Harbour of Castiglione della Pescaia

Level by Thomas Brueckner (D. Jackson) (September, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] The files were extracted into a directory called London Harbour. [End note]

You start on a dock next to a speedboat in a river. If you dive into the river you see an underwater gate that you have to visit twice later. Go up the ramp and run to the left street entrance at the left of the big black gates. You are being shot at. Turn around a kill a blue ninja who drops a small medipack. As you get it, a red ninja attacks who drops Uzi clips. Go back to the left street entrance. At the end, the area opens into a plaza. Stick close to the walls since there are sentry guns on the roofs. Kill the red ninja on the far roof. Notice a closed gate in the south wall. Go north and go around the corner. You see a closed gate, a ladder, and a closed trap door. You may have seen a blue ninja jumping over the roof. If you go straight north you see a closed gate with a motorcycle behind it. Wait a little and you can also kill the blue ninja on the roof. Go south and take the first right turn. You reach a building with two entries. Go south-west for the first door. Open it and kill the red ninja that emerges. Pick up the laser sight when he is dead. Enter and pick up a large medipack from the window ledge. Exit and go to the other side of the building.

Open the door and go right to run up a ramp. At the top, pull down a trap door. Climb up and go left. Kill a red ninja and continue to the end. Pull down another trap door and pull up. Pick up the revolver and go to the south-west corner of the balcony. Look to the east and see a sentry gun on a far roof. Use the revolver and laser sight to blow it up. Exit the building and go to the north wall. Go east and look up to the south-east roof to another sentry gun. I could not shot it from the ground but be aware of it for later. Go back to where you saw the ladder and climb up. Go south and jump the roof. Kill a red ninja and tease the sentry gun into firing at you. This aims it in the drection so you can shoot it from the other side later. Then go back to the ladder and go north on the roof. Jump over a street to a switch. The other sentry gun should now fire at you. Turn and kill a red ninja who drops an Uzi. Pull the switch and get a cut scene of the big black gates opening. Go south to the ladder and jump over the roof to another roof to the west. Keep going west and then south until you can sneak up and blow up the sentry gun on the south roof. Then go north and jump some roofs and go east to blow up the north sentry gun. That is the last one.

Continue east and see a trench to the left. Drop inside for revolver ammo and pull a switch. You get a cut scene of a trap door opening on the roof where the south sentry gun was located. Go south on the roofs and pick up Uzi clips and kill a blue ninja. Go to where the north sentry gun was and see a trap door for later. Go to the roof of the building opposite the first switch and see a ladder. Climb down and use a switch and get a cut scene showing you the route you have to take with the motorcycle. While you are still on the roof, go south to the opened trap door. Climb down and go to the south-west corner and follow the corridor.  Go the east section with windows and look north for a jump switch. Use it and go south. You pass a shotgun that you cannot get. Go to the south wall and pull up into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a closed gate. Remember where tis tunnel is and kill a red ninja. Go back and exit back to the roof.

Climb down and go to the big black doors. When you go inside they close behind you. Go to the right and turn to kill a blue ninja in the dark south-west corner. Go pick up a large medipack in the dark alcove. Pull the movable block from the north-east corner. Go behind it and pull the switch. Move the block around until it is front the trap door in the north-west corner. The trap door will open. Pull it back and go into the hole. Go through a crawl space and pick up a small medipack. Go through another crawl space and pick up shotgun shells. Before the next crawl space there is a movable block to the left. Push it and enter another crawl space. In the room, pull the center block in the west out and push it aside. Pull the switch. Now pull the other switch in the corner and get a cut scene of the switch behind the block. Exit the crawl spaces and climb a ladder back to the street.

Go north for the motorcycle. Climb behind it for a large medipack. Light a flare to see a switch in a hole beside it. Jump down and pull the switch. Get back out and drive the motorcycle north to the gates that are opened for it. Drive down until you see an opening with some stairs get off and go down the stairs. Turn around to kill a red ninja and pick up a large medipack that he drops. The trap door on the floor should be open. Drop down and enter an area with many movable blocks. Push the north block directly below the ladder as far as possible. Pick up Uzi clips from the corner. Go back and pull/push the two blocks to the west of that block back as far as possible as well. There are a lot of blocks to move and the north area is storage. Go to the bottom of ladder and face east. Pull out the block and push it as far north as possible. Pull out its adjacent block and find shotgun shells. Push it to the north as well. Go to the south wall and move two three blocks out of the wall. A passage with a switch is revealed. I left one block on the purple colored floor just in case it was something special. Pull the switch and then go down the dark corridor. Enter a room and see a lever on the floor. Use it and nothing seems to happen. If you go to look out the windows, a blue ninja attacks. Exit back to the street.

Go to the river and jump in. The underwater gate by the docks is open. Swim in and through another crawl space and pull up to a ledge. Go to the back of the next room to pull a jump switch. Remember this place, as you will return later. Exit and go back to the street level. Use the ladder to get back to the roofs. Go to the place where the north sentry gun was and drop into the open trap door. Pull the switch and exit. Go to the south sentry gun hole and get inside. Follow the tunnel to the room and climb the south wall. A piece of wall has gone down. Enter for revolver ammo and a large medipack and dive into the water. Swim through the crawl space and pull up on the other side. Pull the two switches and return. Once pass the crawl space a gate closes and forces you into a crawl space to the east. Follow to a room and use a floor lever. Exit and swim back though the crawl space. The gate is gone so get back to roof.

Get down to the street level and go back to the river to swim into the crawl space below the dock. Go back to the room with the jump switch and there is an opening in the north wall. Pick up the Nitrous Oxide canister from the floor. Exit and swim back to the dock. Go back to where you left the motorcycle. Install the canister and drive the motorcycle over the river to the other dock. The gate opens so drive in. Run or drive up the ramp to the ship and the level ends.