The Lost Diamond

Level by Thor

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin with Lara sliding down the slope while two spiked boulders are rolling down from both sides, escorted by an earthquake in the background. After you hit the ledge below, turn around and follow to the end of the ledge for Grenade Gun. You can keep following the next ledges but this will be for nothing. Just take simple jump down into the pool below and swim east to climb out of the pool. Go forward and see in front of you a wall with two ramps, when at the top of each ramp there is a spiked boulder. Watch out for these boulders and climb up one ramp, go behind the wall and from the pedestal between the pillars get the Crossbow gun. Proceed moving east, but as soon as you pass the next place stop for a while and let the act of hiding spiked boulders dropping down from the sky. Head around the wall and follow to the next square, see the stick for the Portal Guardian onto the stage and a stone door at the north-east wall.

Go through the opening nearby the stone door and jump into the pool ahead. Swim north into the tunnel and climb out the pool, head north-west to climb up onto the column. Start jumping from column to the next high column all around the walls until you reach the top ledge with pedestal and get from there the Hathor Effigy. Make your way down to the bottom and jump back into the tunnel, swim back to the pool and get out from the pool at the south-west ledge. Climb the wall up and near the ceiling backflip to land onto the ledge behind you. Turn around and run up the ramp ahead, take care of the two spiked boulders coming from the top. After you reach the top of the ramp, runjump toward the great ledge and get the Ornate Handle from the pedestal in front of the large block at the middle. Proceed around the block and from the next pedestal get the Gem, then make your way back to the stage with the stick for the Portal Guardian you saw before.

Combine the Hathor Effigy with Ornate Handle and bring the Portal Guardian to the stick to open the stone door. Enter the new empty room, go through the doorway, follow the passage to a cave full of potholes and head to north-west. Run up the long ramp, reach the climbable wall at the top but you have to avoid the two spiked boulders that will drop from the sky again. Climb up to the top, then move left into the doorway and follow along the passage until you slide down a short ramp, then runjump forward to the great ledge ahead. Go toward the stage at the middle and place the Gem at the receptacle, it will open the stone door in the west wall. Go over there while mummy is trying to catch you, then climb up the
wall and pull out to a place with two rows of pillars, step forward will be the end of this level.