Techwin's Level

Level by Techwin

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Go straight ahead to avoid side death zones. Enter the next room. Get on the top of the lowest platform on your left. Perform a series of running jumps to reach the highest platform. Use the monkey swing to get across. Jump into the orange corridor, run through it, jumping over some mummies, pass the narrow segment and descend through the next corridor until you get to the room with anime figure on the floor. There are two passages leading to the W. 4 alcoves in the left of them contain some goodies. DON'T touch the flares in the 2nd alcove (instant death spikes there)! You can pick the compass from the 1st alcove, but watch out for the timed spikes. Find a big medi in the 3rd alcove and grab the binoculars from the 4th one.

Now get back to the floor anime figure room and take the right W path. On the following junctions, go: Ahead, Right, R, A, Left, R. In the next room, go through the raised door. Enter the pool area. Jump into the water, find a passage on the S and swim to the junction. Go ahead and through the 2nd half of the passage. Resurface when possible. Get out of the water and climb the ladder (only the right half of the marked wall is climbable). On the top, go through another corridor and a crawlspace. Pull up into the green. Some torches are lit automatically as you go towards the exit. Stand on the ledge and platform to the bottom of the ramp. Go up. Find new corridor. When the path splits in two, take the right route to meet a pushable riddle. Push all three pillars as far as possible. Now return to the junction and take another route. Go through the raised door and approach another pushable. Push the first object as far as possible to reveal the next corridor, where you need to push the second object twice. Enter the third corridor, choose the left object and push it twice. Go into the last passage and push the fourth object 3 times. Exit this location by standing on the ledge. Climb the shelf on your left and run to the end. Slide down the slope to the bottom of the waterfall. Find a passage and slide again. Fall into the room with a spoon on the wall. Climb the ladder and a shelf above it. Use the monkey swing to get across.

SAVE the game and DON'T EVEN THINK about pulling yourself up unless you wanna encounter a bug. Climb the extremely high, invisible ladder. On the upper floor, follow the pink arrow. In the next set of rooms, avoid the mummies. Go through the automatically raising door to trigger the rolling balls, roll and escape to the previous room to avoid smashing. Now go up the ramp to its narrow part to trigger and avoid another spikeball by hiding in the wider segment. Avoid yet one more ball by escaping to the side alcove. Now get to the top of the ramp and reach the platforming zone, with the final "GOAL!" sign on the other side. Perform the ultimate series of running jumps, keeping in mind the ceiling is very low, and land on the lonely square in front of the sign to end the level.