Sinai, the Hidden Temple

Level by D. Jackson (Thomas Brueckner) (March, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] There is a game-stopping bug with moving the tower. I will mention it when it occurs. [End note]

Slide down a slope and come to an abrupt stop. You are on a high ledge over a deep valley. Go south and keep to the east ledge. Near the middle of the widest part of the ledge, look to the east wall for an obvious hole behind a rocky slope, Jump into it and pick up a crowbar. Continue to the south corner, turn around, drop and grab the ledge. Shimmy to the right as far as possible and pull up to a flat tile. Turn south and go down some steps for a small medipack and pry a Golden Star off the wall. Shimmy back to that south corner and look down to the north-west for a small ledge on the level just below you. Hop down there and go south-east around the ledge corner to the right a little to enter a tunnel. Near the middle of the tunnel pick up red shotgun shells and pry a second Golden Star from the wall. Exit and carefully get back to the small ledge. Pull up to the ledge you started on and go north back to your starting area.

Go west down some blocks to pick up red shotgun shells and a shotgun. Turn south and climb the blocks down to the level where you can see shotgun shells. Go to the second level ledge and pick up two blue shotgun shells. Then slide down to the ground and go south. Go to the south-east to enter a crawl space for a large medipack. You can climb a wall to the south-west but there is nothing to find there. Out run the mummy since you have no weapon against it. Use the two Golden Stars at the entrance receptacles and the wall rises. Run up the steps and the walls close down in front of you. Go towards the walls and you hear another wall opening behind you.

Go down the steps and see an opening in the west wall. There is also an annoying skeleton. You cannot kill it but use the shotgun to knock it down. Quickly enter the west opening and go past a closed door. Go to the left and see another closed door. Go into an alcove to use a floor lever to open that door and also close the entrance wall. With luck, the skeleton will be outside the entrance and you can continue in peace. Enter the room and use a floor lever. The walls at the south side open and the entrance door closes. The right opening contains a mummy and a spike trap. Enter the left opening and press a pushbutton. Use the floor lever again and the entrance door opens. Exit and use the first floor lever and that entrance is open. Exit and go into the first open door to the east. It will close behind you. If the skeleton is nearby, run out into the open area by the receptacles and shoot him down before going into that door so it does not follow you.

You are in a room with many pushbuttons. Pick up a large medipack from the floor. Press all the pushbuttons except for the pink one. The door in the west will open. Enter and avoid two skeletons. Run to the west wall to pull up onto a sloped pillar. Then back flip to a ledge. Jump to a ledge on the north and go east. Jump to the east wall to grab a crevice and shimmy to the right to pull up in front of a pole.  Climb the pole and back flip to a north ledge. Use the rope to get over the spikes and into the north corner. Use a rope to swing to a west corner. Jump up to the south to grab a crevice. Shimmy to the left and at the end, pull up to a slope and back flip to a platform. Pick up the Pharos Knot from the pedestal.

Go to the south-east and jump into a tunnel. A skeleton wakes up so run past him and start to slide down a slope. When you see an obvious ladder, jump up to grab it and climb. At the top, shimmy to the right to get into another tunnel. At the end, slide down a slope and quickly run into a doorway to the right to avoid a rolling spike ball. You are back at the start with the skeleton. Run outside and it follows you. Out run him back inside and go up the steps. Go east to use the Pharos Knot. The door opens in the west wall. Go there to use a floor lever and the first south wall rises. You can shoot the two empty vases. Go down the steps and into the open east doorway. The skeleton will follow you. Go to the skeleton on the floor at the north wall. Although the floor looks solid, it is not so you can shoot the skeleton into the hole to get rid of it.

Notice how the floor sinks where you approach the tower. Press the pushbutton on the east wall and then drop into the hole where you shot the skeleton. Pick up revolver ammo and a revolver from the corners. Press the pushbutton and turn around. The floor has been raised at the back of the room. Move the pillar to the tile before the face tile and save the game. Then push the pillar onto the face tile. Then get into the crawl space in the west wall. The crawl space will split inside. You can go to the right and back outside where you found the large medipack and go back through the entrance and into the room. Or you can go left to press a pushbutton and crawl into the corridor and go back into the room. Now move the tower to the face tile on the floor and the wall rises in the south. [Note] There is a bug here. If you move the first pillar to the face tile and then reload the game, you cannot move the tower. In fact, the game will crash. If you have to reload, do it before the first pillar is in place. [End note]

Enter the south doorway and run out onto a bridge. Avoid a mummy and jump into an alcove in the south-west corner. It is a rather difficult jump, curve and grab type of jump. Use the floor lever and dive into the water. Go to the north-east and swim into an underwater tunnel. Follow it to a room and pick up Pharos Pillar. Swim back and climb a wall ladder back to the bridge. Exit here and the next room to go back up the south steps. Use the Pharos Pillar and the east door opens. Go there and use the floor lever. If the second south wall does not open, then trying resetting the two floor levers. Both south walls must be open.

You enter an area and are attacked by two mummies. You cannot kill them, but three revolver shots will knock a mummy to the ground for several seconds. Go press the west wall corner pushbutton. Jump over the mummy and go press the east wall corner pushbutton to open the east corner door. Watch out because you can walk through the wall there and fall to your death. Sprint up the tunnel and turn into an east opening before the spike ball gets you. Press the pushbutton and go back down to the find the west corner door open. Run up the tunnel and enter a room as the wall in the south descends. Dive into the pool and swim to the bottom. Swim south and then up. At the surface, pull up to the north side. Jump the water and run south as the level ends by crashing to the desktop.