and the date in which the level was made. Youíll notice that the wall near the author's signature is climbable, so climb to the top. The east side of the building has a place to put the pharos pillar. Once in place, the door will rise. Arm yourself with the shotgun, shoot the skeleton that rises from the ground and watch it fall off the edge to its doom. Go to the end and drop down to the next level. Pick up the REVOLVER you see ahead of you. Turning right leads to a dead end, so turn left and skip the right path you see ahead. The next path on your right leads to a set of NORMAL SHELLS. After collecting the shells, return back and continue along the path until you come across a skeleton that you can shoot with the shotgun into the spikes behind it.

Continue over the spikes until you meet with another skeleton that you can dispose of using the same method as before. Take the south path, then the west path and then the south path again. Pick up the GRENADE LAUNCHER off the ground. The east path holds NORMAL SHELLS and is a dead end. Following the west path, pass the lever and pick up the CROWBAR and the NORMAL SHELLS. Beware however as a skeleton will pop up behind you when you do so. Just blast him away with the newly acquired grenade launcher. Now is a good time to push that lever you saw before. This opens up a path a little ways back.

The directions to get to it are (facing the lever): left, left, left, jump over the spikes and then left again. You should be able to see the NORMAL SHELLS at the end of the path. Before you go get them, take out your trusty grenade launcher again and blast the skeleton that appears on the path to your left. Go past the corpse of the skeleton until you get to some movable objects. Push the left one two spaces forward to clear a path to your right. Follow this path to the NORMAL SHELLS and then to the room nearby. One side of the room has a lever to push that opens the door, while the other side has a GOLDEN STAR to pry off the wall.

Upon entering the next room, we are given a nice cut scene of the area. Pick up the CROWBAR just in front of Lara, thus activating a skeleton to the left of her. Pick it off with either the shotgun or the grenade launcher. Head towards the burning pillars, which will trigger a cut scene showing the jars that Lara has to shoot with the revolver. Youíll find the LASERSIGHT in the water. When you have found it, combine it with the revolver and shoot the jars in the water. The jars hold the ORNATE HANDLE and the HATHOR EFFIGY that can be combined to create the PORTAL GARDIAN. Place the portal guardian on the little stand to raise the door in front of it.

As you approach the next area, you are greeted with another cut scene. Turn immediately to your left and place the golden star in the slot provided. This will raise the door next to it for Lara to enter. Proceed into the room and climb up the ledge. As you continue down the hall, a spiked ball will drop down, so have Lara do a 180 and run back into the gap, either on your left side or the right. At the top of that hall is the PHAROS KNOT, SMALL MEDIPACK, LARGE MEDIPACK and NORMAL SHELLS. A path on the southeast side is now open, so go back into the main room and head in that direction. Before you go in, there is a set of NORMAL SHELLS beside the entrance.

Go down the stairs and when you get to the bottom, fire from the ground will appear and so will a rope. Swing to the other side, but donít forget to pick up the SMALL MEDIPACK and the LARGE MEDIPACK from either side of the room. Once you have them, the big face is actually a button, so press it. The next part is going to be a little bit tricky because as soon as you enter the next room, some scarabsíll follow you. Run past the pool into the next room, and then turn left where Lara can jump to a climbable pole and escape the mummies and the pesky scarabs. Climb to the top of the pole and jump onto the ledge. Beside you should be an open area to go to and be able to place the pharos knot in the slot.

Enter into the next room and around the bend you will find an item called LOAD. Upon approaching it however, the roof will collapse in behind you. Not to worry, youíll still be able to get back through the little gap left by the cave in. Go through the north door and follow the path until you get to a climbable wall. Climb up, continue through the path, jump over the spikes and then get your shotgun ready to shoot the skeleton that rises from the ground. It will fall into the pit that is conveniently behind it. The skeleton is still alive so youíll need to jump over the pit. Safety drop from the ledge to the ground and then youíll see the door at the end. Beware though. There is a cleverly hidden spike pit on the stairs. Jump over them and go towards the door that will open when you approach. While this door was opening, another one was also opening on the northeast wall.

Head towards that door, enter, crawl through the passage and go up the climbable wall. At the top are two sets of NORMAL SHELLS, WIDESHOT SHELLS and a SHOTGUN if you havenít gotten it already. In the water in this room is a statue to kill the upcoming wraith, remember where it is.

Move along the bridge to the other side where a door will open when you get close enough. Stop there for the time being, take out your pistols and shoot the vases in the room from a distance. Move into that room and a wraith will appear and start to chase Lara. Remember that statue I told you about? Dive into the water and swim to the statue. Hopefully, the wraith will get too close to it and explode. It may take a couple of tries to do it, but itís not really that hard.

Once the wraith is dead, swim back up, enter that small room again and take the MUSIC SCROLL. If you hadnít noticed, a door will open underwater when the wraith bites the dust. In this underwater room is the HORSEMANíS GEM. Head back to the main room and on the east wall is a place to put the newly acquired gem. The door will open once youíve placed the gem in the slot and a coliseum like area will now open to Lara. Have Lara approach the stands and youíll find several skeletons will rise from them. Donít worry too much because they cannot get you for now. The idea here is to have Lara shoot the skeletons off the edge of the stand and fall to their death.

After they have all have bitten the dust, proceed to the bottom of the stands and go to the north wall. You will see that thereís an area behind the stands. Do a running jump to the rope that falls down when you get close to the spikes and swing across to the other side. Continue onwards until you get to another spike pit that has to be swung over. Once youíre on the side, place the music scroll on the grey block. This will open up the door above Lara. On the other side of the block is a SMALL
MEDIPACK. Again, swing across the spikes, follow the path, pick up another SMALL MEDIPACK and use the same method to get across the last set of spikes.

Climb east up the stands until you get to the top. You should be able to see to see the open door ahead of you. Do a standing grab jump so that Lara will fly into the opening of the door. Climb up the next wall and out to freedom. To end the level, run north and slide down the hill.
Congrats, youíve now finished the level.