New Company's Complex 1-3

Levels by Tijay

Walkthrough by Yoav

Company's Traps

Start with Lara sliding down to passageway, in front but far away from you are two soldiers, so get rid of them. Open the left door and enter to the red boxes room, pick up Desert Eagle Ammo from left corner, then push the movable box. Climb up the next box and shoot the soldier, go behind the next boxes and find the Binoculars, push the movable box and find trapdoor. Now go to the right side behind the boxes, pick up Large Medipack, then pull the movable box, go around it and pull the switch, it opens the trapdoor. Get down through the opening and pull the lever, at the moment I don't know what this lever does, so right now leave it and you will come back here later, get out of the room and back to the passageway. Go over the middle door and just open it and don't go in, as there's a spiked trap at the entrance, turn and go to the last door, open it and find yourself in a big hall.

Take a look around and you find closed gate in a both pools, there is two more pools with closed gate behind the wall, you can see them later whan you're on the wall. Take the right side and climb upstairs, at the end take jump over the rope, stay hanging and turn left, face to the high boxes, swing over and land on the boxes with Flares and Desert Eagle. From there jump catch the rope and swing over the mesh ledge, shoot the two soldiers, go a few steps and pull the switch, proceed through the open door and pull another switch, it will release rope above the wall. Go onto the wall and find the Grenade Gun, turn and back to the rope, jump catch it and swing left side to land over the fence, pull the jumpswitch to release one more rope.

Stand face to rope. Note: You need to land faraway as you can behind the left fence to avoid from Sentry Mechine Gun, it will show up immediately when you complete the jumping. Run faster to the left opening, follow down slope and take care for rolling ball, take jump forward to the room ahead, pull the switch, it opens the gate at the pool. Take a jump down to the room below, light flare and find Secret Rose Place #1, pick up Ammo, Flares, Medipack and Golden Rose. Note: there are invisible blocks in this room and lighting flare not help much to see them, you can only see black shadow tile to let you know where they stand. Try to find the middle block as it is climbable, climb up onto it and turn face to the swinging chain, now take blind jump to next invisible block avoid from the chain and jump forward into the niche, pick up Ammo, Large Medipack and pull the switch. Jump back to the block and take jump over the left opening, follow out the corridor and get in the pool.

Swim through the opening into a canal, proceed to the right and get out of the water, in the room pull the lever, it opens gate at the first area with the two pools. Now get in the water, swim and turn right, then swim out of the pool, go over the open gate and get in a room with 7 switches and closed gate. You don't need to pull them all, only two switches, left wall middle switch and pick up Flares, then go to the right wall and pull the third switch, but the gate is still closed. Well, remember the lever you left behind in the red boxes!! Now is the time to pull it and it will open the gate.

Follow in the shallow water, pick up Large Medipack, crawl and stand up, shoot the bats, DON'T PICK UP THE LARGE MEDIPACK IT'S A SPIKED TRAP. Climb up ladder about halfway and back flip into a Secret Rose place #2. Keep climbing up and find yourself in front of a structure. Jump forward, slide down onto yellow tile and catch the edge of the slope, start shimmying left around the structure until you come to another yellow tile and climb down ladder, light flare and find Secret Rose Place #3.

Climb up ladder and keep shimmying left where you can pull Lara onto the structure, take jump to the roof and pick up Shotgun+Ammo and Large medipack. Step under the air conditioning canal and look for opening, pull Lara into it, pick up in the canal lasersight and Large Medipack, at the end turn and fall down to corridor, go over the long slope and slide down to next level.

Company's DangerZone

Pick up the Flares and draw your pistols as two soldiers come from behind the corner, get rid of them and pull the high jumpswitch on the corner wall (it opens door somewhere... ). Take a look at the room from right and pick up Medipack, go back and proceed straight, pick up Ammo, turn left and look for Grenade Gun Ammo, shoot two soldiers who attack from back. Keep going straight in the passageway and suddenly in front of you a Sentry Machine Gun will show up, turn to the right side and then left side of the passageway. [Additional Secret found by Josť, Nov 2015]: Don't pass the red boxes. Check them to find a moveable box. Pull it aside and inside the niche behind is Secret Rose place #4 and flares. Then go past the red boxes and open the door from the right side. DON'T GET IN THE ROOM AS A SPIKED TRAP IS AT THE ENTRANCE, pick up Shotgun Ammo in the corner and shoot two soldiers. Before you keep moving, draw the Desert Eagle+lasersight and sneak behind the Sentry Machine Gun right behind the corner, oops another one shows up, quickly turn around and leave this passageway as it will shoot on Lara without mercy.

Proceed in the passageway and open the door from left side, inside the room pick up Ammo, Flares and Large Medipack, get back to passageway. Keep going, shoot the wooden barrier, open the door and in the cargo room shoot a soldier. Get out of the room, draw again the Desert Eagle+lasersight and shoot the Sentry Machine Gun, proceed straight and turn to the right. Get in the control room, get rid of the two soldiers and pick up Flares in the corner, get out of the room and go over to the two opening ways. The right way is a dead-end until you open the door at the end, so take the left opening side, follow downstairs to the lava room.

Save the game and take a series of jumps onto the sloped pillars and land on a pillar with Ammo, now run and jump forward to next sloped pillar, slide jump and land into the open door. Climb up half block, jump and pull the trapdoor, now pull Lara up, go over the pool and save the game again. Look in the pool and see underwater working machine, run and jump above the machine and be careful not to get sucked down to bottom. Take a swim over the opening canal and at the end get out of the water, avoid from the rolling balls and enter the next room, pull the switch and get out of the room, this is the room you were not able to get in before (spiked trap at the entrance). Pull the switch, get out of the room and go over the right opening way, the door at the end is open now. Follow downstairs, pass the open door to the next level.

Company's Trapsend

Front of you an opening and at the end of the corridor you see switch, but wait again; if you climb up Lara will get killed by a spiked trap. Look from both sides for canals full of water, take jump over the right slope and swim up through the hole, get out of the water, go a few steps and fall down to corridor below. You are now behind the spiked trap, pull the switch, follow out and find yourself back to the Company's Traps Level! Get in a pool and swim through a shortcut to the next pool, get out of the water and make your way to the beginning passageway. Remember the middle room with the spiked trap! Well, they are not active now, get in the room, pull the switch from the right side, go over the opening door, proceed over the yellow door and finish the levels.